February 6, 2017
February 6, 2017


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ORIGINAL 20:1, SUPERNOVA 50:1 & NEBULA 200:1​​


“THE MUSHROOM OF IMMORTALITY” Liver Regeneration, Neuroprotector, Anti Cancer, AMPK activator, mTOR inhibitor

“THE HERB OF IMMORTALITY” Combats Aging, Strengthens Heart, Lifts Spirits, AMPK activator

“DESTROYER OF WEAKNESS” Contains All Trace Minerals & the Critical Fulvic Acid – 2nd only to DNA in Importance

​”DIAMOND OF THE FOREST” ” THE GIFT FROM GOD”  Super Antioxidant, Supports Overall Health, Anti Stress, Anti Aging

“SIBERIAN GINSENG” Memory Booster, Anti Stress & Fatigue

​”THE GOLDEN ROOT” Mood Enhancer, Combats Anxiety & Depression, mTOR inhibitor

Wild Ginseng
​”KING OF HERBS” Anti Stress & Fatigue, Promotes Strength & Endurance, AMPK activator

​”SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTER” Improves Energy, Promotes Longevity, Anti Aging, Builds Qi, Preserves Telomere Length, mTOR inhibitor

“HERBAL TONIC SUPERSTAR” Boosts Energy & Improves Oxygen Utilization, Increases Endurance

​”THE HERB THAT DOES IT ALL” Boosts Memory & Alertness, Supports All Organs & Bodily Functions, Relieves Fatigue

Polyrhachis Ant
“HERB OF KINGS”  Dramatic Increase in Strength & Power, Speeds Workout Recovery

Red Asparagus Root
“THE FLYING HERB” Elevates Mood, Promotes Deep Sleep, Lung Tonic – Increases the Lung’s Ability to Extract Qi (life force) from Air

Enhances Mood, Protects Urinary Tract, Increases Sperm Count, Restores Vigor, Vitality & Stamina

Tongkat Ali
​”MALAYSIAN GINSENG” Normalizes Blood Sugar, Reduces Cortisol, Stabilizes Hormones, Builds Deep Strength

​DESERT GINSENG “THE STALK ENLARGER” Increases Vitality, Anti Aging, Builds Deep Strength, Promotes Healthy Colon Function

Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Super Brain & Memory Booster, Stimulates Nerve Growth, Boosts Intelligence & Concentration

Deer Velvet Antler
Increases Energy, Endurance, Stamina, Muscle Growth & Overall Vitality, Tonifies All Three Treasures,

He Shou Wu
Promotes Longevity, Improves Fertility, Historically Revered to Slow Gray Hair, Provides Deep Primordial Energy, mTOR inhibitor

“THE BEAUTY HERB” Makes Skin Moist, Radiant & Glowing, Aids Digestion, Lowers Blood Sugar, Improves Eyesight

​INCREASES NITRIC OXIDE Phenomenal for Cardiovascular System, Balances Hormones, Releives Sore Joints, Skeletal Health

Blood Tonic & Purifier, Restores Adrenals & Improves Kidney Function, Relieves PMS Symptoms, Improves Circulation of Blood in Brain

Nettle Root
Protects Prostate, Optimizes & Regulates Hormones

Pine Pollen
POWERFUL SUPERFOOD, Hormone Balancer, Powder of Youth!

Mucana Pruriens
BRAIN TONIC, Promotes Strong Mental Health, Supports Positive Mood, Increases Dopamine, Prevent Parkinsons

​Nourishes Vitality, Combats Stress, Super Qi Tonic, Relieves Chronic Fatigue, Promotes Mental Sharpness & Memory, Immune Booster

​Builds Jing, Tonifies Kidneys, Relieves Lower Back & Knee Pain Issues, Reduces High Blood Pressure

Ajuga Turkestanica
Builds Rapid Muscle, Increases Strength, Dramatically Reduces Workout Recovery Time, Contains the Powerful Ecdysterone: Turkesterone

Catuaba Bark
Mood Support, Protects Brain, Enhances Vitality, Powerful tonic or Men & Women, Relieves Depression

Note: Optimal dosage of Original 20:1 strength is 1-6 tsp a day. There are approx 360 tsp per kilogram. 



As with any supplement, consult your medical practitioner prior to using this product if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, other dietary supplements or have a medical condition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Daily Value has not been established


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4 reviews for THE ORIGINAL

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Courtney Taylor

    I have been a tonic herb enthusiast for over 10 years, and have (obsessively at times) studied the many-thousand-years-old Chinese/Taoist herbal traditions, as well as Ayurvedic herbal philosophies, and living in the West have had hands on experience wildharvesting/growing/processing the tried and true Western herbs. I have used the best of the best quality tonic herbs from the best companies around. Interstellar Blend is in this top notch category – right up there with the best of the best. The main reason it is now my staple choice for tonic herb extracts is because it is a better value for the $ than other comparable quality herbs, and I LOVE that it comes in powder form instead of capsule form, because I much prefer adding it directly into my coffee, tea or elixirs. Another reason is it contains all of the most powerful tonics in one formula! It also tastes great – some tonic herb extracts are horribly bitter. This blend is pleasantly earthy tasting, and I actually can hardly taste it in coffee or tea with a bit of stevia and coconut oil or butter.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve tried all sorts of different tonic blends, but this one takes the cake.
    It is the most precious powder in my kitchen, and always makes me feel amazing, like I’m tapping into gaian cosmic divine super energy!
    This is the first blend which got me hooked on the quality of Interstellar’s products, and I will definitely be back for more.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tina Marie

    I am a very busy Mom of 4,… 2 are married with children with a total of 6 grandkids from that brood,. and 2 still home 11 & 9 ,. I started out with Interstellar blend,. needed an energy pick me up and to loose those extra pounds that just didn’t want to leave my side ,. What a life changer these herbs have made for me, with in 3 days I noticed a mark able change in the structure of my body, I had curves in the hip area !!! my skin was noticeably glowing and liver spots on my hands starting to fade by day 6 ,. ( nearly all are gone now ,. ) I also “had” a mass that was on my leg quite sizable maybe the thickness of a pencil eraser and the circumference of a dime,. dark brown in color,. I had used Black suave on it once a couple years back it was very painful so I terminated the attempt,. since drinking the Interstellar blend herbs this mass is nearly flat now and extremely smaller in size faded in color to a more pink fleshy color,. ,. I continue to notice changes as I take with the blends,. I sleep better than ever my dreams are delightful ,. my overall attitude about life is different ,. Day 2 I WANTED to go for a walk outside,. I rarely ever want to go outside I just have too much to do , and “had” PTS from trauma after my youngest son was born,. but My mindset has changed I actually follow through with a thought now without spacing off,. and enjoy nature like I used to when I was younger,. This is a wonderful blend would highly recommend to anyone ,. and have My entire family takes the herbs from the oldest down to the youngest ,.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich Ryan

    This is the blend that started it all! Supernova is the first blend I tried, which is a stronger 50:1 version of this blend. For some reason I like the Original the best, feels like I get a more full spectrum effect. Although Supernova is great too. My current favorite concoction is 3/4 tbsp of Original, 3/4 tbsp of Pine Pollen and 1/2 tsp of Matcha. Really blazes my afternoon with energy. Great blend!

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