“Hi Everyone

Just wanted to come and leave a quick testimonial on the blends!

I myself have been taking all 9 blends for about 2 months – and feeling so much better! And finally seeing some movement in my weight as well as a huge difference in mood/mental clarity and energy levels.

So when I heard my dad, who has been a type 2 diabetic for over 20 years, was being pressured by his doctor to go on insulin I contacted Gavin for his advice. He suggested Peel and Thermo; my dad started taking them last Friday and has seen an incredible improvement in his numbers in only a week that I had to share with the group and all the new members.

Examples of the difference is his numbers are from as high as around 16 before the blends, and he hasn’t seen a number above 10 all week. Even with numbers as low at 5.5 an hour after eating! This is unheard of for him even while taking his prescribed medications

It’s amazing to see such great results in a short period of time, we are hopeful they will be down to a normal range consistently in no time!”

Lindsay Burnett

“This is an incredible company. Gavin Robert McGowen, Interstellar Blends…. specializes in Chinese herbs. He mixes them for optimal health. I have gone to Chinese healers before and purchased just one small bottle of just one herb for $80. Gavin herb packets contain an incredible amount of herbs mixed together. If you have any health issues or know of anyone with health issues, write him on his Facebook site, Gavin Robert McGowen, and tell him everything you are going through and he will advise you of what products you need to order and how to take them.

Prescription drugs are chemicals with side effects that mask/bandaid the Illness/disease. Most vitamins don’t fix the body either and can cause even more problems if taken wrong. Chinese herbs have been around for thousands and thousands of years healing people. Herbs heal the body even if you are still not eating healthy or not exercising.

Everyone that knows me… Knows I am a very positive, happy, healthy upbeat person. I had neck surgery (bedridden 4 months) and a year later broken foot surgery (bedridden for 3 months) and found that I had no energy, gained weight, labs show high cholesterol for the first time in my life and, also, thyroid problems, was put on many prescription drugs. I started taking Gavin herbs and feel like a million dollars, energy back, feel great again, all my labs are, once again, coming back excellent for 65 years of age. Cholesterol getting good again and no thyroid problems, losing weight.. and no (none) prescription drugs or vitamins in my system… Just the small combination of herbs I take in my coffee every morning and whatever herbs I take at night.

What I really love about his herbs is all the health benefits and how they heal the body. Now for over a year I have been doing a daily fast where I, only, eat/drink one meal midday… A day. Small snack/drink at night. Coffee in the morning. Nothing for the rest of the day. All my labs are excellent… My Doctor said whatever you are doing… Keep doing it.. for 65 years of age… You are in excellent shape!

I really feel Gavin’s herbs have completely straighten out my body after neck surgery/foot surgery/tons and tons of prescription drugs because of surgeries/inability to function/bedridden/weight gain/thyroid/cholesterol issues. And remember I, only, eat one meal (drink)/small snack (drink) a day.

I highly recommend taking Gavin’s herbs for maximum health, clarity, energy, removing illness/disease and removing yourself from prescription drugs. Remember one small bottle of one Chinese herbs can cost $80 (I know this). Gavin’s packets are tons of herbs in one package that he has studied and mixed together for optimal health. The cost is so worth the investment of optimal health, clarity of mind, removal of pharmaceutical drugs and excellent lab reports and feeling incredible again.

Study his site, read all the testimonies (he is healing people of every illness/disease), write him with your concerns (don’t try and figure it out yourself) and start taking his herbs even if you are in good health… (He has herbs for people who eat healthy and exercise daily to increase their health even more). I can’t say enough good things about this company and his herbs products and I highly recommend taking them for an over all feeling of optimal health.

You can’t put a price on health… Without health… Nothing else matters… Nothing! Gavin started studying Chinese herbs when the medical system killed his healthy mother that started having a health problem of just not feeling good. He truly believed that there was a better way than all the prescription drugs, tests, treatments, illness, sickness that we are all going through that don’t make sense.

I have a incredible pantry full of vitamins that I no longer take now that I take his herbs. Give him a try and, especially, pass his site to anyone that is suffering with their health and needs another option other than what they are being sold to them by our medical and pharmaceutical fields.”

Barbara M. Poitras

“Night and day! 6 weeks ago I was virtually housebound and in agony with auto-immune arthritis. Thanks to the genius of Gavin Robert McGowen’s protocol I can do most things I have been unable to do for the past 8 years without crippling pain – actually without any significant discomfort. I’m going on my dream holiday to Florence and Venice at the end of this week and would not have even contemplated undertaking such a trip a few short weeks ago. I take all the blends every day and am just waiting to start Apigenin and ACB. if anyone had told me 2 months ago that my mobility, depression and general feeling of utter hopelessness would be a thing of the past in a few short weeks I wouldn’t have believed them. But here I am – a person transformed. And I’ve lost 16lbs without exercise and kept it off.
To be honest, I’m a cynical, down-to-earth Northern lass who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and can spot a phony at 20 paces! I was very dubious about Interstellar and it’s claims initially but I was desperate and was persuaded by a friend who had read all of Gavin’s posted articles. In fact she paid for my first Peel and Spice blends. And, in the words of The Monkeys, “Now I’m a Believer”!(lol).
Anyway, ridiculously long post but this is my testimony.”

Marlene Brown

“This is a HUGE shoutout to Gavin McGowen!!!
I gifted my Son … with my own “Trinity” Blend, as I felt … he needed it more than me!
It’s what we do … as loving parents, and with great morals and intentions … for loved ones. My Son … was taking it regularly for anxiety and self-esteem. For a little bit … he stopped taking it, as he figured that he no longer needed to. On Sunday … while visiting him, he told me “Mom … I’ve got to get back, on my Blends … the difference, has been like night and day!!!” “I’ve never felt sOooOoo encouraged and hopeful, so confident and alive … while taking “Trinity!” It’s a life changer, the encouragement that brings about change and hope, for my future.” I couldn’t have felt more blessed, than I did at that moment! I can’t quite put into words … my sincerest appreciation to Gavin, for his Blends … but mostly for his love and genuine support, in producing the very best medicine in the most healthy way possible. Please … I wholly encourage ANYONE out there, who wants a better and more productive HEALTHY life … to consider these AMAZING BLENDS!!!
It is very hard to contain the excitement of success, and not wish it for everyone else. PLEASE … at the very least, consider it … and give it a try! I just KNOW … that I will be reading your own proclamation of success, no matter the BLEND … that you choose!
Thank You again GAVIN … “YOU” never disappoint! ❤️❤️❤️“

Trudy Faraci-Keim

“Gavin to me is an intuitive self trained master herbalist I’ve experienced his original interstellar blend which is an amazing overall health tonic I’ve also used trinity over time which is a wonderful universal helper for all that ails the mind body spirit harmonizing the mental emotional body in a way that is unsurpassed by anything I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried it all. It seems he has a relationship to the plant world with herbs that goes far beyond a mere education. Though I have nothing major that has debilitated me recently I’ve read testimonials from people that have and have had unusual if not miraculous results from taking his herbs regularly. I highly recommend his genius to my friends and I believe his products are very universal and can and do help the world at large. We all have a gift to bring to this world and herbalism Is obvious to me is one of his. Thanks Gavin for your contribution to my own journey.”
-Rob Helfrick

“This blend is a potent supercharger of s e x u a l energy! Every aspect of my life benefits when I take it, and my lady partner couldn’t be more satisfied ?
I’ve had 10+ of the most reputable male l i b i d o supplements on the market, but this one is a league above the rest.
Shortly after ingestion, I can feel its pure, potent nutrition being gladly greedily and magnetically pulled in and put to good work.
Not only have my s e x u a l escapades benefited from this blend, but my spiritual practices have been bumped into a higher gear too, as I have more energy to channel up the spine into the higher centers of consciousness.
Supercharge your life!”

“I am a very busy Mom of 4,… 2 are married with children with a total of 6 grandkids from that brood,. and 2 still home 11 & 9 ,. I started out with Interstellar blend,. needed an energy pick me up and to loose those extra pounds that just didn’t want to leave my side ,. What a life changer these herbs have made for me, with in 3 days I noticed a mark able change in the structure of my body, I had curves in the hip area !!! my skin was noticeably glowing and liver spots on my hands starting to fade by day 6 ,. ( nearly all are gone now ,. ) I also “had” a mass that was on my leg quite sizable maybe the thickness of a pencil eraser and the circumference of a dime,. dark brown in color,. I had used Black suave on it once a couple years back it was very painful so I terminated the attempt,. since drinking the Interstellar blend herbs this mass is nearly flat now and extremely smaller in size faded in color to a more pink fleshy color,. ,. I continue to notice changes as I take with the blends,. I sleep better than ever my dreams are delightful ,. my overall attitude about life is different ,. Day 2 I WANTED to go for a walk outside,. I rarely ever want to go outside I just have too much to do , and “had” PTS from trauma after my youngest son was born,. but My mindset has changed I actually follow through with a thought now without spacing off,. and enjoy nature like I used to when I was younger,. This is a wonderful blend would highly recommend to anyone ,. and have My entire family takes the herbs from the oldest down to the youngest.”
-Tina Marie

“I’ve always hated the flavor of Green Tea products, whether it be the tea itself or Green Tea ice cream, crackers, mochi whatever. I’m a chocolate and vanilla person.
But this stuff is great! First Green Tea product I’ve liked. Totally different than the cheap stuff. Great flavor, goes down smooth and gives you energy and calmness. I mix 1/2 tsp of this with 3/4 tbsp each of both Pine Pollen and Original and it blazes my afternoon with energy. Good stuff!”
-Rich Ryan

“I love Thermo! I take a slightly heaping 1/4 teaspoon in the morning with my coffee and it cleans me out and gives me a steady euphoric smooth energy all day long. When I take it I find myself working dawn to dusk getting all kinds of stuff done around the house inside and out. It was real nice having it when I tilled and planted my garden! ? I also add the scoop provided of Shilajit on some days. Also I seem to sleep better when taking it. Nebula is awesome too!”
-Kim Martinez

“You want serious weight loss? Serious stamina to help you push through a workout with stable, relaxed, focused energy?? You want to literally watch the fat melt off of you and feel good while you’re doing it!?
Not to be super cheesy, but this is seriously the product for you, if you do.
I’m a busy single momma, raising my daughter on my own; trying to do it all. I work 50+ hours a week and bellydances twice a week. I don’t have time or money for bullshit that doesn’t work.
Let me just say… THIS …stuff …works. And it feels good in my body. There’s no jittery, hyper feeling. Only good, balanced stamina and power that lasts through my workout and beyond!!
I love this stuff.”
-Shanna Flint

“Trinity puts you on an intellectual plane; it’s truly an o r g a s m of the mind. It’s an enchanting frequency to achieve mind, body and spiritual connection. You get a momentary loss of self; you move beyond the divine and recognize all your chakras as one. Your very being becomes shimmering light, a multitude of sparks joining with a billion stars in the universe above. It’s like growing wings where you defy gravity and your soul slips quietly across the sky like a shooting star.

Trinity infuses me with electric pulses where it starts in my core and then surges through my body and soul. Kind of like a million nerve endings suddenly flashing like exploding fireworks. It’s as though your vision becomes a movie projector in high definition. Nature becomes as perfect as to be distinguishable from reality—as if you are in an astral dimension.

It’s like nothing I have ever experience before in a full conscious state. The exhilarating feeling is clearly undeniable. Any fear, anxiety, and sadness all seem to diminish to the back and nothing but calmness, joy and love simply become dazzling bright.”

– K Fontenot

“With Instersteller herbal blends, I consider these times very exciting to be alive. Every individual just has to try for themselves as I cannot fully articulate what it feels like to be on these, but I’ll try. I got my first blends (Ultimate combo) sometime towards the end of last year and have been fine tuning the dosages and combinations to find what best suites me and it wasn’t until a month or two ago when I upped my dose to ½ tsp once a day with coffee that I finally effortlessly hit the G-spot of my existence
Am like a kid in a candy store and cannot quiet choose one of these blends over the other but if I could only afford one, that would be Trinity.
I get transformed into a super Woman 30mins after taking these each morning and the feeling stays with me all day till about 4 or 5pm when I DECIDE to break and eat my first and last meal of the day. I could go on fasting if I wanted to cos I feel calm, no hunger, and just sweet within. No anxiety, no desire. That I can now effectively and effortlessly go into an 18 to 22 hours fast daily without even a thought, is simply f..cking amazing and the singular most important health enhancing achievement in my entire life. Am now not only saving money by how little I eat but am even more deliberate in the quality of what I choose to eat. Geez!!! Could life be any f…cking better than this??? . I had my 80yr old mum try out my blends and by the end of the day she was speaking in tongues hahaha  this is how incredible this stuff. I just ordered my Intersteller Saven Sages and can’t wait to see what new miracles await me. Life just keeps getting better. In addition to finally getting my mind in a good place, my skin now practically glows all over and my hair seems to be sprouting off my scalp. What more can I ask for?? Thank you Gavin, you are the best. Keep doing you!”
-Laika Evelyn

“This singular blend has fixed more issues for more people than I can count. The FB posts about this blend from people are just incredible! If you have a health or body/mind issue, then it’s very likely that this blend will drastically improve it. If you’re unsure, then send a message and ask! They’re very responsive and take customer service seriously.
This is the highest quality most comprehensive herbal blend on the planet (except for Seven Sages which is still in beta). If you try just one blend this is the one to start with!
No matter how bad a bad day is, it turns into a good day with Trinity. Just 1/8 to 1/4 tsp a day is plenty for most. Helps me to feel calm, clear, buoyant, naturally joyful and light, helps remove those feelings of depression, doom and gloom, where the world is caving in on you.
Tired of life? Every day pretty much sucks? Can’t think, can’t focus, tired all the time, can’t do family time at home or perform on the job anymore? Just wanna get away from everybody and be alone so you can sulk and eat ice cream and watch movies? Then get Trinity and feel joyful and young again! I take Trinity with Thermogenesis everyday, and add Pine Pollen with Supernova or the Original Blend on those days when I really need to rock and roll. Face wrinkles and skin issues are lessening. I look younger and have that inner glow again. No more sallow, tired, wrinkled, energyless, lifeless, deadbeat zombie face anymore. How many people out there look like zombies to you? Like they would rather curl up and die than live? Half if not most? Are you one of them? Tired of it? Then invest in yourself and buy these blends and get the show on the road! These herbal blends combined with 22/2 or 21/3 intermittent fasting are the most valuable life and health improvement tools I’ve ever come across. I’ve been taking these blends for over a year and doing intermittent fasting for a month and it’s the best health change I’ve ever made. It’s anti-cancer too! So stop dilly dallying and just do it! (I’m not a salesmen and have never made a dime from these blends, and don’t want to!)”

“After having taken the original Interstellar Blend for several months (I am a huge fan of tonic herbs and this is my new staple herb blend!), I ordered sample sizes of Trinity and Thermogenesis to use with some fasting I was planning to do. After a little while I hadn’t done the fasts yet, and after a very stressful day I got a tooth infection in a weak tooth. My jaw swelled up and was uncomfortable and painful. I have healed tooth infections before on my own, but it usually takes some time. This time, I decided to go into a deep fasting state (almost a dry fast, but with Trinity and Thermo and minimal amounts of water). I fasted and rested deeply for 44 hours. I was in deep level ketosis halfway into the fast. By the time I finished, the puffy, swollen tooth infection had literally dried up! The autophagy process had eaten up the infected tissue, and my tooth and jaw were back to normal. I know this fast would have been significantly harder if I didn’t have Trinity – I would be having really rough moments, and within several minutes of having Trinity in a little water, my body would feel relaxed and calm, and my brain and nervous system returned to balance and ease. I am going to keep Trinity around and alternate it with my other Interstellar herbs. It has a calming, balancing feeling that helps me ride through daily life challenges with so much more ease.”
-Courtney Taylor

“I think Trinity is my “Go-To” blend. A 1/4 teaspoon 1st thing in the morning and I am alert, focused, grounded and overall calm. I have been battling primary progressive multiple sclerosis for almost 30 years and am a little worn out from this ongoing battle. About a year ago I met Gavin and was introduced to his special blends of herbs. While I am regrouping and regaining my energy to fight again, Trinity has helped me maintain a level ground. This blend works better for me than the blends and acupuncture I received from my Chinese doctor. Trinity is excellent for anxiety, depression, emotional eating, brain fog, to name a few! Thank you!”
-Lori B

“This is one of the first blends I tried from Gavin and I LOVE it.
It makes me brim and hum with clean energy from the cells up.
I am very active, doing gymnastics, climbing, martial arts, and programming, so I need to be at the top of my game mentally and physically all day long.
I invest in the best quality nutrition I can find, and this is no doubt some of the best I’ve ever found!
You won’t regret it.”

“Amazing, amazing, amazing!
Talk about focus, balance and appetite control!! This stuff is amazing. I did the week long dry fast with this and I not only did it (which I thought was impossible beforehand) but I did it WELL!! Trinity made it easy on me. It gave me balanced blood sugars and boosted my mental focus and kept me going strong though the fast!! After the week was done I was down nearly 20 lbs and I felt better afterward than I have felt in years!! I couldn’t have done it without Trinity and Gavin’s guidance! Not only did I get my product right away, but he was there to answer my questions right away and encourage me through the difficult parts.
I am so impressed with this blend and use it regularly now.”
-Shanna Flint

“Gavin I appreciate you and your knowledge with the blends. Every single time I purchase a new blend through your site you never disappoint, I play soccer for a living, and I like to take some Trinity before my games why because I feel like it brings me to the optimum level with my mental focus. Not only is my brain at peak but my body, the muscles can feel the difference as the blood flows through them with the richest of natural herbs. Thanks again for showing the world what your body should feed on.”

-Hector De La O

“As a mental health professional seeking viable alternatives for individuals suffering from a wide range of symptoms including depression, anxiety, trauma and grief, I have yet to find a product more succinct and efficient at calming nerves, promoting clarity and sharpening the senses than the Trinity blend. I have witnessed patients who have struggled with lifelong challenges turn their thinking and actions around in record time as a result of making these herbs a part of their daily regime. I have seen exponential growth in attaining goals, overcoming personal challenges and creating a more healthy, conscious and whole hearted approach to their physical, mental and spiritual wellness.”


C.M.T, LLPC, Ordained Interfaith Minister

Clinton Twp, MI

“I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks most of my adult life. I took daily meds to control it. After starting Trinity, I slowly eased myself off them and am doing great! Normally if I was even late taking my anxiety meds I’d be able to feel it coming on. But, since I’ve been on Gavin’s herbs I  stopped my anxiety without meds. I have so much more control over my mind, body and soul! Trinity is a Godsend!”


Amarillo, TX

“I have been suffering with gout for over 7 years, at first it would come and go sporadically (after taking NSAID’s ), then around 2 years ago I started to get attacks frequently and when I say frequently I mean 2-3 times a week. It got to the stage I would have to take 210 mg at the first ‘twinge’ otherwise i would run the risk of not waking up and not being able to walk. BTW doctors recommendation is 150 a day. I stumbled upon Gavin’s Interstellar website off a Facebook group, since starting with Trinity, Shilajit and Thermo once in the morning in my black Coffee I have had no gout at all!! In addition to the Gout about a year ago I started having knee problems that turned out to be ligament tears and would keep me awake at night. Since the herbs my pain has reduced by at least 70% I no longer rely on taking sleeping pills to make sure I sleep through the night. These herbs are nothing less than a miracle!! I have also sent my Mum some (she lives in England with all sorts ofhealth problems and wait with baited breath on her pain relief). Gavin is an inspiration and motivational Genuis who belies his 44 years and is living proof these work!! Try the herbs, what you gotta lose? Pills from a doctor that make your stomach bleed and puts you at higher risk of liver and kidney damage?”


Hong Kong, China

“Before the  Holidays last year I was really feeling bla ,sluggish and tired, I was not happy. Then I crossed paths with Gavin Robert McGowen and with the help of his post and videos I just had to order the Interstellar Blends and I also got off the sugar and carbs and I felt like a kid again . I felt so good, I was clear headed and I felt so happy and I had so much energy , and a child like joy I haven’t felt in ages ,Not to mention I went from 159-139 in a lil over a month with out even trying . I’ve learned so much from you Gavin and I’ve dry fasted a couple times and I continuing to learn more and more about how to treat my body and live life to the fullest . I’ve never felt so positive in my life . Im so great full to God for guiding me to cross paths with You  and your Blends. Change my Life for the better in so many ways. Thanks again for everything you do”


Dana Point, CA

“I have a lot of fears and insecurities that I am working on. I use a certain method to release my fears. I will never forget the first time that I took Thermogenesis. I went to work to release my fears and realized that I did not have any. I did not have a care in the world. People could do and say things that used to upset me and I was immune. Another amazing thing about Thermogenesis is that it ignited my metabolism. For a while, I played around with a vegan diet and then a fruitarian diet. BIG MISTAKE! My body was never the same after that. I started gaining weight I could not stop. No matter what I did, I could not seem to lose weight. I do my best to follow Gavin’s diet plan and incorporate the blends, in particular, Thermogenesis, and the weight is falling off.  Yesterday was my first time taking Trinity. When I got up this morning, I was excited about life.  When I consistently take the blends, I am in a perpetual state of bliss and feel gratitude for everything. This is how life should be. Many thanks and love to Gavin for helping me live life the way it should be lived!”


Fairfax, VA

“I am a fighter. Those who know me well, know that life has thrown me some real shit-tests… But I ALWAYS pull MYSELF out of whatever shit has been dealt… without asking for help. My baby sister calls me her hero. The strongest person she has ever known.

This  year (I’m 43) it became harder, when the shit storm hit! And I’m not whining, or complaining. I am simply stating the facts.  I broke away from a really bad two year relationship, my self esteem was at it’s lowest point… something I was not used to… I left an AMAZING job to be with my mom, who has cancer… and when I came back, I took a job quickly… and left it 6 months later because of severe hostility from one of the other employees.  That was six months ago… This is NOT a “feel bad for me” sob story… just the facts. Everything in life is a lesson, to make us better.  About a month and a half ago, I think I had a nervous breakdown.  Im sure I have never cried THAT hard, for that many straight hours ever!!!  I was facing eviction, possibly losing my car and I had no support system.  I am used to over-coming… so I really couldn’t grasp this new desperation.  It FUCKING SUCKED!!  I had passed the point of what I could handle at that point. There was no light at the end of the tunnel… there was no safety net… there was no where to turn… so I started thinking dark and desperately.

I reached out to Gavin Robert McGowen after seeing some of his posts about how his herbs can help pull you out of the funk… and even though I know how much he hates crybabies and depressedoids… I also felt that for some reason it was meant to be that we somehow were connected… and I still had this tiny spark in me… one that said “Don’t you dare fucking give up bitch!!”  I started the herbs, then stopped to get through holidays (I.e. Drinking and bad food) then started them again… and I can honestly, and with every ounce of “spark” that I thought I had fucking lost, say…THESE HERBS WORK!!!  I notice a difference when I don’t have them just for a few days… and then when I have them… I am SUPER WOMAN!  Full of energy and hope!

I have been putting a more positive vibe into the universe…and it is coming back around!  I start a new job next week.  I am back on the “UP-SWING! ”

Thank You Gavin and to your Interstellar Blends!!”


Boca Raton, FL

“It’s so hard to believe that just two months ago I started the blends.  I went from 60mg of prozac a day for over 12 years  to 0 mg a day!!!!  I was deeply depressed, I couldn’t hardly function,  to thriving!  I feel alive, alert, engaged, as where I felt the life was leaving my body. What I had sought in Dr’s & Rx’s for anxiety & depression I have found in Trinity! I feel exactly how I AM SUPPOSED TO FEEL!!!! HAPPY”


Canton, NC

“Trinity and thermo has given me the fucking confidence and energy and realisation that i can do all these things and focus on positivity for myself and the few others that do the same for me, MY thoughts matter and the things that i want and love matters more than any fucking negative idiots i thought i had to deal with. the world is nothing but a canvas that YOU paint on if you simply stop thinking that anything has power over you and your life, and pick up the fucking brush and start painting what your life should be like because its under your control and your perception not others or their opinions or negativity or stupidity, suddenly you realise life has nothing but positivity and precise manifestation for you as long as you put yourself up and not anymore have to deal with shitty unchangable pessimistic idiots who make their world just as shit as they are just because theyre your ‘friends’ or relatives and family. Existence is nothing but what you make it to be, and now i have the fucking confidence to apply myself into it and not deal with anything that goes against my grain!”


Auckland, New Zealand

“After a year of following Gavin’s Facebook database, watching testimonials, reading up on the ingredients in these herbal supplements, and watching videos about dry fasting, I eventually became mentally ready to ease my way into self-experimentation. I tried dry fasting with prep alone and felt spiritually and mentally refreshed. I decided to try Trinity alone (at first) after researching the ingredients and reading many awesome testimonials. The first time I took it, I noticed an extra burst of clarity, focus, and peace. Two weeks later I started to notice I had not experienced my seldom spouts of anxiety and depression. (I’m typically a happy, funny, upbeat person, but do have moments). I’ve known it  had to with nutritional deficiencies. I could not recall having the “bad” moments and it took me a bit to connect the dots because I didn’t suffer from severe issues anyway. In general, I was simply HAPPIER. I used to smoke cigarettes off and on. Right before Trinity I was having 1-2 daily. Not until I realized that I lost a pack of cigarettes that the urge disappeared without a  struggle! Trinity keeps me in a deeper state of  mind and body than prior to it, so I assume it is why every time I notice I’m healthier, Trinity pops into my head…like my afflictions became epiphanies, rather than struggles! Amazing. I get a cold like clockwork this time of year, and have been around several sick people. That suffrage was skipped and I am convinced the factors are the herbal essentials in Trinity. My skin is clearer. I could go on but this a testimony on my behalf, not a biography! My next step is combining it with dry fasting. Do your research, apply it to yourself, and get ready to thrive. I’m still on my way. We have the key!”


McDonough, GA

“I haven’t suffered from anxiety or depression in quite some time, and I usually feel pretty darn great.  That said, since I received my 7 day challenge pack at the beginning of the year, and have been sampling the herbs, I’ve been insanely productive! I’ve had a job interview,  I’m 1/3 way through an intricate art project, I’ve cleaned and organized my garage, and my studio, and am ready to start painting it a fresh new color.

I’m on fire!”


Austin, TX

“A close friend of mine lost over 30 pounds by dry fasting along with a few different blends, using Gavin’s instructions. She had high praise for the herbs, so I started reading into them and decided to try Trinity.  After 4 days of taking ~3/8th tsp of Trinity in the mornings with coffee, I feel generally calmer and more positive,  more focused and able to complete tasks, and have noticeably improved digestion. It has really been too short of a time to even convince myself – everyone wants to believe they can find a relatively cheap cure for tons of their problems.  But based so far on the experience of a close friend, my positive interactions in dealing directly with Gavin, and my very limited time of taking it myself, my skepticism is fading.  And I’m feeling great.”


San Diego, CA

“All I can say if you have doubts about Trinity like I did erase them from your mind. Within hours of taking this blend my energy level shot up and my mind seemed more clear. I also found myself being able to have conversations with coworkers that usually get under my  skin within minutes. Gavin has really struck gold here!! Love this product!!”


Minot, ND

“I have been taking Interstellar Blend since the original formula. There are so many benefits to taking the blends, I don’t know where to begin. When I started taking the blends I could tell a difference within hours. The first day, I just felt better in general, I seemed to have more energy, improved mental clarity and focus. Within a few days, I definitely noticed an increase of steady energy and also noticed I was less anxious. My work out improved and I also slept better at night. Since I have started taking the blends, these are my long term improvements; I no longer have anxiety (was daily) or depression (few times per year), my blood pressure has gone down, my vision has improved, I retain muscle mass easier, I look younger, and I have a new found rejuvenated energy and youthful vitality. Heres a benefit I sometimes forget about, I used to get cramps from nerve damage as a residual affect from chemo therapy and radiation treatments (I am a stage 4 cancer survivor…13 years out). When I would get anxious or nervous, my jaw and tongue would cramp up and I wasn’t able to speak. It was quite embarrassing and also very painful. I cannot remember the last time I cramped up and that’s a good thing! When I first found IB, I felt right away it was something special, but I had no idea there were so many positive benefits. You are only a by-product of what you put into yourself, no matter where you are currently on the health spectrum the blends will simply help elevate you to a higher level.”


Twin Lakes, WI

“Just would like to share I had been on pharmaceutical medication for over 5 years, June last year the doors open for me to have natural medicine then just over 2 weeks ago I started on Intersteller Blend ,I ordered your ultimate combo package.  Well what can I say I am alive, I feel bloody amazing such a polar opposite to where my body, mind and emotions were.  So amazing just a true connection to oneself -Balance.  The best investment I have ever spent on myself.  All our life we search and spend trying to find true connection to oneself, to feel that bliss within.  Well I can truly say these natural herbs work.  I am living it.  They are the real deal. Thank you so much!”


Gunnedah, New South Wales

“Trinity has made a difference in my life. It along with all the positive post from Gavin and the people in that group. I used to take Zanax  every day. Since being in Trinity it’s been 9 months since I took it. For anyone that experiences anxiety or  depression it is worth it to try it. For some it’s not an overnight fix all, but give it time. I may have a moment now and then but I used to have many sometimes on a daily basis. The problem with Zanax and other pharmaceuticals you become dependent on them not with the blends. I’m grateful that I  was introduced to these herbs by Gavin.  Thanks”


Austin, TX

“I have been fasting for years, and began dry fasting at some point. Trinity is one of the greatest aids to not only fasting but life in general. It dissipates hunger and drowsiness, and makes you feel like a million bucks. Its opens all your senses and generally puts you in a state of clear and manageable euphoria. This blend is one of the most versatile and use full combinations I have ever come across, the benefits to body and mind are almost too many to mention. It’s a nootropic, a rejuvenator, a mood enhancer and a relaxer. All anxiety depression are history with this stuff especially when combined with dry fasting. It is also an appetite suppressant that actually works…..”

“Thermo has aided my weight loss and blood sugar control, being insulin resistant means that too many carbs can have a devastating effect on my energy and weight, and I have definitely felt that thermo aids with that…..”

“Nebula is dangerously good stuff, providing inner strength, clarity and rejuvenation. I find this has helped my workouts so much and also life in general. Not being a very assertive person, this has definitely helped me sort that out. Be careful not to take to much as drive can turn into aggression. But in the right doses this turns you into a force of nature, a driven focused machine, ready to take on anything and anyone who stands in your way. For workouts, it has helped my recovery significantly, and my drive to exercise, not in an angry way but a calm focused way. It has also removed anxiety and depression. S e x drive through the roof, virility through the roof. Nebula is the magic bullet to bring out the primal.”

“Gavins products are in a league of their own, the quality, prices and work ethic is all 10/10. It is always an absolute pleasure to do business with Gavin, and I would highly recommend all his products to anyone who wants to live a better life…..”


Pretoria, South Africa

“My journey for optimal began many years ago. I have tried more products than most and have been at it now for 58 years. I became acquainted with Gavin a number of years ago through his writings and posts on fasting and bio-hacking us humans.  Gavin reignited my passion for optimal potential and I just had to meet this guy in person, so I took a trip to Austin Texas and sat down for lunch with this unique individual, we discussed our mutual love of all things in human potential and optimal living. This was prior to him launching Interstellar Plan or his creation of the blends.

So, I have been here from the beginning and have used or tried almost all of his blends. Each was a building on the successes of the past and not one of his blends have disappointed.  I am presently taking Trinity, SuperNova, and Thermo, with adding in some pine pollen, shilajit and his most excellent Matcha green tea.  I can work a full day of hard labor, for me its a labor of love working in my gardens, building furniture and running a commercial mushroom farm.  I highly suggest if your looking to up your game, you have come to the right spot.”

—Robert Patrick

Master Gardener / Master Naturalist

Cold Spring, TX

“So I’ve had tremendous benefits from taking Gavin Botanical herbal blends.  My entire endocrine system and nervous system was really screwed up from some long-term water fasting

(21 days) followed by some intense hot yoga that I did a few years back!

After discovering all the research that Gavin has tirelessly put together and implementing quite a few of his protocols I’m happy to say that anxiety and depression I struggled with for so long have lifted.  If you’re thinking about getting on the 7-Day Interstellar challenge think no more.  What Gavin has to offer works and it doesn’t turn you into a zombie like the Pharmaceuticals do.  Good luck!”


San Diego, CA

“I can definitely tell the difference on days I take the Trinity. My mood is more balanced and I have waaaay more stamina. I always like to do double the dose on days when my job requires more physical endurance from me.”

—Joy Mollnar

San Antonio, TX

“For a few years now, I have been experiencing fatigue, depression, and full blown anxiety episodes. By episodes I mean beyond mental thoughts of woe, actual physical manifestations of heavy breath, pain in chest and even falling down on the ground and curling into a ball. This was alarming to me, because the only solutions that were available was the pharmaceutical d r u g s. D r u g s was not an option for me. I am straight edge, that is to say a very natural person. As much as it is within my ability to do so, I consume cruelty free, natural, organic, non GMO foods. For a short time I was even Vegan.

I sought out the council of doctors and ran some tests, but my resolve was to have a natural solution. I have suffered for years with no ease.

Gavin, the creator of Interstellar Blends became a specific interest to me because they are all natural. I had a few brief conversations with Gavin beyond the usual social media chatter on a more serious note aboutA my circumstance. He sent me Trinity to try. I thought what the heck? I put a small measured amount in my coffee and went about my day and my week. I noticed a considerable amount of ease and difference. The first notation was more energy. I was able to put in a full day, thus creating a more productive week for my personal and business. I did not take my usual nap. I had clarity of thought as in, if I misplaced something, within seconds I could recall where I left it, instead of my usual frantic panic re tracing my steps. The most significant result was my relief from anxiety. I did not experience one attack or episode in seven days. I must note that I did have thoughts, but they did not take hold of me…they were fleeting, moments and then I regained my composure and didn’t loose myself. My overall moral and spirit is lifted as well. I can’t wait to try all of the other blends and even embark on the 7 Day Challenge everyone is talking about. If you are experiencing anxiety and depression, confusion, and want a natural solution with herb healing, I encourage you to give Interstellar a try. And tell them Chelleby Starr sent you!”

—Chelleby Starr

St Louis, MO