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May 19, 2017
June 25, 2017


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What is it??

Imagine your brain and body like a light and bright or pin ball machine with all these different activation points that light up when stimulated or turned on, got it visualized? Good, these are your receptors. Now then we want to activate and light up all of them but not all at once AND to retain the novel experiential effect, the “newness” of each we only want to light it up once a week so it’s always special and appreciated and doesn’t get played out or worn out. This is the idea behind INTERSTELLAR BLEND SEVEN SAGES, almost 180 of the most powerful longevity promoting, cognitive enhancing, mood elevating, energy inducing, kick ass, feel incredible all day long ingredients on the planet IN ONE but strategically spaced out to make tolerance and burn out impossible.

7 totally different formulas for each of the 7 different days of your week—because every day is an ADVENTURE!!!

Click on ingredients to learn about the benefits of each:

Aframomum melegueta

Aframomum melegueta

  1. Effects of Aframomum melegueta and Piper guineense on sexual behaviour of male rats
  2. Gastric and duodenal antiulcer and cytoprotective effects of Aframomum melegueta in rats
  3. Hepatoprotective effect of aqueous extract of Aframomum melegueta on ethanol-induced toxicity in rats.


Agaricus blazei
Agaricus blazei

  1. Antitumor effect of a peptide-glucan preparation extracted from Agaricus blazei in a double-grafted tumor system in mice
  2. Effect of hot water extract from Agaricus blazei Murill on antibody-producing cells in mice
  3. Isolation of an antitumor compound from Agaricus blazei Murill and its mechanism of action


Agaricus subrufescens
Agaricus subrufescens

  1. Anti-cancer and tumor suppressive activity
  2. Anti-genotoxicity activities
  3. Immune System Enhancer (anti-bacterial and anti-viral)
  4. Cytokine induction
  5. Lymphocyte activation
  6. Antimicrobial activity
  7. Anti-allergy effect
  8. Normalizes liver function


  1. Agmatine effects on mitochondrial membrane potential andNF‐κB activation protect against rotenone‐induced cell damage in human neuronal
  2. Agmatine, a bioactive metabolite of arginine. Production, degradation, and functional effects in the kidney of the rat.Agmatine produces antidepressant-like effects in two models of depression in mice
  3. Top 3 Agmatine Sulphate Benefits For Cognition, Mood, and Fitness
  4. Agmatine rescues autistic behaviors in the valproic acid-induced animal model of autism
  5. Decreased plasma agmatine levels in autistic subjects
  6. Energy metabolism and autism: the ameliorative potential of carnosine and agmatine
  7. Agmatine prevents LPS-induced spatial memory impairment and hippocampal apoptosis

Ajuga Turkestanica
Ajuga Turkestanica

  1. Hypoglycemic / Anti-diabetic effects
  2. Metabolism enhancing effects
  3. Antiproliferative, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities
  4. Contains ecdysterone and turkesterone which both have very high anabolic activities
  5. Increases Notch and Wnt signaling which may provide a protective effect and maintain the integrity of aged skeletal muscle.
  6. Prevent age related muscle wasting (Sarcopenia)
  7. Immunomodulating and antistress activity
  8. Increased protein synthesis
  9. Understanding adaptogenic activity: specificity of the pharmacological action of adaptogens and other phytochemicals


  1. Anti-tumor effects
  2. Antioxidant activity
  3. Anti-depressant like effects
  4. Invigorate the circulation of blood
  5. Anxiolytic (reduces anxiety)
  6. Anti-inflammatory
  7. Anti-angiogenic effects

Alpha GPC
Alpha GPC

  1. The effects of alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, caffeine or placebo on markers of mood, cognitive function, power, speed, and agility
  2. Effects of L‐alpha‐glycerylphosphorylcholine on the EEG power spectrum in the rat
  3. Effect of a new cognition enhancer, alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, on scopolamine-induced amnesia and brain acetylcholine
  4. Neuroprotective effect of treatment with galantamine and choline alphoscerate on brain microanatomy in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  5. Cognitive improvement in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia after treatment with the acetylcholine precursor choline alfoscerate

American ginseng
American ginseng

  1. American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L) reduces postprandial glycemia in nondiabetic subjects and subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  2. Protective effect of steamed American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) on V79-4 cells induced by oxidative stress
  3. Antioxidant properties of a North American ginseng extract



  1. Antidepressant activity of memory-enhancing drugs in the reduction of submissive behavior model
  2. Novel antipsychotics in schizophrenia
  3. The anticonvulsants lamotrigine, riluzole, and valproate differentially regulate AMPA receptor membrane localization: relationship to clinical effects in mood disorders
  4. AMPA receptors in the therapeutic management of depression
  5. Antidepressant activity of memory-enhancing d r u g s in the reduction of submissive behavior model.
  6. Facilitative Effects of the Ampakine CX516 on Short-Term Memory in Rats: Enhancement of Delayed-Nonmatch-to-Sample Performance


  1. Effects of the novel compound aniracetam (Ro 13-5057) upon impaired learning and memory in rodents
  2. Allosteric potentiation of quisqualate receptors by a nootropic drug aniracetam.
  3. Selective effects of aniracetam across receptor types and forms of synaptic facilitation in hippocampus
  4. Aniracetam: its novel therapeutic potential in cerebral dysfunctional disorders based on recent pharmacological discoveries



  1. Arctigenin Inhibits Adipogenesis by Inducing AMPK Activation and Reduces Weight Gain in High‐Fat Diet‐Induced Obese Mice
  2. Arctigenin protects cultured cortical neurons from glutamate‐induced neurodegeneration by binding to kainate receptor
  3. Tumor specific cytotoxicity of arctigenin isolated from herbal plant Arctium lappa L.
  4. Arctigenin reduces neuronal responses in the somatosensory cortex via the inhibition of non-NMDA glutamate receptors


Ariocarpus fissuratus

Ariocarpus fissuratus

  1. Ariocarpus,- Cacti for the young (or Young at Heart)
  2. Ariocarpus fissuratus
  3. LOPHOPHORA: Flowering Ariocarpus fissuratus

Artichoke leaf
Artichoke leaf

  1. Artichoke leaf extract—recent findings reflecting effects on lipid metabolism, liver and gastrointestinal tracts
  2. Artichoke leaf extract reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and improves quality of life in otherwise healthy volunteers suffering from concomitant dyspepsia
  3. Artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus) reduces plasma cholesterol in otherwise healthy hypercholesterolemic adults: a randomized, double blind placebo controlled
  4. An open-label pilot study of a formulation containing the anti-inflammatory flavonoid luteolin and its effects on behavior in children with autism spectrum disorders
  5. Brain “fog,” inflammation and obesity: key aspects of neuropsychiatric disorders improved by luteolin
  6. Activity of artichoke leaf extract on reactive oxygen species in human leukocytes
  7. Luteolin-rich artichoke extract protects low density lipoprotein from oxidation In vitro
  8. Choleretic activity and biliary elimination of lipids and bile acids induced by an artichoke leaf extract in rats



  1. Antistressor effects
  2. Antioxidant effects
  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties
  4. Antitumor Properties
  5. Immunomodulatory Properties
  6. Hemopoetic effects
  7. Rejuvenating effects
  8. Cognition-enhancing and memory-improving effects
  9. Stimulates thyroidal activity and promotes hepatic antioxidant activity
  10. Neuroprotective effects
  11. Cardioprotective effects
  12. Anxiolytic-antidepressant activity
  13. Reverses Alzheimer’s pathology by enhancing low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein in liver
  14. Recent updates in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders using natural compounds
  15. Research Article Withania somnifera Ameliorates Sodium Valproate Induced Austism in BALB/c Mice: Behavioral and Biochemical Evidences


  1. Anti-tumor effects
  2. Immunomodulating and immunorestorative effects
  3. Beneficial effects on insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
  4. Cardioprotection
  5. Significantly induces nitric oxide (NO) production
  6. Lowers blood pressure
  7. Antioxidant and anti-diabetes effects
  8. Increased motility of sperm
  9. Renal protective effect
  10. AMPK Activator
  11. Anti-aging effect
  12. mTOR inhibiting effect



  1. Insulin mimetic activity / AMPK activation
  2. Anti-cancer effect–cell cycle arrest and apoptosis via inhibition of PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway
  3. Anti-diabetic effect
  4. Anti-inflammatory activity
  5. Neuroprotective activity


Avena sativa
Avena sativa

  1. Effect of Avena sativa on cigarette smoking
  2. In vitro inhibitory effect on pancreatic lipase activity of subfractions from ethanol extracts of fermented oats (Avena sativa L.) and synergistic effect of three phenolic
  3. Avena sativa (Oat), A Potential Neutraceutical and Therapeutic Agent: An Overview


Bacopa monnieri
Bacopa monnieri

  1. Positive effects on learning and memory.
  2. Free radical scavenging capacity and protective effect
  3. Significant antidepressant activity in learned helplessness models of depression
  4. Potent adaptogenic activity
  5. Antioxidant activity
  6. Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) activity
  7. Anti-inflammatory activity
  8. Prevents from aluminum neurotoxicity
  9. Neuroprotective effects in Alzheimer’s and dementia
  10. Anti-Parkinson’s effects

Ban Xia
Ban Xia

  1. Efficacy of modified ban xia xie xin decoction on functional dyspepsia of cold and heat in complexity syndrome: a randomized controlled trial
  2. Antiemetic effect of Xiao-Ban-Xia-Tang, a Chinese medicinal herb recipe, on cisplatin-induced acute and delayed emesis in minks
  3. Effect of the Aqueous Extract of Xiao-Ban-Xia-Tang on Gastric Emptying in Mice


Banaba leaf
Banaba leaf

  1. Antiobesity activity of extracts from Lagerstroemia speciosa L. leaves on female KK-Ay mice
  2. Antidiabetes and anti-obesity activity of Lagerstroemia speciosa
  3. Hypoglycemic activity of Lagerstroemia speciosa L. extract on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat: Underlying mechanism of action

Bee pollen
Bee pollen

  1. Anti-allergic effect of bee pollen phenolic extract and myricetin in ovalbumin-sensitized mice
  2. Antioxidant effects of flavonoid from Croatian Cystus incanus L. rich bee pollen
  3. Effect of carbaryl on some biochemical changes in rats: the ameliorative effect of bee pollen



  1. Effects and action mechanisms of berberine and Rhizoma coptidis on gut microbes and obesity in high-fat diet-fed C57BL/6J mice
  2. Structural changes of gut microbiota during berberine-mediated prevention of obesity and insulin resistance in high-fat diet-fed rats
  3. Berberine improves lipid dysregulation in obesity by controlling central and peripheral AMPK activity

Bitter melon
Bitter melon

  1. Effects of Momordica charantia on insulin resistance and visceral obesity in mice on high-fat diet
  2. Antihyperglycemic effects of three extracts from Momordica charantia
  3. The effect of Momordica charantia and Mucuna pruriens in experimental diabetes and their effect on key metabolic enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism

Black tea
Black tea

  1. Anti-obesity effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate, orange peel extract, black tea extract, caffeine and their combinations in a mouse model
  2. Antiobesity Effects of Chinese Black Tea (Pu‐erh Tea) Extract and Gallic Acid
  3. Antihypercholesterolemic effect of Chinese black tea extract in human subjects with borderline hypercholesterolemia


  1. Obesity and thermogenesis related to the consumption of caffeine, ephedrine, capsaicin, and green tea
  2. Effects of capsaicin-containing yellow curry sauce on sympathetic nervous system activity and diet-induced thermogenesis in lean and obese young women
  3. Dietary capsaicin reduces obesity‐induced insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis in obese mice fed a high‐fat diet


Catuaba bark
Catuaba bark

  1. Anti-viral effects
  2. Antioxidant activities
  3. Increases vitality, combats nervous asthenia
  4. Potent protecting effects against hydroperoxide-induced cytotoxicity
  5. Cytoprotective effects on Rotenone-induced apoptosis in human neuroblastomas SH-SY5Y cells.
  6. Antidepressant-like effects: evidence for dopaminergic-mediated mechanisms
  7. Neuroprotective effects
  8. Antinociceptive effects (Reduced sensitivity to pain)
  9. Increases hippocampal cell proliferation
  10. Memory enhancing effects

CDP choline
CDP choline

  1. Effects of CDP-choline treatment on neurobehavioral deficits after TBI and on hippocampal and neocortical acetlycholine release
  2. Citicoline (CDP-choline): mechanisms of action and effects in ischemic brain injury
  3. Effects of CDP-choline on the recovery of patients with head injury


Ceylon cinnamon
Ceylon cinnamon

  1. Lowered blood glucose, reduces food intake, and reduces atherogenic LDL cholesterol.
  2. Accelerated wound healing effects
  3. Antimicrobial activity
  4. Antioxidant activity and scavenging effects
  5. Ameliorative Effect upon Early Stage Diabetic Nephropathy
  6. Anti-diabetic effect via i) upregulation of mitochondrial UCP-1, and ii) enhanced translocation of GLUT4 in the muscle and adipose tissues.
  7. AMPK activator


  1. Antioxidant effects
  2. Immuno-stimulating anti-cancer effects
  3. Anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects
  4. Antihyperglycemic and antilipidperoxidative effects
  5. Antimitotic (capable of arresting the process of cell division) activity
  6. Antimutagenic (protects DNA) effects
  7. Improved insulin sensitivity and reduced adiposity

Cinnamomum parthenoxylon
Cinnamomum parthenoxylon

  1. Significant changes in body weight loss and fasting blood glucose levels
  2. Antileukemic activity
  3. Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity

Cissus Quadrangularis
Cissus Quadrangularis

  1. The effect of Cissus quadrangularis (CQR-300) and a Cissus formulation (CORE) on obesity and obesity-induced oxidative stress
  2. The use of a Cissus quadrangularis/Irvingia gabonensis combination in the management of weight loss: a double-blind placebo-controlled study
  3. The use of a Cissus quadrangularis formulation in the management of weight loss and metabolic syndrome



  1. Anti-hyperglycemic and hypolipidemic effects
  2. Telomerase activity and anti-aging effects
  3. Antidepressant and Cognitive Improvement Activities
  4. Protective effects in dopaminergic neurons
  5. Hepatoprotective effects
  6. Vasorelaxant activity
  7. Improved glucose tolerance
  8. Neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, anti-oxidative, kidney impotence, laxative, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-tumor effects

Citris Aurantium extract
Citris Aurantium extract

  1. Metabolic and physiological effects of ingesting extracts of bitter orange, green tea and guarana at rest and during treadmill walking in overweight males
  2. Citrus aurantium and synephrine alkaloids in the treatment of overweight and obesity: an update
  3. A review of the human clinical studies involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract and its primary protoalkaloid p-synephrine



  1. L-arginine supplementation in patients with mild arterial hypertension and its effect on plasma level of asymmetric dimethylarginine, L-citruline, L-arginine
  2. Effects of L-canavanine, L-arginine, L-ornitine, L-citruline and L-canaline on pentylenetetrazole seizures
  3. Effects of citrulline supplementation on fatigue and exercise performance in mice


Cnidium seed
Cnidium seed

  1. Anti allergenic effects
  2. Anti-tumor effects
  3. Antiproliferative effects
  4. Glucocorticoids-induced osteoporosis preventive effects
  5. Anti-inflammatory effects
  6. Neuroprotective effects
  7. AMPK activator
  8. Antidiabetic effects
  9. mTOR inhibitor
  10. Antifibrotic activity


  1. Anti-inflammatory activity
  2. Invigorating energy,activating blood flow,resolving blood stasis and anti-aging actions
  3. Protective effects against alcoholic fatty liver through AMPK activation
  4. Ameliorating effects on memory and learning deficits
  5. Anti-tumor effects
  6. Neuroprotective effects
  7. Cognitive enhancing effects
  8. Anti-obesity effects


  1. Coluracetam – Nootropic Review of Effects, Dosage, and More
  2. Coluracetam: Review of the Benefits
  3. Coluracetam – A Powerful New Racetam Analog

Coptis chinemsis
Coptis chinemsis

  1. Coptis chinensis alkaloids exert anti-adipogenic activity on 3T3-L1 adipocytes by downregulating C/EBP-α and PPAR-γ
  2. Anti-diabetic effect of Coptis Chinensis polysaccharide in high-fat diet with STZ-induced diabetic mice
  3. Anti-Diabetic Effects of a Coptis chinensis Containing New Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula in Type 2 Diabetic Rats


  1. Antiangiogenetic properties
  2. Scavenging of free radicals and anti-cancer activity
  3. Has been shown to significantly stimulate testosterone production
  4. Strong anti-tumor activity
  5. May be used as an immunopotentiating agent in treating cancer and immunodeficient patients
  6. Anti-diabetic effects
  7. Increased hepatic blood flow
  8. Anti-aging effects
  9. Protects cells against hydrogen peroxide-induced injury
  10. Anti-fatigue effects
  11. Anti-depressant like effects
  12. Increased whole body insulin sensitivity
  13. Neuroprotective effects
  14. AMPK Activation: induces fatigue recovery via activating AMPK
  15. mTOR inhibition

Cornus fruit
Cornus fruit

  1. Plays an important role against diabetic pathogenesis, i.e., reducing glucose toxicities, up-regulating renal function, and consequently ameliorating glycation-associated renal damage
  2. AMPK Activation with Potent Ant-Obesity effects
  3. Antineoplastic, antioxidative, and antidiabetic effects
  4. Regulation of muscle protein synthesis and neuroprotection
  5. Apoptotic action of ursolic acid isolated from Corni fructus in human prostate cancer cells
  6. Combined with red ginseng improves facial wrinkles, a clinical sign of photoaging; evidence of increased collagen synthesis in the dermis.
  7. Promising agent against hypertriglyceridaemia without hepatic side-effects.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity
  9. May protect against CVD by regulating blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and expression of proteins related to lipid metabolism
  10. Protective Effects of Corni Fructus against Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Radical Scavenging

Cuscuta seed
Cuscuta seed

  1. Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects
  2. Immunostimulating activity
  3. Antiosteoporotic activity
  4. Anti-aging agent, anti-inflammatory agent, pain reliever and aphrodisiac
  5. Antidepressant activity
  6. Neuroprotective effects
  7. Reversed the reduction of testosterone level and the expression of androgen receptor gene in kidney-yang deficient mice


Cynomorium root
Cynomorium root

  1. Flavan-3-ol contents, anti-oxidative and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities
  2. Neuroprotective activity
  3. Enhance endurance exercise performance by reducing muscle fatigue
  4. Therapeutic effect with perimenopausal depression
  5. Has the potential for enhancing hippocampal plasticity and can be used to people who have problems in hippocampal memory
  6. May offer a promising prospect in preventing obesity and the associated metabolic syndrome and health consequences
  7. Anti-oxidative and anti-fatigue properties


  1. Turnera diffusa Wild (Turneraceae) recovers sexual behavior in sexually exhausted males
  2. Pro-sexual effects of Turnera diffusa Wild (Turneraceae) in male rats involves the nitric oxide pathway
  3. Effects of a hydroalcoholic extract of Turnera diffusa Willd. ex Schult., Turneraceae, in tests for adaptogenic activity


Dang Gui root
Dang Gui root

  1. Effects of Kampo medicine, Toki-shakuyaku-san (Tang-Kuei-Shao-Yao-San), on choline acetyltransferase activity and norepinephrine contents in brain regions
  2. Effect of components of dang-gui-bu-xue decoction on hematopenia
  3. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effect of a Chinese herbal medicine preparation (Dang Gui Buxue Tang) on menopausal symptoms
  4. DPPH radical scavenger activity and antioxidant effects of Cham-Dang-Gui (Angelica gigas)
  5. Myocardial protection against ischaemia‐ reperfusion injury by a Polygonum multiflorum extract supplemented ‘Dang‐Gui decoction for enriching blood
  6. Dang‐Gui Buxue Tang produces a more potent cardioprotective effect than its component herb extracts and enhances glutathione status in rat heart mitochondria
  7. Antioxidant and antiplatelet effects of dang-gui-shao-yao-san on human blood cells
  8. The effect of dang-gui (Angelica sinensis) and its ingredient ferulic acid on rat platelet aggregation and release of 5-HT


Deer Velvet Antler

  1. Research progress on chemical composition and pharmacological effects of cervi cornu pantotrichum
  2. Comparative analysis of nucleosides and nucleobases from different sections of Elaphuri Davidiani Cornu and Cervi Cornu by UHPLC–MS/MS
  3. Quality evaluation on different specifications of Cervi Cornu Pantotrichum with its effect on ovariectomized osteoporosis model rats
  4. Therapeutic effect of pilose antler polypeptides (PAP) on experimental fracture and its mechanism [J]
  5. Study on similar traditional Chinese medicines cornu Cervi pantotrichum, cornu Cervi and cornu Cervi degelatinatum by FT-IR and 2D-IR correlation spectroscopy
  6. Safety study on general cell cytotoxicity effects of Cervi Pantotrichum Cornu herbal-acupuncture solution (CPCHA)
  7. Experimental study on Cervi Cornu on Adjuvant Arthritis in rats
  8. Simultaneous quantification and splenocyte-proliferating activities of nucleosides and bases in Cervi cornu Pantotrichum


  1. Comparison of hypoglycemic and antioxidative effects of polysaccharides from four different Dendrobium species
  2. Neuroprotective effects of Dendrobium alkaloids on rat cortical neurons injured by oxygen-glucose deprivation and reperfusion
  3. Inhibitory effects of Dendrobium alkaloids on memory impairment induced by lipopolysaccharide in rats
  4. Preventive effect of a galactoglucomannan (GGM) from Dendrobium huoshanense on selenium-induced liver injury and fibrosis in rats
  5. Studies on anti-hyperglycemic effect and its mechanism of Dendrobium candidum
  6. Alkaloids enriched extract from Dendrobium nobile Lindl. attenuates tau protein hyperphosphorylation and apoptosis induced by lipopolysaccharide in rat brain
  7. Review of research on Dendrobium, a prized folk medicine
  8. Mechanism of Polysaccharides from Dendrobium huoshanense. on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Cataract


  1. DMAE For Better Brainpower?
  2. DMAE: The Smart Supplement
  3. What Are The Benefits of DMAE?


  1. Recent findings of green tea extract AR25 (Exolise) and its activity for the treatment of obesity
  2. Effect of green tea extract on obese women: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial
  3. Efficacy of a green tea extract rich in catechin polyphenols and caffeine in increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans



  1. senticosus in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
  2. Effects of various Eleutherococcus senticosus cortex on swimming time, natural killer activity and corticosterone level in forced swimming stressed mice
  3. The effects of Eleutherococcus senticosus and Panax ginseng on steroidal hormone indices of stress and lymphocyte subset numbers in endurance athletes
  4. Neuroprotective effects of Eleutherococcus senticosus bark on transient global cerebral ischemia in rats
  5. Release of acetylcholine by syringin, an active principle of Eleutherococcus senticosus, to raise insulin secretion in Wistar rats
  6. The physiological effects of Aralia, Panax and Eleutherococcus on exercised rats
  7. Inhibitory effects of Eleutherococcus senticosus extracts on amyloid β (25-35)–induced neuritic atrophy and synaptic loss
  8. Vascular effects of Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus): endothelium-dependent NO- and EDHF-mediated relaxation depending on vessel size


  1. Cholesterol-lowering effects of maitake (Grifola frondosa) fiber, shiitake (Lentinus edodes) fiber, and enokitake (Flammulina velutipes) fiber in rats
  2. Inhibitory effects of edible higher basidiomycetes mushroom extracts on mouse type IV allergy
  3. Antitumor activities of edible mushrooms by oral administration



  1. Antihypertensive effect of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. extracts in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  2. Du-Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.) leaves inhibits CCl4-induced hepatic damage in rats
  3. Endothelium-dependent vasorelaxant effects of the aqueous extracts of the Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. leaf and bark: implications on their antihypertensive action
  4. Du-Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.) cortex extract prevent OVX-induced osteoporosis in rats
  5. Constituents and pharmacological effects of Eucommia and Siberian ginseng.
  6. Effects of du-zhong [Eucommia ulmoides] leaf extract on plasma and hepatic lipids in rats fed on a high fat plus high cholesterol diet
  7. Ameliorative effect of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. leaves extract (ELE) on insulin resistance and abnormal perivascular innervation in fructose-drinking rats
  8. The promoting effects of geniposidic acid and aucubin in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver leaves on collagen synthesis

Evodia rutaecarpa
Evodia rutaecarpa

  1. Capsaicin-like anti-obese activities of evodiamine from fruits of Evodia rutaecarpa, a vanilloid receptor agonist
  2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects of Evodia rutaecarpa (Wuzhuyu) and its major bioactive components
  3. Evodia alkaloids suppress gluconeogenesis and lipogenesis by activating the constitutive androstane receptor

Fenugreek seed
Fenugreek seed

  1. Effect of Trigonella foenum graecum (Fenugreek) on blood glucose in normal and diabetic rats
  2. Trigonella foenum graecum (fenugreek) seed powder improves glucose homeostasis in alloxan diabetic rat tissues by reversing the altered glycolytic, gluconeogenic
  3. Effects of fenugreek seed extract in obese mice fed a high-fat diet




  1. Body composition and hormonal adaptations associated with forskolin consumption in overweight and obese men
  2. The antihypertensive and positive inotropic diterpene forskolin: effects of structural modifications on its activity
  3. Antagonism of forskolin effects by adenosine in isolated hearts and ventricular myocytes



  1. Fucoxanthin from edible seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, shows antiobesity effect through UCP1 expression in white adipose tissues
  2. Anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects of fucoxanthin on diet-induced obesity conditions in a murine model
  3. Effect of medium-chain triacylglycerols on anti-obesity effect of fucoxanthin

Galega officinalis
Galega officinalis

  1. Hypoglycaemic activity of four plants used in Chilean popular medicine
  2. Inhibiting and disaggregating effect of gel-filtered Galega officinalis L. herbal extract on platelet aggregation
  3. Effect of Galega officinalis leaf powder and Trigonella foenum-graecum seed powder on blood glucose levels and weight gain in a diabetes mellitus rat model
  4. Effect of the water extract of Galega officinalis L. on human platelet aggregation in vitro
  5. Inhibitory effects of Galega officinalis on glucose transport across monolayers of human intestinal epithelial cells (Caco-2)
  6. Management of Galega officinalis L. and preliminary results on its potential for milk production improvement in sheep
  7. Effect of ‘antidiabetis’ herbal preparation on serum glucose and fructosamine in NOD mice
  8. Anti-bacterial activity of Galega officinalis L.(Goat’s Rue)


Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba

  1. Hepatoprotective effects of Ginkgo biloba against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatic injury in rats
  2. Preventive effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on apoptosis in rat cerebellar neuronal cells induced by hydroxyl radicals
  3. Feeding of Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) enhances gene expression of hepatic cytochrome P-450 and attenuates the hypotensive effect of nicardipine in rats
  4. Effect of an extract of Ginkgo biloba on rat brain energy metabolism in hypoxia
  5. Lipid peroxide, phospholipids, glutathione levels and superoxide dismutase activity in rat brain after ischaemia: effect of ginkgo biloba extract
  6. Ginkgo biloba prevents mobile phone-induced oxidative stress in rat brain
  7. The effects of an extract of Ginkgo biloba, EGb 761, on cognitive behavior and longevity in the rat
  8. Neuroprotective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract


  1. Anti-inflammatory effect of Lycium Fruit water extract in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophage cells
  2. Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects and antioxidant activity of fruit extracts from Lycium barbarum
  3. Effect of the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides on age-related oxidative stress in aged mice
  4. Neuroprotective effects of anti-aging oriental medicine Lycium barbarum against β-amyloid peptide neurotoxicity
  5. Effect of lycium barbarum polysaccharide on human hepatoma QGY7703 cells: inhibition of proliferation and induction of apoptosis
  6. Protective effect of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides on streptozotocin-induced oxidative stress in rats
  7. Neuroprotective effects of Lycium barbarum Lynn on protecting retinal ganglion cells in an ocular hypertension model of glaucoma
  8. Effect of the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides administration on blood lipid metabolism and oxidative stress of mice fed high-fat diet in vivo


Gotu kola
Gotu kola

  1. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) on acoustic startle response in healthy subjects
  2. Evaluation of the anticonvulsant effect of Centella asiatica (gotu kola) in pentylenetetrazol-induced seizures with respect to cholinergic neurotransmission
  3. Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) extract enhances phosphorylation of cyclic AMP response element binding protein in neuroblastoma cells


Green coffee extract
Green coffee extract

  1. The effect of chlorogenic acid enriched coffee on glucose absorption in healthy volunteers and its effect on body mass when used long-term in overweight and obese
  2. Chlorogenic acid exhibits anti-obesity property and improves lipid metabolism in high-fat diet-induced-obese mice
  3. Chlorogenic acid modifies plasma and liver concentrations of: cholesterol, triacylglycerol, and minerals in (fa/fa) Zucker rats


Griffonia seed
Griffonia seed

  1. Inhibition of Ehrlich ascites tumor cell growth by Griffonia simplicifolia I lectin in vivo
  2. Griffonia simplicifolia isolectin B4 identifies a specific subpopulation of angiogenic blood vessels following contusive spinal cord injury in the adult mouse
  3. The Griffonia simplicifolia I – B4 Isolectin



  1. Protective effects of guarana (Paullinia cupana Mart. var. Sorbilis) against DEN-induced DNA damage on mouse liver
  2. Guarana (Paullinia cupana): toxic behavioral effects in laboratory animals and antioxidant activity in vitro
  3. Chemopreventive effects of Paullinia cupana Mart var. sorbilis, the guarana, on mouse hepatocarcinogenesis


Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema Sylvestre

  1. Antihyperglycemic Effects of Gymnemic Acid IV, a Compound Derived from Gymnema sylvestre Leaves in Streptozotocin-Diabetic Mice
  2. Comparative effects of chromium, vanadium and Gymnema sylvestre on sugar-induced blood pressure elevations in SHR
  3. Evaluation of antiobesity and cardioprotective effect of Gymnema sylvestre extract in murine model


  1. Evaluation of the Anti-inflammatory and Liver-protective Effects of Anoectochilus formosanus, Ganoderma lucidum and Gynostemma pentaphyllum in Rats
  2. Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective Effects of Anoectochilus formosanus and Gynostemma pentaphyllum
  3. Anti-hyperlipidemic and hypoglycemic effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the Zucker fatty rat
  4. Phytopreventative anti-hyperlipidemic effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum in rats
  5. Cardiovascular effects of the aqueous extract of Gynostemma pentaphyllum Makino
  6. Scavenging effects of Astragalus and Gynostemma pentaphyllum with its product on O2-. and. OH
  7. Effects of gynostemma pentaphyllum makino on the immunological function of cancer patients.
  8. Neuroprotective effects of herbal ethanol extracts from Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rat model of Parkinson’s disease


Hawthorn extract
Hawthorn extract

  1. Myocardial effects of flavonoids from Crataegus species.
  2. Antithrombotic effects of ethanol extract of Crataegus orientalis in the carrageenan-induced mice tail thrombosis model
  3. Effects of an aqueous extract of Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. var. major NE Br. fruit on experimental atherosclerosis in rats


He Shou Wu
He Shou Wu

  1. Protective effects of 2, 3, 5, 4′-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-beta-d-glucoside, an active component of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb, on experimental colitis in mice
  2. Protective effect of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb on amyloid β-peptide 25-35 induced cognitive deficits in mice
  3. Myocardial protective effect of an anthraquinone-containing extract of Polygonum multiflorum ex vivo
  4. 2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl Radical-Scavenging Active Components from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.
  5. Neuroprotective effects of Polygonum multiflorum on nigrostriatal dopaminergic degeneration induced by paraquat and maneb in mice
  6. The radical scavenging effects of stilbene glucosides from Polygonum multiflorum
  7. Beneficial effects of different Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. extracts on memory and hippocampus morphology
  8. Polygonum multiflorum Extracts Improve Cognitive Performance in Senescence Accelerated Mice


  1. The hypoglycemic effects of hesperidin and naringin are partly mediated by hepatic glucose-regulating enzymes in C57BL/KsJ-db/db mice
  2. Effects of hesperidin on the progression of hypercholesterolemia and fatty liver induced by high-cholesterol diet in rats
  3. Oral intake of a combination of glucosyl hesperidin and caffeine elicits an anti-obesity effect in healthy, moderately obese subjects: a randomized double-blind

Hibiscus flower extract

Hibiscus flower extract

  1. An evaluation of the hypolipidemic effect of an extract of Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves in hyperlipidemic Indians: a double blind, placebo controlled trial
  2. Development of functional beverages from blends of Hibiscus sabdariffa extract and selected fruit juices for optimal antioxidant properties
  3. Hibiscus tea: Health benefits



  1. Positive chronotropic and inotropic effects of higenamine and its enhancing action on the aconitine-induced tachyarrhythmia in isolated murine atria
  2. Anti-thrombotic effects of higenamine
  3. Antithrombotic effects of YS-49 and YS-51—1-Naphthylmethyl analogs of higenamine

Holy basil
Holy basil

  1. Cholinergic basis of memory improving effect of Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn
  2. Bioinspired synthesis of highly stabilized silver nanoparticles using Ocimum tenuiflorum leaf extract and their antibacterial activity
  3. Determination of total phenolics, flavonoids and antioxidant and chemopreventive potential of basil (Ocimum basilicum L. and Ocimum tenuiflorum L.).
  4. Effects of seasonal variation on the central nervous system activity of Ocimum gratissimum L. essential oil
  5. Effect of triadimefon: a triazole fungicide on oxidative stress defense system and eugenol content in Ocimum tenuiflorum L.
  6. Efficacy of an extract of ocimum tenuiflorum (OciBest) in the management of general stress: A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study
  7. Effects of drying, fermented and unfermented tea of Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn. on the antioxidant capacity.
  8. Evaluation of antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic effects of hydroalcoholic extract of leaves of Ocimum tenuiflorum (Lamiaceae) and Prediction of Biological
  9. Evaluation of antioxidant and wound healing effects of alcoholic and aqueous extract of Ocimum sanctum Linn in rats
  10. Antioxidant activity and lipid-lowering effect of essential oils extracted from Ocimum sanctum L. leaves in rats fed with a high cholesterol diet
  11. Antidiabetic effects of the different fractions of ethanolic extracts of Ocimum sanctum in normal and alloxan induced diabetic rats


Hoodia gordonii
Hoodia gordonii

  1. Effects of 15-d repeated consumption of Hoodia gordonii purified extract on safety, ad libitum energy intake, and body weight in healthy, overweight women
  2. The steroid glycoside Hg-12 from Hoodia gordonii activates the human bitter receptor TAS2R14 and induces CCK release from HuTu-80 cells
  3. Hoodia gordonii: an up-to-date review of a commercially important anti-obesity plant
  4. Effect of Hoodia gordonii meal supplementation at finisher stage on productivity and carcass characteristics of Ross 308 broiler chickens
  5. Antidepressant-like effect of Hoodia gordonii in a forced swimming test in mice: evidence for involvement of the monoaminergic system
  6. Metabolic effect of short term administration of Hoodia gordonii, an herbal appetite suppressant
  7. Molecular matchmaking between the popular weight-loss herb Hoodia gordonii and GPR119, a potential drug target for metabolic disorder
  8. New oxypregnane glycosides from appetite suppressant herbal supplement Hoodia gordonii


Huperzine A
Huperzine A

  1. Progress in studies of huperzine A, a natural cholinesterase inhibitor from Chinese herbal medicine
  2. The psychopharmacology of huperzine A: an alkaloid with cognitive enhancing and neuroprotective properties of interest in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Effect of huperzine A, a new cholinesterase inhibitor, on the central cholinergic system of the rat



  1. Neurological effects of high-dose idebenone in patients with Friedreich’s ataxia: a randomised, placebo-controlled trial
  2. Protective effects of idebenone and α‐tocopherol on β‐amyloid‐(1–42)‐induced learning and memory deficits in rats: implication of oxidative stress in β‐amyloid
  3. Effect of idebenone on cardiomyopathy in Friedreich’s ataxia: a preliminary study



  1. Effects of icariin on cGMP-specific PDE5 and cAMP-specific PDE4 activities
  2. Cytotoxic effects of Coptis chinensis and Epimedium sagittatum extracts and their major constituents (berberine, coptisine and icariin) on hepatoma and leukaemia cell
  3. Protective effects of icariin on human umbilical vein endothelial cell injury induced by H2O2 in vitro
  4. Effects of icariin on erectile function and expression of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in castrated rats
  5. Effects of icariin on phosphodiesterase-5 activity in vitro and cyclic guanosine monophosphate level in cavernous smooth muscle cells
  6. Estrogenic effects of two derivatives of icariin on human breast cancer MCF-7 cells
  7. Protective effects of icariin on neurons injured by cerebral ischemia/reperfusion.
  8. Protective effects of icariin against learning and memory deficits induced by aluminium in rats

Irvingia Gabonensis
Irvingia Gabonensis

  1. The effect of Irvingia gabonensis seeds on body weight and blood lipids of obese subjects in Cameroon
  2. Analgesic effect of Irvingia gabonensis stem bark extract
  3. The use of a Cissus quadrangularis/Irvingia gabonensis combination in the management of weight loss: a double-blind placebo-controlled study
  4. IGOB131, a novel seed extract of the West African plant Irvingia gabonensis, significantly reduces body weight and improves metabolic parameters
  6. Inhibition of Irvingia gabonensis seed extract (OB131) on adipogenesis as mediated via down regulation of the PPARgamma and leptin genes
  7. Antimicrobial activity of the methanolic extract, fractions and compounds from the stem bark of Irvingia gabonensis
  8. Effect of aqueous leaf extract of Irvingia gabonensis on gastrointestinal tract in rodents


  1. Inhibition of influenza virus replication by plant-derived isoquercetin
  2. Antidiabetic activity of isoquercetin in diabetic KK-A y mice
  3. Comparative evaluation of antibiotic and antibiotic modifying activity of quercetin and isoquercetin in vitro


Jujube fruit
Jujube fruit

  1. Effects of Zizyphus jujube Extract on Memory and Learning Impairment Induced by Bilateral Electric Lesions of the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert in Rat
  2. Comparison of the sedative and hypnotic effects of flavonoids, saponins, and polysaccharides extracted from Semen Ziziphus jujube
  3. Identification of bioactive constituents of Ziziphus jujube fruit extracts exerting antiproliferative and apoptotic effects in human breast cancer cells
  4. Antioxidative and hepatoprotective effects of the polysaccharides from Zizyphus jujube cv. Shaanbeitanzao
  5. Effect of jujube methanol extract on the hepatotoxicity in CCl4-treated rats
  6. The protective effect of Zizyphus jujube fruit on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic injury in mice by anti-oxidative activities
  7. Immunomodulating and antioxidant effects of polysaccharide conjugates from the fruits of Ziziphus Jujube on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome rats
  8. Effects of neutral jujube date polysaccharide on the proliferation of rat splenocytes

K2 mk4 mk7

Korean Panax Ginseng
Korean Panax Ginseng

  1. Blood glucose–lowering action
  2. Robust working memory enhancement
  3. Anti-obesity effects
  4. Nephroprotective Effects
  5. Reduces fatty liver, dyslipidemia, and other complications of metabolic syndrome
  6. Beneficial effect of ginseng on cardiac pathology
  7. Anti-inflammatory effects
  8. Improves arterial stiffness and attenuates systolic blood pressure
  9. Improve cancer related fatigue
  10. Anti-diabetic effects
  11. First Preliminary Results of an Observation of Panax ginseng Treatment in Patients With Autistic Disorder
  12. Supplementation of Korean Red Ginseng improves behavior deviations in animal models of autism

Lemon balm
Lemon balm

  1. Attenuation of laboratory-induced stress in humans after acute administration of Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm)
  2. Modulation of mood and cognitive performance following acute administration of Melissa officinalis (lemon balm)
  3. Anti-diabetic effects of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) essential oil on glucose- and lipid-regulating enzymes in type 2 diabetic mice


Licorice root
Licorice root

  1. Review of pharmacological effects of Glycyrrhiza sp. and its bioactive compounds
  2. Hypocholesterolaemic and antioxidant effects of Glycyrrhiza glabra (Linn) in rats
  3. In vitro and in vivo neuroprotective effect and mechanisms of glabridin, a major active isoflavan from Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)
  4. Antidepressant-like effect of liquiritin from Glycyrrhiza uralensis in chronic variable stress induced depression model rats
  5. Protective effects of melatonin and Glycyrrhiza glabra extract on ochratoxin A—induced damages on testes in mature rats
  6. Protective activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. on carbon tetrachloride-induced peroxidative damage
  7. Effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra roots and glycyrrhizin on the glucuronidation in rats
  8. Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and the adrenal-kidney-pituitary axis in rats

Ligusticum rhizome
Ligusticum rhizome

  1. Relaxation effects of ligustilide and senkyunolide A, two main constituents of Ligusticum chuanxiong, in rat isolated aorta
  2. Mechanisms underlying the vasorelaxing effects of butylidenephthalide, an active constituent of Ligusticum chuanxiong, in rat isolated aorta
  3. Protective effect of tetramethylpyrazine isolated from Ligusticum chuanxiong on nephropathy in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes
  4. Inhibition of rat vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation by extract of Ligusticum chuanxiong and Angelica sinensis
  5. Protective effect of Ligusticum chuanxiong and Angelica sinensis on endothelial cell damage induced by hydrogen peroxide
  6. Effect and mechanism of senkyunolide I as an anti‐migraine compound from Ligusticum chuanxiong
  7. Amelioration of Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats by Tetramethylpyrazine, a Major Constituent of the Chinese Herb Ligusticum wallichi
  8. Studies on antiproliferative effects of phthalides from Ligusticum chuanxiong in hepatic stellate cells


Ligustrum fruit
Ligustrum fruit

  1. Effect of ligustrum fruit extract on reproduction in experimental diabetic rats.
  2. Protective effects of Ligustrum lucidum fruit extract on acute butylated hydroxytoluene-induced oxidative stress in rats
  3. Antidiabetic and antioxidant effects of oleanolic acid from Ligustrum lucidum Ait in alloxan‐induced diabetic rats
  4. Preliminary observations on the effects of the Chinese medicinal herbs Astragalus membranaceus and Ligustrum lucidum on lymphocyte blastogenic responses.
  5. In vitro evaluation of secoiridoid glucosides from the fruits of Ligustrum lucidum as antiviral agents
  6. Antioxidative glucosides from the fruits of Ligustrum lucidum
  7. Effect of Ligustrum lucidum and Schisandra chinensis on the egg production, antioxidant status and immunity of laying hens during heat stress
  8. Hepatoprotective action of an oleanolic acid‐enriched extract of Ligustrum lucidum fruits is mediated through an enhancement on hepatic glutathione regeneration


Lions Mane Mushroom
Lions Mane Mushroom

  1. Improving effects of the mushroom Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceus) on mild cognitive impairment: a double‐blind placebo‐controlled clinical trial
  2. Hypoglycemic effect of extract of Hericium erinaceus
  3. Hypolipidemic Effect of an Exo-biopolymer Produced from a Submerged Mycelial Culture of Hericium erinaceus
  4. Effects of cultivation techniques and processing on antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Hericium erinaceus (Bull.: Fr.) Pers. extracts
  5. Effect of an exo-polysaccharide from the culture broth of Hericium erinaceus on enhancement of growth and differentiation of rat adrenal nerve cells
  6. Bioactive Substances in Hericium erinaceus (Bull.: Fr.) Pers. (Yamabushitake), and Its Medicinal Utilization
  7. Composition and Mechanism of Antitumor Effects of Hericium erinaceus Mushroom Extracts in Tumor-Bearing Mice
  8. Effects of Hericium erinaceus on amyloid β (25-35) peptide-induced learning and memory deficits in mice

Lithium Orotate
Lithium Orotate

  1. Lithium orotate in the treatment of alcoholism and related conditions
  2. Orotate complexes. Synthesis and crystal structure of lithium orotate (—I) monohydrate and magnesium bis [orotate (—I)] octahydrate
  3. Lithium orotate, carbonate and chloride: Pharmacokinetics, polydipsia and polyuria in rats


Longan Fruit
Longan Fruit

  1. Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the recovery and DPPH radical scavenging activity of polysaccharides from longan fruit pericarp
  2. Effects of high pressure extraction on the extraction yield, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of longan fruit pericarp
  3. The memory-enhancing effects of Euphoria longan fruit extract in mice
  4. Evaluation of free radical scavenging and antityrosinase activities of standardized longan fruit extract
  5. Effects of high pressure or ultrasonic treatment on extraction yield and antioxidant activity of pericarp tissues of longan fruit
  6. Structural characteristics and antioxidant activities of oligosaccharides from longan fruit pericarp
  7. Antioxidant and anticancer activities of high pressure-assisted extract of longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) fruit pericarp
  8. Longan seed extract reduces hyperuricemia via modulating urate transporters and suppressing xanthine oxidase activity

Maca root
Maca root

  1. A Double‐Blind, Randomized, Pilot Dose‐Finding Study of Maca Root (L. Meyenii) for the Management of SSRI‐Induced Sexual Dysfunction
  2. Effect of Lepidium meyenii (MACA) on sexual desire and its absent relationship with serum testosterone levels in adult healthy men
  3. A pilot investigation into the effect of maca supplementation on physical activity and sexual desire in sportsmen



  1. Red blood cell calcium and magnesium: effects upon sodium and potassium transport and cellular morphology
  2. The effects of magnesium upon cardiac arrhythmias
  3. Magnesium effects on the microstructure of unmodified and modified Al-Si alloys



  1. Cholesterol-lowering effects of maitake (Grifola frondosa) fiber, shiitake (Lentinus edodes) fiber, and enokitake (Flammulina velutipes) fiber in rats
  2. A phase I/II trial of a polysaccharide extract from Grifola frondosa (Maitake mushroom) in breast cancer patients: immunological effects
  3. Maitake, Grifola frondosa: Pharmacological effects


Maral root
Maral root

  1. The selective effect of N-feruloylserotonins isolated from Leuzea carthamoides on nociception and anxiety in rats
  2. In Vitro Antiplatelet Activity of Flavonoids from Leuzea Carthamoides
  3. Cardioprotective and antiarrhythmic properties of preparations from Leuzea carthamoides, Aralia mandshurica, and Eleutherococcus senticosus
  4. Effects of Leuzea carthamoides on human breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 cells determined by gene expression profiling and functional assays
  5. Effect of a combination of extract from several plants on Cell‐mediated and humoral immunity of patients with advanced ovarian cancer
  6. Phototoxic activity of a thiophene polyacetylene from Leuzea carthamoides
  7. Effects of 20‐hydroxyecdysone, Leuzea carthamoides extracts, dexamethasone and their combinations on the NF‐κB activation in HeLa cells
  8. On the effect of Leuzea carthamoides extract and sarcolysin on the course of lympholeukosis in NK-Ly mice



  1. Effects of meclofenoxate and Extr. Rhodiolae roseae L. on electroconvulsive shock-impaired learning and memory in rats.
  2. The differential effects of meclofenoxate on memory loss in the elderly
  3. Effects of meclofenoxate and citicholine on learning and memory in aged rats.


Mesima mushroom
Mesima mushroom

  1. The inhibitory effect of polysaccharides isolated from Phellinus linteus on tumor growth and metastasis
  2. Stimulation of humoral and cell mediated immunity by polysaccharide from mushroom Phellinus linteus
  3. Antibacterial effect of Phellinus linteus against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus


Milk thistle
Milk thistle

  1. Milk thistle: effects on liver disease and cirrhosis and clinical adverse effects: summary
  2. Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) for the Therapy of Liver Disease
  3. Effect of milk thistle on the pharmacokinetics of indinavir in healthy volunteers

Mirabilis Jalapa
Mirabilis Jalapa

  1. Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of ethanolic extract of Mirabilis jalapa L. root on normal and diabetic mice
  2. Experimental diabetes treated with trigonelline: effect on β cell and pancreatic oxidative parameters
  3. Study on Hypoglycemic Effect of Mirabilis jalapa on Adrenergic Model Mice [J]



  1. Analgesic and behavioural effects of Morinda citrifolia
  2. Effects of Morinda lucida leaf extract on Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection in mice
  3. Chemical constituents of Morinda citrifolia roots exhibit hypoglycemic effects in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice
  4. Cancer preventive effect of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)
  5. Protective effect of fruits of Morinda citrifolia L. on scopolamine induced memory impairment in mice: a behavioral, biochemical and cerebral blood flow study
  6. The effect of Morinda officinalis How, a Chinese traditional medicinal plant, on the DRL 72-s schedule in rats and the forced swimming test in mice
  7. The effects of Morinda citrifolia L.(noni) on the immune system: its molecular mechanisms of action
  8. Antistress effect of oligosaccharides extracted from Morinda officinalis in mice and rats


  1. Chemomodulatory effect of Moringa oleifera, Lam, on hepatic carcinogen metabolising enzymes, antioxidant parameters and skin papillomagenesis in mice
  2. An antitumor promoter from Moringa oleifera Lam.
  3. CNS activities of methanolic extract of Moringa oleifera root in mice
  4. Immunomodulatory effect of Moringa oleifera Lam. extract on cyclophosphamide induced toxicity in mice
  5. In vivo radioprotective effect of Moringa oleifera leaves
  6. Moringa oleifera: a food plant with multiple medicinal uses
  7. Antiinflammatory effects of Moringa oleifera root extract
  8. Effect of Moringa oleifera Lam on paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity

Mucana Pruriens
Mucana Pruriens

  1. The effect of Momordica charantia and Mucuna pruriens in experimental diabetes and their effect on key metabolic enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism
  2. Neuroprotective effects of the antiparkinson drug Mucuna pruriens
  3. Antitumor activity and in vivo antioxidant status of Mucuna pruriens (Fabaceae) seeds against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in Swiss albino mice
  4. Analgesic and antipyretic effects of Mucuna pruriens
  5. The protective effect of Mucuna pruriens seeds against snake venom poisoning
  6. Mucuna pruriens seed extract reduces oxidative stress in nigrostriatal tissue and improves neurobehavioral activity in paraquat-induced Parkinsonian mouse model
  7. Antiparkinson drug–Mucuna pruriens shows antioxidant and metal chelating activity
  8. Dose-and time-dependent effects of ethanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens Linn. seed on sexual behaviour of normal male rats


Muira puama
Muira puama

  1. Neuroprotective effects of Ptychopetalum olacoides Bentham (Olacaceae) on oxygen and glucose deprivation induced damage in rat hippocampal slices
  2. Ptychopetalum olacoides, a traditional Amazonian “nerve tonic”, possesses anticholinesterase activity
  3. Memory retrieval improvement by Ptychopetalum olacoides in young and aging mice


Myristica fragrans
Myristica fragrans

  1. Biological effects of Myristica fragrans (nutmeg) extract
  2. An experimental study of sexual function improving effect of Myristica fragrans Houtt
  3. Hypolipidaemic effect of Myristica fragrans fruit extract in rabbits



  1. Naringenin prevents obesity, hepatic steatosis, and glucose intolerance in male mice independent of fibroblast growth factor 21
  2. Naringenin prevents dyslipidemia, apolipoprotein B overproduction, and hyperinsulinemia in LDL receptor–null mice with diet-induced insulin resistance
  3. Naringenin suppresses macrophage infiltration into adipose tissue in an early phase of high-fat diet-induced obesity


  1. Effects of nattokinase on blood pressure: a randomized, controlled trial
  2. Antihypertensive effects of continuous oral administration of nattokinase and its fragments in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  3. Thrombolytic effects in vivo of nattokinase in a carrageenan-induced rat model of thrombosis



  1. Effects of the nootropic drug nefiracetam on the GABAA receptor-channel complex in dorsal root ganglion neurons
  2. Effects of nefiracetam on drug-induced impairment of latent learning in mice in a water finding task
  3. Effects of nefiracetam on amnesia animal models with neuronal dysfunctions

Nelumbo nucifera
Nelumbo nucifera

  1. Anti-obesity effect of Nelumbo nucifera leaves extract in mice and rats
  2. Hepatoprotective and free radical scavenging effects of Nelumbo nucifera
  3. Antioxidant activity of Nelumbo nucifera (sacred lotus) seeds

Nettle root

Nettle root

  1. Hepatoprotective effects of Nigella sativa L and Urtica dioica L on lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzyme systems and liver enzymes in carbon tetrachloride
  2. Antiproliferative effect on human prostate cancer cells by a stinging nettle root (Urtica dioica) extract
  3. Acute diuretic, natriuretic and hypotensive effects of a continuous perfusion of aqueous extract of Urtica dioica in the rat
  4. Induction of insulin secretion by a component of Urtica dioica leave extract in perifused Islets of Langerhans and its in vivo effects in normal and streptozotocin diabetic
  5. Antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiulcer and analgesic activities of nettle (Urtica dioica L.)
  6. Effects of Nigella sativa L. and Urtica dioica L. on lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzyme systems and some liver enzymes in CCl4‐treated rats
  7. Cardiovascular effects of Urtica dioica L.(Urticaceae) roots extracts: in vitro and in vivo pharmacological studies
  8. Anti-inflammatory effect of Urtica dioica folia extract in comparison to caffeic malic acid


Nicotinamide Riboside
Nicotinamide Riboside

  1. The NAD+ precursor nicotinamide riboside enhances oxidative metabolism and protects against high-fat diet-induced obesity
  2. Nicotinamide riboside, a trace nutrient in foods, is a vitamin B3 with effects on energy metabolism and neuroprotection
  3. Nicotinamide riboside restores cognition through an upregulation of proliferator-activated receptor-γ coactivator 1α regulated β-secretase 1 degradation

Nigella sativa
Nigella sativa

  1. Pharmacological and toxicological properties of Nigella sativa
  2. Antioxidant activity of Nigella sativa essential oil
  3. Inhibitory effects of Nigella sativa and saffron (crocus sativus) on chemical carcinogenesis in mice
  4. The anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activity of Nigella sativa
  5. Protective effect of cysteine and vitamin E, Crocus sativus and Nigella sativa extracts on cisplatin-induced toxicity in rats.
  6. Diuretic and hypotensive effects of Nigella sativa in the spontaneously hypertensive rat
  7. Cytotoxic and immunopotentiating effects of ethanolic extract of Nigella sativa L. seeds
  8. The effect of Nigella sativa oil against the liver damage induced by Schistosoma mansoni infection in mice


Nymphaea caerulea
Nymphaea caerulea

  1. Lotus-A potential nutraceutical source
  2. Synergistic effect and antiquorum sensing activity of Nymphaea tetragona (water lily) extract
  3. The sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)–phytochemical and therapeutic profile
  4. Evaluation of Anxiolytic and Antidepressant-like Activity of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Nymphaea Lotus Linn. in Mice
  5. Antioxidant constituents of Nymphaea caerulea flowers
  6. The sacred narcotic lily of the Nile: Nymphaea caerulea
  7. Nymphaea cults in ancient Egypt and the New World: a lesson in empirical pharmacology
  8. Protective effects of the aqueous extract of Nymphaea lotus L.(Nymphaeaceae) against ethanol-induced gastric ulcers



  1. MDG-1, a polysaccharide from Ophiopogon japonicus exerts hypoglycemic effects through the PI3K/Akt pathway in a diabetic KKAy mouse model
  2. Hypoglycemic effects of MDG-1, a polysaccharide derived from Ophiopogon japonicas, in the ob/ob mouse model of type 2 diabetes mellitus
  3. Inhibitory effects of ethanol extract from Radix Ophiopogon japonicus on venous thrombosis linked with its endothelium-protective and anti-adhesive activities
  4. Homoisoflavonoids from Ophiopogon japonicus and its oxygen free radicals (OFRs) scavenging effects
  5. Anti-arrhythmic effects and electrophysiological properties of Ophiopogon total saponins
  6. Antithrombotic activities of aqueous extract from Radix Ophiopogon japonicus and its two constituents
  7. Anti-inflammatory homoisoflavonoids from the tuberous roots of Ophiopogon japonicus
  8. Antitumor activity of bacterial exopolysaccharides from the endophyte Bacillus amyloliquefaciens sp. isolated from Ophiopogon japonicus

Oroxylum Indicum
Oroxylum Indicum

  1. Oroxylin A, a constituent of Oroxylum indicum inhibits adipogenesis and induces apoptosis in 3T3-L1 cells
  2. Modulation of liver function, antioxidant responses, insulin resistance and glucose transport by Oroxylum indicum stem bark in STZ induced diabetic rats
  3. Screening of six Ayurvedic medicinal plants for anti-obesity potential: An investigation on bioactive constituents from Oroxylum indicum (L.) Kurz bark



  1. Effects of oxiracetam on neurotransmitter release from rat hippocampus slices and synaptosomes
  2. Enhancement of hippocampally-mediated learning and protein kinase C activity by oxiracetam in learning-impaired DBA/2 mice
  3. Effects of oxiracetam on learning and memory in animals: comparison with piracetam.

Paederia foetida
Paederia foetida

  1. Investigation of the anti-inflammatory effects of Paederia foetida
  2. Antidiarrhoeal activity of the ethanol extract of Paederia foetida Linn.
  3. Paederia foetida Linn. leaf extract: an antihyperlipidemic, antihyperglycaemic and antioxidant activity

Panax pseudo ginseng
Panax pseudo ginseng

  1. Panax notoginseng (Burk.) effects on fibrinogen and lipid plasma level in rats fed on a high‐fat diet
  2. Serum HDL-cholesterol-increasing and fatty liver-improving actions of Panax ginseng in high cholesterol diet-fed rats with clinical effect on hyperlipidemia in man
  3. Effects of wild ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Meyer) leaves on lipid peroxidation levels and antioxidant enzyme activities in streptozotocin diabetic rats
  4. Effects of Panax ginseng root on conditioned avoidance response in rats
  5. Effect of Panax ginseng on testosterone level and prostate in male rats
  6. The effects of Panax ginseng and Spirulina platensis on hepatotoxicity induced by cadmium in rats
  7. Effect of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) on male copulatory behavior in the rat
  8. Ginsenoside Re of Panax ginseng possesses significant antioxidant and antihyperlipidemic efficacies in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats


Passion flower
Passion flower

  1. Behavioural effects of Passiflora incarnata L. and its indole alkaloid and flavonoid derivatives and maltol in the mouse
  2. Possible anxiolytic effects of chrysin, a central benzodiazepine receptor ligand isolated from Passiflora coerulea
  3. Anticonvulsant effects of aerial parts of Passiflora incarnata extract in mice: involvement of benzodiazepine and opioid receptors
  4. Possible involvement of GABAA-benzodiazepine receptor in the anxiolytic-like effect induced by Passiflora actinia extracts in mice
  5. Attenuation of benzodiazepine dependence in mice by a tri-substituted benzoflavone moiety of Passiflora incarnata Linneaus: a non-habit forming anxiolytic
  6. Evidence of anti-inflammatory effects of Passiflora edulis in an inflammation model
  7. Anxiolytic effects of a passion flower (Passiflora incarnata L.) extract in the elevated plus maze in mice
  8. Aphrodisiac activity of methanol extract of leaves of Passiflora incarnata Linn. in mice

Pearl powder
Pearl powder

  1. Effect of nanometer pearl powder on calcium absorption and utilization in rats
  2. Effects of pearl powder extract and its fractions on fibroblast function relevant to wound repair
  3. Effectiveness of Local Oxygen Therapy in Combination with Spreading Pearl Powder in the Treatment of Newborn’s Diaper Dermatitis [J]
  4. Electrospun composites of PHBV/pearl powder for bone repairing
  5. Osteogenic activity of nanonized pearl powder/poly (lactide-co-glycolide) composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
  6. Pearl and mother-of-pearl powder in health-care
  7. Pearl extract enhances the migratory ability of fibroblasts in a wound healing model
  8. The antiaging effects of pearl-powder on mice aging model induced by d-glactose or ozone

Peony root
Peony root

  1. Antidepressant‐like effect of ethanol extract from Paeonia lactiflora in mice
  2. Antiallergic effect of the root of Paeonia lactiflora and its constituents paeoniflorin and paeonol
  3. Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of Paeonia lactiflora Pall., a traditional Chinese herbal medicine
  4. Protective Effect of Extract from Paeonia lactiflora and Astragalus membranaceus against Liver Injury Induced by Bacillus Calmette‐Guérin
  5. Mechanisms involved in the therapeutic effects of Paeonia lactiflora Pallas in rheumatoid arthritis
  6. Antidepressant-like effect of peony glycosides in mice
  7. Paeoniflorin, the main active constituent of Paeonia lactiflora roots, attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice
  8. Effects and mechanisms of extract from Paeonia lactiflora and Astragalus membranaceus on liver fibrosis induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats



  1. Serotonergic properties of β-phenethylamine in rats
  2. The effect of β‐phenethylamine upon spontaneous motor activity in mice: A dual effect on locomotor activity
  3. The serotonin 2C receptor potently modulates the head-twitch response in mice induced by a phenethylamine hallucinogen


  1. Pharmacological effects of phosphatidylserine liposomes
  2. Behavioral effects of phosphatidylserine in aged rats
  3. Chronic treatment with phosphatidylserine restores muscarinic cholinergic receptor deficits in the aged mouse brain


Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

  1. Antinociceptive and antiinflammatory activities of pine (Pinus densiflora) pollen extract
  2. Antiaging effect of pine pollen in human diploid fibroblasts and in a mouse model induced by D-galactose
  3. Effect of pine pollen extract on experimental chronic arthritis


  1. Antidepressant like effects of piperine in chronic mild stress treated mice and its possible mechanisms
  2. Effect of piperine on the inhibition of lung metastasis induced B16F-10 melanoma cells in mice
  3. Cytoprotective effect of piperine against benzo [a] pyrene induced lung cancer with reference to lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system in Swiss albino mice


  1. Antidepressant-like effect of scopoletin, a coumarin isolated from Polygala sabulosa (Polygalaceae) in mice: evidence for the involvement of monoaminergic systems
  2. Protective effects of Polygala paniculata extract against methylmercury‐induced neurotoxicity in mice
  3. Hypoglycemic effect of the rhizomes of Polygala senega in normal and diabetic mice and its main component, the triterpenoid glycoside senegin-II
  4. Cognitive improving and cerebral protective effects of acylated oligosaccharides in Polygala tenuifolia
  5. Effect of Polygala tenuifolia root extract on the tumor necrosis factor-α secretion from mouse astrocytes
  6. Antinociceptive effect of the Polygala sabulosa hydroalcoholic extract in mice: evidence for the involvement of glutamatergic receptors and cytokine pathways
  7. Reinioside C, a triterpene saponin of Polygala aureocauda Dunn, exerts hypolipidemic effect on hyperlipidemic mice
  8. Antinociceptive properties of the hydroalcoholic extract and the flavonoid rutin obtained from Polygala paniculata L. in mice

Polygonatum sibericum
Polygonatum sibericum

  1. Effects of the polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharides on blood glucose in mice and their initial mechanical study [J]
  2. Effects of polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide on learning and memory in a scopolamine-induced mouse model of dementia
  3. Protective effects of Polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide on ovariectomy-induced bone loss in rats
  4. Effects of Polygonatum sibiricum rhizome ethanol extract in high-fat diet-fed mice
  5. Effects of Polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide on the osteogenic differentiation of bone mesenchymal stem cells in mice
  6. A polysaccharide from Polygonatum sibiricum attenuates amyloid-β-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells
  7. Effects of polysaccharides from polygonatum on fatigue in mice [J]
  8. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of Polygonatum sibiricum rhizome extracts


Polyporus umbellatus
Polyporus umbellatus

  1. Combined Effects of Chuling (Polyporus umbellatus) Extract and Mitomycin C on Experimental Liver Cancer
  2. Studies on active substances in herbs used for hair treatment. I. Effects of herb extracts on hair growth and isolation of an active substance from Polyporus umbellatus
  3. Protective effect of Polyporus umbellatus polysaccharide on toxic hepatitis in mice


Polyrhachis ant
Polyrhachis ant

  1. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of total extract and individual fractions of Chinese medicinal ants Polyrhachis lamellidens
  2. Constituents from the edible Chinese black ants (Polyrhachis dives) showing protective effect on rat mesangial cells and anti-inflammatory activity
  3. Micromonospora polyrhachis sp. nov., an actinomycete isolated from edible Chinese black ant (Polyrhachis vicina Roger)
  4. Edible insects in Thailand: nutritional values and health concerns
  5. Inhibitory Effects of Polyrhachis Vicina Roger on Chemiluminescence in Whole Blood and Active Oxygen
  6. Development of Compound Health Drink of Gynostemma pentaphyllum Makino and Polyrhachis vicina Roger
  7. Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of polyrhachis vicina roger protein and graded membrane separation of the antioxidant peptides
  8. Component analysis of black ant (Polyrhachis lamellidens) extracts from supercritical fluid extraction

Poria mushroom
Poria mushroom

  1. Utilization of soybean curd residue for polysaccharides by Wolfiporia extensa (Peck) Ginns and the antioxidant activities in vitro
  2. Characteristic fingerprint based on low polar constituents for discrimination of Wolfiporia extensa according to geographical origin using UV spectroscopy
  3. Comparison of ingredients and antioxidant activity of the domestic regional wolfiporia extensa
  4. Mushrooms as a functional food mediator in preventing and ameliorating diabetes
  5. Mercury in sclerotia of Wolfiporia extensa (Peck) Ginns fungus collected across of the Yunnan land
  7. Study on Active Spleen-Invigorating Fraction of Wolfiporia cocos
  8. Anti-inflammatory effect of triterpene acids from poria cocos


  1. A new one-trial test for neurobiological studies of memory in rats. II: Effects of piracetam and pramiracetam
  2. Amnesia-reversal activity of a series of N-[(disubstituted-amino) alkyl]-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamides, including pramiracetam
  3. Nootropic drugs in Alzheimer’s disease Symptomatic treatment with pramiracetam


  1. Inhibitory effects of resveratrol and pterostilbene on human colon cancer cells: a side-by-side comparison
  2. Low-dose pterostilbene, but not resveratrol, is a potent neuromodulator in aging and Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Pterostilbene inhibits breast cancer in vitro through mitochondrial depolarization and induction of caspase-dependent Apoptosis


  1. Pycnogenol® effects on skin elasticity and hydration coincide with increased gene expressions of collagen type I and hyaluronic acid synthase in women
  2. French maritime pine bark extract (Pycnogenol®) effects on human skin: Clinical and molecular evidence
  3. Endothelium-dependent vascular effects of Pycnogenol


  1. Long-term effects of phosphatidylserine, pyritinol, and cognitive training in Alzheimer’s disease
  2. On the effects of pyritinol on functional deficits of patients with organic mental disorders
  3. Protection of cell proteins against free-radical attack by nootropic drugs: scavenger effect of pyritinol confirmed by electron spin resonance spectroscopy


Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)

  1. Altering pyrroloquinoline quinone nutritional status modulates mitochondrial, lipid, and energy metabolism in rats
  2. Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) producing Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 (EcN) alleviates age associated oxidative stress and hyperlipidemia
  3. Pyrroloquinoline quinone stimulates epithelial cell proliferation by activating epidermal growth factor receptor through redox cycling


  1. Effects of exercise training and antioxidant R-ALA on glucose transport in insulin-sensitive rat skeletal muscle
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Top 10 Benefits
  3. R-ALA 200: What you need to know about this amazing supplement

Rauwolfia Serpentina
Rauwolfia Serpentina

  1. On the use of Rauwolfia serpentina in high blood pressure
  2. Methanolic root extract of Rauwolfia serpentina benth improves the glycemic, antiatherogenic, and cardioprotective indices in alloxan-induced diabetic mice
  3. Hypertension Treated with Rauwolfia canescens A Comparison with Rauwolfia serpentina

Red Asparagus root
Red Asparagus root

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects of Asparagus cochinchinensis extract in acute and chronic cutaneous inflammation
  2. Inhibitory effect of Asparagus cochinchinensis on tumor necrosis factor-alpha secretion from astrocytes
  3. Effect of water extract from traditional Chinese medicines Rehmannia glutinosa, Scrophularia ningpoensis, Asparagus cochinchinensis and Ophiopogon japonicas
  4. Inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-α-induced apoptosis by Asparagus cochinchinensis in Hep G2 cells
  5. Effects of Root and Stem Extracts of Asparagus cochinchinensis on Biochemical Indicators Related to Aging in the Brain and Liver of Mice
  6. Hypolipidaemic and hepatoprotective effects of ethanolic and aqueous extracts from Asparagus officinalis L. by‐products in mice fed a high‐fat diet
  7. Methyl protodioscin from the roots of Asparagus cochinchinensis attenuates airway inflammation by inhibiting cytokine production
  8. The antioxidant effect of Asparagus cochinchinensis (Lour.) Merr. shoot in d-galactose induced mice aging model and in vitro


  1. Hypoglycemic effect of Rehmannia glutinosa oligosaccharide in hyperglycemic and alloxan-induced diabetic rats and its mechanism
  2. Rehmannia glutinosa inhibits tumour necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1 secretion from mouse astrocytes
  3. Effects of Rehmannia glutinosa polysaccharide b on T-lymphocytes in mice bearing sarcoma 180.
  4. Immunoenhancement effect of rehmannia glutinosa polysaccharide on lymphocyte proliferation and dendritic cell
  5. Further pharmacological evidence of the neuroprotective effect of catalpol from Rehmannia glutinosa
  6. Effect of Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch extracts on bone metabolism
  7. Hot water-extracted Lycium barbarum and Rehmannia glutinosa inhibit proliferation and induce apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells
  8. Topical application of Rehmannia glutinosa extract inhibits mite allergen-induced atopic dermatitis in NC/Nga mice



  1. Anti-cancer effects – Activates FOXO3
  2. The anti‐tumor effect of Ganoderma lucidum is mediated by cytokines released from activated macrophages and T lymphocytes
  3. Hepatoprotective effects of Ganoderma lucidum peptides against D-galactosamine-induced liver injury in mice
  4. Novel hypoglycemic effects of Ganoderma lucidum water-extract in obese/diabetic (+ db/+ db) mice
  5. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides enhance the function of immunological effector cells in immunosuppressed mice
  6. Anti‐Inflammatory and Anti‐Tumor‐Promoting Effects of Triterpene Acids and Sterols from the Fungus Ganoderma lucidum
  7. Antitumor and antimetastatic effects on liver of triterpenoid fractions of Ganoderma lucidum: mechanism of action and isolation of an active substance.
  8. Protective effects of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides peptide on injury of macrophages induced by reactive oxygen species.


  1. Calorie restriction-like effects of 30 days of resveratrol supplementation on energy metabolism and metabolic profile in obese humans
  2. Resveratrol exerts anti-obesity effects via mechanisms involving down-regulation of adipogenic and inflammatory processes in mice
  3. Long-term resveratrol administration reduces metabolic disturbances and lowers blood pressure in obese Zucker rats



  1. Adaptogenic and central nervous system effects of single doses of 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside Rhodiola rosea L. extract in mice
  2. Decrease of cyclophosphamide haematotoxicity by Rhodiola rosea root extract in mice with Ehrlich and Lewis transplantable tumours
  3. Antioxidative effects of Cinnamomi cassiae and Rhodiola rosea extracts in liver of diabetic mice
  4. The in vitro and in vivo antiviral effects of salidroside from Rhodiola rosea L. against coxsackievirus B3
  5. The role of humoral factors of regenerating liver in the development of experimental tumors and the effect of Rhodiola rosea extract on this process.
  6. Effect of Extracts from Rhodiola Rosea and Rhodiola Crenulata (Crassulaceae) Roots on ATP Content in Mitochondria of Skeletal Muscles
  7. Adjuvant effects of salidroside from Rhodiola rosea L. on the immune responses to ovalbumin in mice
  8. Experimental immunologyThe influence of Rhodiola rosea extracts on non-specific and specific cellular immunity in pigs, rats and mice


  1. Antidiabetic effect of green rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) extract in cultured cells and type 2 diabetic model KK-Ay mice
  2. Rooibos Tea — 5 Health Benefits
  3. 13 Amazing Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

Rosa Canina
Rosa Canina

  1. Potent anti-obese principle from Rosa canina: structural requirements and mode of action of trans-tiliroside
  2. Effects of rose hip intake on risk markers of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease: a randomized, double-blind, cross-over investigation in obese
  3. Rosehip extract inhibits lipid accumulation in white adipose tissue by suppressing the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma

Royal jelly
Royal jelly

  1. Antifatigue effect of fresh royal jelly in mice
  2. Antioxidative activities of some commercially honeys, royal jelly, and propolis
  3. Antihypertensive effect of peptides from royal jelly in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  4. Antitumor effects of royal jelly (RJ)
  5. Effect of royal jelly on serum lipids in experimental animals and humans with atherosclerosis
  6. Royal jelly has estrogenic effects in vitro and in vivo
  7. The immunostimulatory effect of the recombinant apalbumin 1–major honeybee royal jelly protein–on TNFα release
  8. A potent antibacterial protein in royal jelly. Purification and determination of the primary structure of royalisin.

Salvia miltiorrhiza
Salvia miltiorrhiza

  1. The Efficacy and Tolerability of Adjunctive Alternative Herbal Medicine (Salvia miltiorrhiza and Pueraria lobata) on Vascular Function and Structure in Coronary
  2. Effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza hydrophilic extract on antioxidant enzymes in diabetic patients with chronic heart disease: a randomized controlled trial
  3. Cardiovascular protective effects of adjunctive alternative medicine (Salvia miltiorrhiza and Pueraria lobata) in high-risk hypertension


  1. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the aqueous extract of leaves of Persea americana Mill (Lauraceae)
  2. Antianxiety and antidepressant effects of riparin III from Aniba riparia (Nees) Mez (Lauraceae) in mice
  3. Effects of elevated CO2 on growth and carbon/nutrient balance in the deciduous woody shrub Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume (Lauraceae)
  4. Anxiolytic-Like Effects of (O-Methyl)-N-2,6-dihydroxybenzoyl-tyramine (Riparin III) from Aniba riparia (NEES) MEZ (Lauraceae) in Mice
  5. Cardiovascular effects of Persea americana Mill (Lauraceae)(avocado) aqueous leaf extract in experimental animals
  6. Effects of Persea americana Mill (Lauraceae)(” Avocado”) ethanolic leaf extract on blood glucose and kidney function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
  7. Antifungal effects of ellagitannin isolated from leaves of Ocotea odorifera (Lauraceae)
  8. Antinociceptive effects of (O-methyl)-N-benzoyl tyramine (riparin I) from Aniba riparia (Nees) Mez (Lauraceae) in mice


Saw palmetto
Saw palmetto

  1. Saw palmetto for benign prostatic hyperplasia
  2. Saw Palmetto induces growth arrest and apoptosis of androgen-dependent prostate cancer LNCaP cells via inactivation of STAT 3 and androgen receptor signaling
  3. Saw palmetto extracts potently and noncompetitively inhibit human α1‐adrenoceptors in vitro


Sceletium tortuosum
Sceletium tortuosum

  1. The effects of Sceletium tortuosum in an in vivo model of psychological stress
  2. Pharmacological actions of the South African medicinal and functional food plant Sceletium tortuosum and its principal alkaloids
  3. Acute Effects of Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin), a Dual 5-HT Reuptake and PDE4 Inhibitor, in the Human Amygdala and its Connection to the Hypothalamus
  4. Effects of Sceletium tortuosum in rats
  5. A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Extract Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin) in Healthy Adults
  6. Controlled study of cognition effects of the proprietary extract Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin) targeting phosphodiesterase-4 in cognitively healthy subjects
  7. The effects of Sceletium tortuosum (L.) NE Br. extract fraction in the chick anxiety-depression model
  8. Sceletium tortuosum and depression: mechanisms elucidated


  1. Anti-inflammatory effects of schisandrin isolated from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis Baill
  2. Evaluation of the protective effects of Schisandra chinensis on Phase I drug metabolism using a CCl4 intoxication model
  3. Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of Schisandra chinensis pollen extract on CCl4-induced acute liver damage in mice
  4. Antiproliferative effects of dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans isolated from Schisandra chinensis in human cancer cells
  5. Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Gomisin N, Gomisin J, and Schisandrin C Isolated from the Fruit of Schisandra chinensis
  6. Effect of a Lignan‐Enriched Extract of Schisandra Chinensis on Aflatoxin B1 and Cadmium Chloride‐Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats
  7. Protective effects of dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans from Schisandra chinensis against beta‐amyloid and homocysteine neurotoxicity in PC12 cells
  8. Effect of Schisandra chinensis extract and Ginkgo biloba extract on the pharmacokinetics of talinolol in healthy volunteers



  1. Effect of sesamin supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors in women with rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Novel therapeutic effects of sesamin on diabetes-induced cardiac dysfunction
  3. Effects of sesamin on aortic oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in deoxycorticosterone acetate-salt hypertensive rats.

Shi chang pu
Shi chang pu

  1. Study of antiepileptic effect of extracts from Acorus tatarinowii Schott
  2. Antidepressant-like effects of essential oil and asarone, a major essential oil component from the rhizome of Acorus tatarinowii
  3. Protective effects of volatile oil of Acorus tatarinowii Schott and β-asarone on cardiovascular system
  4. Acortatarins A and B, Two Novel Antioxidative Spiroalkaloids with a Naturally Unusual Morpholine Motif from Acorus tatarinowii
  5. Effect of Acorus tatarinowii schott on ultrastructure and permeability of blood-brain barrier
  6. Beta-asarone, a major component of Acorus tatarinowii Schott, attenuates focal cerebral ischemia induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats
  7. Anticonvulsant and sedative effects of eudesmin isolated from Acorus tatarinowii on mice and rats
  8. The influence of Acorus tatarinowii Schott on level of 5-hydroxytryptamine in brain



  1. Cholesterol-lowering effects of maitake (Grifola frondosa) fiber, shiitake (Lentinus edodes) fiber, and enokitake (Flammulina velutipes) fiber in rats
  2. Influence of heat treatment on the antioxidant activities and polyphenolic compounds of Shiitake (Lentinus edodes) mushroom
  3. Antitumor action of shiitake (Lentinus edodes) fruit bodies orally administered to mice
  4. Inhibition of Human Colon Carcinoma Development by Lentinan from Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinus edodes)
  5. Antitumor effect of virus-like particles fromLentinus edodes (Shiitake) on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice
  6. Antitumor mechanisms of orally administered shiitake fruit bodies
  7. The shiitake mushroom-derived immuno-stimulant lentinan protects against murine malaria blood-stage infection by evoking adaptive immune-responses
  8. Inhibition of growth and induction of apoptosis in human cancer cell lines by an ethyl acetate fraction from shiitake mushrooms



  1. Effects of Shilajit on memory, anxiety and brain monoamines in rats
  2. Effects of shilajit on biogenic free radicals
  3. Shilajit: a review


Snow lotus flower
Snow lotus flower

  1. Anti-tumor-promoting activity of lignans from the aerial part of Saussurea medusa
  2. Bioactive constituents from Chinese natural medicines. XV. Inhibitory effect on aldose reductase and structures of saussureosides A and B from Saussurea medusa
  3. Immunosuppressive constituents from Saussurea medusa
  4. Effect of aggregate size in cell cultures of Saussurea medusa on cell growth and jaceosidin production
  5. Effects of elicitation on jaceosidin and hispidulin production in cell suspension cultures of Saussurea medusa
  6. Optimization of growth and jaceosidin production in callus and cell suspension cultures of Saussurea medusa
  7. Improved cell growth and total flavonoids of Saussurea medusa on solid culture medium supplemented with rare earth elements
  8. Comparison of the anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects of three medicinal plants known as “Snow Lotus” herb in traditional Uighur and Tibetan medicines


Spirit Poria mushroom
Spirit Poria mushroom

  1. Comparison of ingredients and antioxidant activity of the domestic regional wolfiporia extensa
  3. New lanostane-type triterpene acids from wolfiporia extensa


St johns wart
St johns wart

  1. Effects of St. John’s wort on irinotecan metabolism
  2. Effect of Hypericum perforatum (St John’s wort) in major depressive disorder: a randomized controlled trial
  3. St John’s wort for depression—an overview and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials


  1. Chronic administration of sulbutiamine improves long term memory formation in mice: possible cholinergic mediation
  2. Chronic treatment with sulbutiamine improves memory in an object recognition task and reduces some amnesic effects of dizocilpine in a spatial delayed
  3. Effects of the association of sulbutiamine with an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor in early stage and moderate Alzheimer disease


  1. Anti-inflammatory effects of Brazilian ginseng (Pfaffia paniculata) on TNBS-induced intestinal inflammation: Experimental evidence
  2. Suma (Pfaffia paniculata)
  3. Effect of Pfaffia paniculata (Brazilian ginseng) on the Ehrlich tumor in its ascitic form
  4. Effects of oral administration of Pfaffia paniculata (Brazilian ginseng) on incidence of spontaneous leukemia in AKR/J mice.
  5. Cytotoxic effects of butanolic extract from Pfaffia paniculata (Brazilian Ginseng) on cultured human breast cancer cell line MCF-7
  6. Analgesic antiinflammatory action of Pfaffia paniculata (Martius) Kuntze
  7. Antineoplastic effects of butanolic residue of Pfaffia paniculata
  8. Effects of Pfaffia paniculata (Brazilian ginseng) extract on macrophage activity


  1. DM235 (sunifiram): a novel nootropic with potential as a cognitive enhancer
  2. AMPA-receptor activation is involved in the antiamnesic effect of DM 232 (unifiram) and DM 235 (sunifiram)
  3. Structure–activity relationship studies on unifiram (DM232) and sunifiram (DM235), two novel and potent cognition enhancing drugs


  1. Citrus bioactive phenolics: Role in the obesity treatment
  2. Citrus aurantium flavonoids inhibit adipogenesis through the Akt signaling pathway in 3T3-L1 cells
  3. Tangeretin stimulates glucose uptake via regulation of AMPK signaling pathways in C2C12 myotubes and improves glucose tolerance in high-fat diet-induced obese

Terminalia arjuna
Terminalia arjuna

  1. Antioxidant and hypocholesterolaemic effects of Terminalia arjuna tree-bark powder: a randomised placebo-controlled trial.
  2. Salutary effect of Terminalia arjuna in patients with severe refractory heart failure
  3. Hypocholesterolaemic effects of Terminalia arjuna tree bark
  4. Beneficial effects of Terminalia arjuna in coronary artery disease.
  5. Antianginal and cardioprotective effects of Terminalia arjuna, an indigenous drug, in coronary artery disease.
  6. Cardioprotective effect of the alcoholic extract of Terminalia arjuna bark in an in vivo model of myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury
  7. Effect of chronic treatment with bark of Terminalia arjuna: a study on the isolated ischemic-reperfused rat heart
  8. Protective effects of Terminalia arjuna against Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity


  1. Discriminative stimulus and subjective effects of theobromine and caffeine in humans
  2. Differential contributions of theobromine and caffeine on mood, psychomotor performance and blood pressure
  3. Theobromine inhibits sensory nerve activation and cough


  1. In vivo studies on the enhancement of serotonin reuptake by tianeptine
  2. Tianeptine attenuates stress-induced morphological changes in the hippocampus
  3. Pharmacological antidepressive effects and tianeptine-induced 5-HT uptake increase

Tongkat ali
Tongkat ali

  1. Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) on the initiation of sexual performance of inexperienced castrated male rats
  2. Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on sexual qualities in middle aged male rats
  3. The effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on spermatogenesis in estrogen-treated rats
  4. Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on orientation activities in middle‐aged male rats
  5. Effect of 7-day daily replacement of culture medium containing Eurycoma longifolia Jack constituents on the Malaysian Plasmodium falciparum isolates
  6. Cytotoxic effects of the root extracts of Eurycoma longifolia Jack
  7. Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on Libido in Middle Aged Male Rats
  8. In vitro anti-tumor promoting and anti-parasitic activities of the quassinoids from Eurycoma longifolia, a medicinal plant in Southeast Asia

Tremella fuciformis
Tremella fuciformis

  1. The hypocholesterolemic effect of two edible mushrooms: Auricularia auricula (tree-ear) and Tremella fuciformis (white jelly-leaf) in hypercholesterolemic rats
  2. Hypoglycemic effects of exopolysaccharides produced by mycelial cultures of two different mushrooms Tremella fuciformis and Phellinus baumii in ob/ob mice
  3. Effect of Tremella fuciformis on the neurite outgrowth of PC12h cells and the improvement of memory in rats
  4. Inhibition of bacterial quorum sensing-regulated behaviors by Tremella fuciformis extract
  5. Protective effect of polysaccharides isolated from Tremella fuciformis against radiation-induced damage in mice
  6. Optimization of extraction of Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides and its antioxidant and antitumour activities in vitro
  7. Effects of mushroom and herb polysaccharides, as alternatives for an antibiotic, on the cecal microbial ecosystem in broiler chickens
  8. Tremella fuciformis enhances the neurite outgrowth of PC12 cells and restores trimethyltin-induced impairment of memory in rats


  1. The hormonal effects of Tribulus terrestris and its role in the management of male erectile dysfunction–an evaluation using primates, rabbit and rat
  2. Proerectile pharmacological effects of Tribulus terrestris extract on the rabbit corpus cavernosum.
  3. The Effects of Tribulus Terrestris on Body Composition and Exercise Performance in Resistance-Trained Males
  4. Sexual Effects of Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris) Extract (Protodioscin): An Evaluation Using a Rat Model
  5. Aphrodisiac properties of Tribulus Terrestris extract (Protodioscin) in normal and castrated rats
  6. Antihypertensive and vasodilator effects of methanolic and aqueous extracts of Tribulus terrestris in rats
  7. Locomotor effects in sheep of alkaloids identified in Australian Tribulus terrestris
  8. Effect of Tribulus terrestris L. saponin mixture on some smooth muscle preparations: a preliminary study
  9. The protective effect of Tribulus terrestris in diabetes

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail

  1. Anti-tumor effects
  2. Potential for use against human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection
  3. Favorable effects on SOD activities
  4. AMPK ACTIVATION / Prostate cancer protection “We showed that in the presence of PSP, ?-T3 treatment induce a drastic activation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). This was accompanied with inactivation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC), as evidenced by the increased phosphorylation levels at Ser 79. In addition, PSP treatment also sensitized cancer cells toward ?-T3-induced cytotoxicity. Furthermore, we demonstrated for the first time that combination of PSP and ?-T3 treaments significantly reduced the growth of prostate tumor in vivo.”
  5. Anti diabetic effects
  6. Neuroprotection, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, in mitochondrial dysfunctions associated disorders.
  7. Anti-proliferative and anti-metastatic effects
  8. Mimicking of superoxide dismutase activity
  9. Possible prevention of oncogynecological diseases, especially HPV
  10. Positive effects with chronic fatigue syndrome


Turmeric curcumin

Turmeric curcumin

  1. Oral administration of a turmeric extract inhibits LDL oxidation and has hypocholesterolemic effects in rabbits with experimental atherosclerosis
  2. Hypoglycemic effects of turmeric (Curcuma longa L. rhizomes) on genetically diabetic KK-Ay mice
  3. Effects of three dietary phytochemicals from tea, rosemary and turmeric on inflammation-induced nitrite production
  4. Effects of Curcuma longa (turmeric) on postprandial plasma glucose and insulin in healthy subjects
  5. Antioxidative effects of turmeric, rosemary and capsicum extracts on membrane phospholipid peroxidation and liver lipid metabolism in mice
  6. Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Containing a Known Level of Curcumin, and a Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate to Ameliorate the Adverse Effects of Aflatoxin
  7. Effects of turmeric (Curcuma longa) on the expression of hepatic genes associated with biotransformation, antioxidant, and immune systems in broiler chicks fed
  8. Antiatherosclerotic effects of dietary supplementations of garlic and turmeric: Restoration of endothelial function in rats


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  2. The novel nootropic compound DM232 (UNIFIRAM) ameliorates memory impairment in mice and rats
  3. Enantioselective synthesis and preliminary pharmacological evaluation of the enantiomers of unifiram (DM232), a potent cognition-enhancing agent

Venus fly trap carnivora
Venus fly trap carnivora

  1. The action potential of Dionaea muscipula Ellis
  2. Direct cytotoxic effects of preparations used as unconventional methods in cancer therapy in human tumor xenografts in the clonogenic assay and in nude mice
  3. Antimicrobial activity of the carnivorous plant Dionaea muscipula against food-related pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria


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  2. The effects of bromvincamine and vincamine on regional cerebral blood flow and mental functions in patients with multi-infarct dementia
  3. Therapeutic efficacy of vincamine in dementia

Yerba mate
Yerba mate

  1. Yerba Mate Tea (Ilex paraguariensis): a comprehensive review on chemistry, health implications, and technological considerations
  2. Anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects of Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) in C57BL/6J mice fed a high-fat diet
  3. Yerba mate extract (Ilex paraguariensis) attenuates both central and peripheral inflammatory effects of diet-induced obesity in rats

Ziziphus spinoza
Ziziphus spinoza

  1. Effects of Zizyphus jujube Extract on Memory and Learning Impairment Induced by Bilateral Electric Lesions of the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert in Rat
  2. Comparison of the sedative and hypnotic effects of flavonoids, saponins, and polysaccharides extracted from Semen Ziziphus jujube
  3. Identification of bioactive constituents of Ziziphus jujube fruit extracts exerting antiproliferative and apoptotic effects in human breast cancer cells
  4. Antioxidative and hepatoprotective effects of the polysaccharides from Zizyphus jujube cv. Shaanbeitanzao
  5. Effect of jujube methanol extract on the hepatotoxicity in CCl4-treated rats
  6. The protective effect of Zizyphus jujube fruit on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic injury in mice by anti-oxidative activities
  7. Immunomodulating and antioxidant effects of polysaccharide conjugates from the fruits of Ziziphus Jujube on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome rats
  8. Effects of neutral jujube date polysaccharide on the proliferation of rat splenocytes


The price is $350 for 10-20 weeks worth depending on your dosage; you will receive 7 unique formulas in 50g bags labeled Monday – Sunday all at 50:1 concentration.

Each 50g bag = 6 TBS = 72 1/4 tsp. So $350 could potentially last 72 weeks at 1/4 tsp a day.

$100 samples available as well which should last you 4-6 weeks depending on dose.



As with any supplement, consult your medical practitioner prior to using this product if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, other dietary supplements or have a medical condition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Daily Value has not been established

8 reviews for SEVEN SAGES

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tony C

    I can’t say enough about Seven Sages. It’s literally changed my life. I was taking adderall daily and starting to feel like a zombie, I saw a post about this being an alternative so I figured I’d give it a shot. From day 1 I couldn’t be more pleased. The mental clarity, focus and all around happiness it’s brought me was more than I ever hoped or expected. Everyday and blend brings something new and great, from a nice calm energy to a shoot through the roof type of focus and motivation. Ill be a lifelong customer. This is possibly one of the best purchases of my life.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rob Helfrick

    Gavin to me is an intuitive self trained master herbalist I’ve experienced his original interstellar blend which is an amazing overall health tonic I’ve also used trinity over time which is a wonderful universal helper for all that ails the mind body spirit harmonizing the mental emotional body in a way that is unsurpassed by anything I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried it all. It seems he has a relationship to the plant world with herbs that goes far beyond a mere education. Though I have nothing major that has debilitated me recently I’ve read testimonials from people that have and have had unusual if not miraculous results from taking his herbs regularly. I highly recommend his genius to my friends and I believe his products are very universal and can and do help the world at large. We all have a gift to bring to this world and herbalism Is obvious to me is one of his. Thanks Gavin for your contribution to my own journey. <3

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you are willing. You can change your life and experience unimaginable states of being with the help of intermittent fasting and the magic touch of seven sages . My life has taken off like a rocket and I have not slowed down since I have decided to make certain lifestyle changes and the one thing that has been the fuel supply for my trajectory other than the power of will to keep with it is absolutely interstellar blends. I have been taking interstellar blends
    for over a year now and it has helped me to start intermittent fasting and discontinue certain habits like drinking alcohol eating junk food and smoking weed. I feel naturally high all the time, at this point feeling the intoxicating influence of alcohol or weed is just a bummer and has no real positive effects that can’t be equally created by fasting and taking blends daily with literally no side effects . Anxiety and depression are almost non-existent at this point and I am beginning to feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind on because my brain is actually functioning at a desired level and beyond compared to pretty much all the rest of my adult life. These herbs were given to us by nature for a reason and Gavin has put them together in such an elegant and alchemical way that it is truly a blessing to have access to these blends. If I could describe seven sages in just two words it would be without hesitation. (LIFE CHANGING). I highly recommend seven sages with every ounce of my being.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been taking Seven Sages for a couple months now and I definitely think about things that I usually don’t think about. Like remembering a situation and how I was feeling or thinking. Then I’m like ‘why did it bother me so much or why did I even react that way?’ But I’m not filled with regret…I guess you can say these are my aha moments of really learning life lessons and having a better understanding.

    It’s like coming full circle by having this higher sense which allows me to access information and wisdom that otherwise wouldn’t be available through my own rational mind.

    I feel as though my relationships thrive on self-growth and cutting cords of any attachments. With the Seven Sages, I truly embody a state of unconditional self-love. A sense of wholeness and I don’t feel the need to extract love from other people, instead I know I am an infinite source of love. Truly, you become more aware of how strong and powerful your purpose becomes.

    With the Seven Sages I see clearly that we co-create reality through our own thoughts and emotions. And ultimately we are responsible for our own happiness. It takes work to stay in this mental state…after-all positivity always seem an upward hill where negativity can be a downward slope.

    I’m becoming less afraid of other people’s reactions and I try to stay true to myself—although through emotional intelligence, I do try to remain empathetic of those around me without compromising my truth. I find that Seven Sages help keep me on track.

    For now…I’m learning not to take things too seriously. Working on myself and being the master of my own reality without sucking the fun out of life! I think the Seven Sages can awaken your inner child and allow it to thrive. It truly can help you feel energized, inspired and overflowing with creativity.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich Ryan

    This stuff is unbelievable. It’s the perfect herbal blend. Has everything in it, 170+ super herbs, spread out over a 7 day cycle so your body never gets used to it. It is anti-cancer, anti-aging, helps mental clarity, elevates mood, reverses heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Nothing else out there is even close to it. I take this stuff everyday and feel great and know that I’m giving myself the best possible chance to live to 100 years old or beyond! I won’t be dying of cancer, heart disease, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, or anything else thanks to this stuff!
    Thanks Gavin! You’re the Man!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Courtney Taylor (verified owner)

    It’s been a few months now that I’ve taken Seven Sages almost daily, and it is without a doubt my favorite herb blend I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many over the past decade!). I started out at 1/4 tsp daily, but am now at 1 tsp because I want more of it in my body! The combination of 50:1 extracts of the most potent and health promoting tonic herbs on the planet, plus several safe nootropics, and even longevity nutrients like vitamin K2, choline, resveratrol and quite a few others. It is an herb blend, ultra brain booster and a longevity multi-vitamin at the same time.

    I have experienced noticeable changes since I started taking it. Physically I have more energy on a consistent basis, better stamina, and daily intermittent fasting is far easier than before. Mentally, I am considerably more confident and bold, I am sharper and quicker, and I just feel that any problem can be solved and I can have a great time doing it!

    I am about to have to get more soon because I’ve been giving small amounts to my son, and strongly encouraging a couple friends who are staying with me to put it in their morning coffee. I just want people to feel amazing so I don’t mind sharing at all.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rob Helfrick

    Seven sages seems to me has opened channels in my brain that may have been afflicted due to drug use in my long ago past and permanently repaired or rewired them and the different blends for each day of the week really seem to heighten perception in slightly different ways I almost always take it with trinity which greatly compliments the seven sages formula, Thanks Gavin, you do great work.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I needed this so badly and was rushed to me and it is a lifesaver and Gavin is the best person

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