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Interstellar Blend Glucose Blocker Natural SGLT1 SGLT2 Inhibitor





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“I’ve been using Interstellar Blends regularly for almost 6 years now (I bought my first bag of Original blend in 2016!), and have been so consistently impressed by the very noticeable results that I have not gone back! As a little background, I have been heavily into health study and herbalism for about 20 years, and have experimented with herb extracts (especially from the Chinese and Ayurvedic systems) from many companies, always with small to moderate favorable results… however, Interstellar blends blow everything else I’ve had out of the water! I don’t want to wonder if something I’m taking is working… I want to feel it immediately, and see long term results happen in no uncertain terms.

For the first few years I mainly enjoyed Original, Trinity, Seven Sages, Peel and Spice. This year I added in a lot of blends I had not previously tried (or extensively used), including Rewire, Niagra, Plush, Super Tonic Hair, Hypnotic, Nebula (which I had some previous experience with), and Victorious anti viral blend. All of these have been noticeable, but I feel like for my personal needs, the blends that have changed my life the most dramatically in the past several months have been Rewire and Nebula. I have a two year old who is still breastfeeding, and have had sleep issues for the past few years due to pregnancy and then being woken up by a baby/toddler several times per night. Even when she started sleeping better, it was like my nervous system was still wired to jolt awake in the night, and not be able to get back to sleep. I tried many supplements, herbs and food strategies for this, and nothing really made much difference, until I started taking Rewire, especially when I upped my dose from 1/8 tsp once daily to 1/8 tsp twice daily. I started sleeping so deeply and fully, like my nervous system unwound its previous pattern of waking up and feeling wired during the night. I am now regularly having the best sleeps I’ve had in years. The Hypnotic blend is also excellent, and I take it almost every night, but it was Rewire that really changed this pattern for me.

All the blends I’m taking have really improved my mental clarity, energy levels, and “feel good” neurotransmitters. I am not at all overweight, but I have lost a few pounds just because I feel more satiated and functional on less food than before, and am able to fast for longer periods even though I’m still breastfeeding. My body just feels a lot better overall. To elaborate more on the combination of Rewire and Nebula, and why they’ve had such a profound impact on me: overall, I am a very confident person in almost every way. However, I’ve lacked confidence in one specific area — driving a car, especially on highways — for many many years, due to traumatic experiences of having random panic attacks in those situations, which made me lose trust in myself and my body. It has affected me to the point where I lost the ability and desire to drive myself anywhere for many years, which has restricted my freedom/opportunities, social connections, and personal happiness. Once I started taking Rewire and Nebula consistently, I have been retraining myself, ‘rewiring’ my own mental and emotional capability to drive (my physical ability to do it is already great), and have done more driving in the past couple months that I had in the prior ten years! I’m not all the way there yet, but I am making steady progress!

I love these herbs, and feel like they’re my secret weapon!!”


—Courtney T


“Where do I even begin??
First I would like to say Thank You to Gavin and all of his team for the Amazing Products, Shipping and customer service they provide!
These Products have improved my whole life…in such a short time! He is the real deal, you can tell him your ailments or what you want to get better at (such as confidence or no anxiety, etc) and he can match you with the best Blends to help you!!

I have Psoriatic Arthritis and its been getting worse and worse, but luckily Gavin has a Blend for that. 😉 I signed up to do 30 days with the Pain Blend Prototype along with several other blends; happy to say the pain has went away! This alone will make me a customer for LIFE. I am off all of my pain medications for arthritis (which only masked the pain and made me so sick), and replaced it with this particular blend! Its amazing!

My parents say they see such a difference in me! My moods are better and my mom said she can just “hear in my voice” how much better I am feeling.

These Blends are truly a LIFE SAVER. I can’t wait to see all the new and exciting things that will be coming out in the next few years.

YOU owe it to your mind and body to start these Blends and live an Interstellar Life!!”


—Jenny C

“These herbs are very phenomenal! I recommend it to anyone who is trying to better their life in every way. 3 months ago, I suffered from a severe concussion. My post-concussion symptoms were very bad brain fog. I also felt very disconnected from reality to the point that I did not feel I was really there. Another symptom I got was poor mental clarity, so I was unable to understand what people were saying most of the time which was very awful.

I then started following Gavin on Twitter and I found out that there was a new blend called REWIRE: TOTAL BRAIN RESET. He said it can help with brain fog, so I gave it a try. The first day that I tried the herbs it gave me a sense of euphoria and I was very happy throughout the day which was great. I never felt that happy in my life.

After a month of taking REWIRED my brain fog was clearing up and now, I was starting to think more clearly;  it was OUTSTANDING! I was able to now understand people more clearly which was PHENOMENAL. After taking REWIRED it boosted my mind by 100X it was great. I was able to think more better way before I even had my concussion which is EXTRAORDINARY! If you just recently had a concussion I HIGHLY recommend you to give it a try it will DEFINITELY help you and the results will be far from expected. If anyone wants a sharper and clearer mind than ever before give it a TRY the results WILL be outstanding. Thanks again Gavin for the hard work and restless nights you put towards these blends to change people’s lives.”


—Carlos B

“This is my review for Rewire. However I am also taking Victorious, Trinity, Spice, Peel, & Glucose Blocker all together at least twice a day sometimes 4 times a day.

At first Rewire was giving me headaches so I only took half the dose or at night just before bed. The headaches were only present until my body first purged all the heavy nastiness in my body. It felt like it was going in, and uprooting the heaviest weeds so I could start to heal & see more clearly.
Slowly my life has been starting to turn around.
My whole perspective on life is no longer talk, but actions too!
I have very little desire for smoking weed now almost none, thank God cause it’s so draining & foggy. With the right blends I don’t think weed or anything is ever needed!
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003, so I got hooked on smoking weed to relieve pain, and just numb myself.
I also noticed I was able to give up having honey with my blends! Now I’m like, “Bring it baby!” I am ready to mostly give up food and live on Blends! They are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!
I have to be honest though I’ve been taking many of the different Blends for over two years now, and I feel like an absolute fraud!
Yes my reviews were honest, but I was totally missing out, because I wasn’t fasting with them fully! Meaning completely replacing my food with blends instead of eating, for at least a few days.
So everything turned around, when I went through a rough patch with my boyfriend recently, and ended up in total mental funk, heartache, anxiety, fear, stupidity & more. But that’s actually what saved me, because I couldn’t eat, or sleep at all for three days to start.
All I could do was take blends.
By some miracle I was aware enough to reach for them and trust. After day one absolutely zero headaches at all from Rewire I was even able to up the dose to double!
I truly could feel the full impact of what living on blends does for you!
They are miracles!
I feel like I’m 13 years old again, I started my period at 11, so yeah 13.
Everyday more pain leaves my body.
I’m able to do stuff without so much mental stress, let go more, and trust the process.
I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time in 10 weeks, and felt zero pain—only pleasure!
And it was wild hard sex, but I didn’t bruise or feel worn out after. I felt alive, and like living again! I’m now on I believe my seventh day, & the only food I’ve had is once a day a tiny bit maybe a cup of organic puffed rice with raw plain organic yogurt to coat my tummy, and ground me a bit. I’m stoked!!!!!!!
Gavin please live forever!
To everyone who has any doubt about the blends don’t!
They are absolutely priceless!!!!
The money you need will arrive once you heal your mind, body, & soul!
I do believe there isn’t anything they can’t cure, if it’s not your time to go from this body yet. Don’t wait dive in and thrive with Interstellar Blends today! Health & love is the only true wealth!
I love you, & thank you beyond words Gavin & family!!!


—Sudevika O


“14 months now as a customer and life keeps improving, regardless of little setbacks life throws my way, staying disciplined, staying fasted, consistently taking my blends along with my own drive and will is enabling me to grow as a person more than I could have ever thought possible. 

As with anything in life, there’s levels to what we can achieve, wether that’s in terms of self development of your character (self mastery being a goal we should all aim for) or professional areas of your life relating to your career and aspirations, you’ll plateau and wonder what comes next and then you find a steeper hill to climb and off you go again pushing forward to new heights…

This is my experience with interstellar blends combined with fasting, just when I think I’ve conquered a personal problem or improved upon my health and things can’t really get any better, along comes another blend from Gavin that makes you realise we’re just getting started and this is where Rewire comes into the equation and this blend is indeed a bit special!

As someone that has struggled with dissociation/depersonalisation which is a very complicated mental state, first impressions of Rewire…. life changing. 

It’s a blend that will give you back control of your life, let you experience life in its absolute purest and present form, no desire to escape your current mental state with whatever vices you crave, it plants you right smack bang in the present, calm and comfortable in your skin. 

It really is a special blend. You just feel very in order, very correct, like everything just lines up. There’s a self assuredness, not cocky confidence or anything… you just feel right lol. There are alot of people in limbo with this condition but not now!

It’s like the shining star at the top of a Christmas tree lol

It compliments all the other blends, but totally different at the same time!

I don’t think there’s anything out there even close to interstellar. The overall health benefits are so wide ranging it’s crazy.

Life is great atm, I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m smiling everyday and I’m forever grateful to Gavin for his own journey which lead to him making these blends.

I hope as many people as possible get to experience their best life, meet their best selves and fasting coupled with Interstellar blends is definitely a good path to take in order to get there :)”


—Craig Wilson

“Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am 50 years old. I have been using Interstellar Blends for years now. These blends are amazing, and never disappoint. They are the best of the best, and have always surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds. I have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and suffer from severe brain fog. I can’t even remember why I walked into a room half of the time. It had gotten really bad. It really concerned me because Alzheimer’s and dementia run in my family. Their latest blend, Rewire, was designed to help people with many issues dealing with brain function. As soon as it was available I ordered a sample. The results came immediately after my first dose. You can take up to four a day, but I’m usually good with one or two. I have been prescribed ADHD medications in the past. I couldn’t stand them. They made me feel like crap, and the side effects were nasty. Rewire gives me clarity that I have not experienced since I was in my teens. Whatever your issue, there is a blend for it. I highly recommend Interstellar Blends. I want to thank Gavin and Kristine for pouring their hearts and souls into this endeavor and helping others. It has really made a positive impact in so many lives. I am here to attest to that. Give them a try. You will not regret it! Thank you!”


—Kimberly G B

“I started on my sample of Rewire three weeks ago. I have been taking it 1-4 times daily depending on how much work I was doing. The first few days I noticed an immediate improvement in a desire to take on tasks sooner rather than later. I was knocking so many tasks off my to do list, and it has snowballed now into lifestyle changes. After 4 or 5 days I noticed a decreased desire for caffeine as well. After 8 days in I noticed that I started to desire porn less. This was the main reason that I wanted to try out Rewire, and I am thrilled at its ability to break down a thirty year habit at this point. After close to two weeks, I noticed that Rewire was making it easier to listen to the rational thoughts in my mind, and noticed a marked decrease in anxiety as well. I am super excited to see where this product takes me!”


—Stephen S

“I have been taking blends on and off for over a year now. Although I definitely saw the benefits, one thing I was not able to achieve was continuity, REWIRE has completely changed that! I cannot exaggerate how much I have completely changed in the last few weeks. I am laser focused with everything I do, I wanted to have less screen time on my phone.. BOOM I now do it off my own back, I don’t have to rely on other tools etc to help me achieve it. I’ve been struggling to re-adjust to waking up early now that we’re returning to the office, with rewire BOOM I wake up on my first alarm without fail. I wanted to watch less porn as I’ve noticed I watched soo much due to the extra time during lockdown, BOOM I am now 27 days without watching a single second of it. I have 100% felt a change in my entire day to day life. That paired with the other blends that I am now taking continuously I’ve seen not only a drop in my weight, but I feel happier, more energetic, and more determined. Funnily enough I interviewed for a new job the week I started taking rewire, not only did I get the job, but I have almost doubled my current salary and that’s down to rewire, the other blends I’m taking and the main man himself Gavin. Thank you so much!”


—B B

“I was going to wait till I completed a full day of Rewire, but in all honesty the first dose was eye opening to say the least and my review wouldn’t change!! Clarity, concentration, and all the “mind clutter” just fell to the back ground!  I compare it to walking out of a 2 hour yoga class with the calmness of Nameste:). Your tuned into an internal vibration with success and greatness at the forefront of you brain!  Mind fog is gone! Vision is clearer! Thoughts of positivity arise!  It’s like decluttering the mind to only focus on what’s real while eliminating the worlds “fluff”. I feel like I say this with every blend Gavin creates(believe me I take them ALL) but you have outdone yourself on this one!  I call him the shaman of holistic medicine for a reason and this blend is an absolute testimony to his love and passion for what he does!! Thank you thank you thank you- this one will surely be added to my reoccurring order!”


—Jeremy Burns

“My experience with Glucose Blocker has been nothing short of fantastic! A lot of people out in this evil world will try to sell you a bunch of stuff (in any arena!) that are filled with things that do not work. Like I said, in any arena! years back my sugar level was 599. I did not even know it: I just knew I felt like crap. The doctor told me to start on the typical path of medication that they tell everyone. I told him that I was not taking anything. He whispered (literally!) to me to just lose weight then, and it would go down. My blood sugar that is. I did lose weight and started eating a healthy keto diet. After much research it became obvious to me that SUGAR was the enemy. So, a friend of mine, Gen la Grange told me about Gavin. The rest is HISTORY, as they say. Being a former cop, as my friend was too, we can spot a crook easily. And I could tell that Gavin was an honest, truth speaking, direct speech man who did not tolerate fools at all and yet will help any honest person. I will always take the Glucose Blocker, eat WISELY according to 22/2 DAILY and I reject the modern doctors who simply want to make money off of you and KEEP YOU SICK! The Glucose Blocker has done so much for me and continues to do so much for me. I will take it always. I have recommended Gavin’s site to several of those that I teach and my family and friends. Several are now customers as well! I value greatly Gavin as a person and his SINCERELY HARD WORK in so much research to truly help others. Take it from a US MARINE, a former cop, and now a REAL Bible teacher and pastor: Gavin and his blends are ONE IN THE SAME–EXCELLENT! Thank you, Gavin, for literally, saving my health from total destruction!”


—Martin Richling

“I heard about your blends from a friend, who swore by them. Because she’s a homeopath and a kinesiologist and a Tantra masseur (like myself) I trust her judgement and opinion. I watched her go from being in crippling pain around her stomach, afraid she would die of cancer, unable to eat, to a beautiful vibrant healthy individual in a matter of weeks.

I myself had what the doctors called a ‘stroke’ four years ago. I have never listened to doctors but I knew there was something wrong. I had refused to take and statins or other medication (even aspirin) as I trust the pharmaceuticals as far as I could spit. Neither did get the ‘covid’ vaccination  (I didn’t give any of my 3 children ANY vaccinations.)when it came along, despite being offered it early to me for ‘health reasons’. 

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday. I have been going to a wonderful woman for colonic irrigation and had noticed great benefits from that. HOWEVER…. I had been feeling super depressed, low in motivation, resigned to getting older with no purpose or fulfillment.

So, that’s the background!

I joined the Telegram group with the encouragement of my friend, and asked a simple question, to which I got an immediate and full response directly from Gavin. I took the plunge and ordered the March Combo. Bam! Credit card, thanking you.

Within a week I have paid off my credit card , and cannot stress highly enough what value for money has gone into these blends. My aim is to lose weight and flush my cholesterol, gain mental clarity, find new energy, reverse the aging process both mentally and energetically. I work with a lot of different bodies and I am hyper aware of reading energy levels in those bodies, For that I need my own energy levels to be super charged and re-chargeable. I need to be clean and clear.

SO, sugar addiction and craving:GONE. ( have been a sugar addict all my life). Went to a birthday party last night. Didn’t even want cake!!!!!GLUCOSE BLOCKER. Energy levels through the roof. Sleep restored, Hunger GONE. 22/2 fasting keeping me super focused.

My favourites at present seem to be Trinity, Plush. Matcha tea (disgusting but I’ll get used to it) autonomous and Hypnotic (dreams have returned). Zombie killer too.

I will certainly be recommending all your products to friends and clients. I can’t wait to order REWIRE and 7 Sages. 

I can work and play like a 20 year old. My libido has increased, but most of all I think the biggest boost I am feeling is an increased vibrancy and heightened INTUITION. Intuition, I mean the feeling senses and the inner knowing, the seeing of signs, the mental clarity. Finding myself following a hunch and it leading me to the right conversation, the needed information. Listening with my hands whilst giving a massage, sensing auras and blocks, knowing what to do, following, listening, following, listening.

So, in summary, I followed my intuition and took a dive into the unknown, based on trust. I encourage you to do the same. Figuring out what to do, how to mix the blends, will take time and a little dedication. It paid off BIG TIME.

I have got myself back.”


—Sally Elsbury

“Rewire stole my addictions like a thief in the night…been waking up super clear in the morning. A part of me continues looking at the space the addiction occupied like a ghost, and that ghost seems to lose opacity every day. Also, I woke up to a few facts: the untreated childhood brain trauma had a lot to do with going from skinny-normal to obese and beyond in 9 months, and the weight stayed for 16 years. I am naturally way more confident and creative than I have been acting.

On my journey of healing, I have cried 2 times at high points when some part of me is on the end stages of healing; it’s a knowing. I cried for the 3rd time yesterday, and it’s because of REWIRE.

My super lane highway of left>right hemisphere connections had been slowed to a crawl due to lucky but still traumatic brain injury: was hit by a car while crossing the street when young. Surprisingly, since I could move all limbs, they didn’t bother to do any brain scans…but I never felt right after that. It’s like half of me was dimmed, working on 50% capacity.

I never understood why I seemingly lost my creativity and needed to stoke it externally. I had always been empathic but didn’t understand why my intuition seemed to be processed differently. There are many with muscle imbalances, but I didn’t understand why I could not generate the same level of energy force from the left side as from my right.

I spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to fix the physical aspects like personal training, physical therapy, deep fascia releases, experimental chiropractor techniques, sound healing, reiki… but didn’t know how to address the ROOT cause.

REWIRE has remedied all that; I can generate the same, if not greater force on my left than on my right. It’s easier to sense subtle energies. More surprising still, I’ve been in creative overdrive, and I feel like a kid again.

Most are born perfect, and it’s the world that screws us up. My highest and most humble thanks to you for creating a blend that is giving me my brain back.”



“I have to say ANTI-ADIPOGENIC is a remarkable product. I have been using this blend for over 3 months now, along with several other blends. I have been trying to adhere to the 22/2 protocol, but there are days which I can not. Even though, I have manage to reduce my body fat percentage, while increasing muscle in the gym. I’ve gotta put it down to this blend. It does what it says on the tin! I’ve noticed since I’ve run out about a month ago, eating the same diet, my body feels “flabbier”. My BF percentage even went up by 1%. The only thing I’ve changed is not having this blend. 

Sometimes it takes not having something to realize it’s true benefit and hence why I wanted to write this review today. 

I’ve got to hand it to Gavin, the blends are incredible. When you’ve been using them as long as I have, you become used to a bubble of light surrounding you, protecting you from bullshit. 



—M S


“Plush has changed my life! I received a sample of plush about 5 months ago and have been on it consistently ever since. I have dealt with hormonal issues for the last 15 years, specifically cystic acne, I have tried just about everything with little relief. My sister introduced me to the blends last summer and after reading through articles on the website I started taking steps to remove sugar and dairy from my diet and embrace the 22/2 protocol, then Gavin introduced plush and it was a game changer for me! I have not had a breakout since,  also pores and fine lines have diminished and no more itchy dry winter skin. One of the biggest surprises besides my cystic acne going bye bye is my hands look younger, this is a beautiful blend! I also take Super Hair and Niagara, check out my review on Niagara, my husband is still smiling. Girls if you are having any type of hormonal problems these 3 blends should be part of your daily intake, you will feel young again! Thanks Gavin!”


—Catherine O

“Glucose blocker has quickly become my absolute favorite product Interstellar offers. Not to take away from the others though, because I have tried at least 75% of them and I take at least 6 different blends per day and they are all FANTASTIC in their own right. This one, however, has made the most noticeable difference in my overall appearance and health. In just a month of using this product I have shed 12 pounds and I have not once felt bloated or gross after eating a meal, no matter how heavy. This was also accomplished with no exercise nor changes to my diet. At first I thought it was just water weight/retention being shed and that it will quickly come back. It never has come back, no matter what I eat. Sometimes after dinner I sit in regret of the carb heavy meal I ate and say that I surely will gain a few pounds this week (as I gain weight extremely easily). To my surprise, I have not, and that is a first in my life. For the record, I am not immensely obese. I am 33 years old, 5’8 and 190lbs, but I have been overweight for literally my entire life, and losing lots of weight has not been easy.

Prior to taking this I started noticing spikes in my blood sugar after certain meals, and I would feel heavy, bloated, retained lots of water, etc. Since taking glucose blocker, I have not felt like that ever. I’ll admit that having it has made it harder for me to eat healthier because I just take my glucose blocker after a carb heavy meal and my blood sugar doesn’t spike, which is ideal. For reference though, I do eat healthier than other folks. I don’t eat much junk food nor drink pop or any other sugary drinks for that matter. What I consider “bad” are carb heavy foods like pasta, rice, bread, etc, which I love and eat quite often. I do a solid 16-18 hour daily fast, but my next goal is to increase that to 20/4 and also start lowering my carb intake overall. Paired with glucose blocker and thermo, I believe I’ll shed another 10 pounds fairly easily. Add-in daily weight training and cardio and I’m sure that will be 20 pounds in no time. 

I mix this blend evenly with my 2nd favorite blend, which is Thermo. I mix a few teaspoons of each at a time in a jar and shake it up so I can take 1/4 teaspoon of the new mixture. In another container I mix equal parts of Supernova, peel, spice, anti-adipo, and apigenin. I like to separate the thermo and glucose blocker so I have better control of the amounts, and because glucose blocker is more time sensitive than other blends. I typically take it fasted in the morning, and then shortly after each meal, whereas the other blends can be taken whenever (ideally fasted though). Thermo is an incredible fat burner, and it does not have any negative side effects  that are induced by your typical junk fat burners that are laden with caffeine and other stimulants. 

I have not missed a single dose of this blend in over a month, and I don’t plan on it. This will be a staple in my daily routine for a long time to come. I highly recommend to anyone who is overweight and/or diabetic. You really can not go wrong. On a side note, Gavin is an incredible person with a wealth of knowledge and I genuinely enjoy the science-based approach he takes to everything he creates. No BS “proprietary” secret ingredients or synthetics. Just natural ingredients with countless scientific studies to back them up. Thanks Gavin.”


—Steve S

New Referral Program!

I don’t advertise, so the only way people find out about blends is because of YOU! Now you can cash in on referring people. Every new person that buys you get $100 store credit! Just have them put your name in notes at checkout and then message me and I will double check and then give you a store code to use. FREE BLENDS! Easy! 


“Like most people, I told Gavin my life situation and he got back to me with the exact things I should do and take for my specific situation. He is a wealth of knowledge about all things concerned with health. Aside from the blends, he gave other dietary advice which since implementing, has shown almost instant benefits. Looking at all of the reviews before purchasing, I thought “there is no way these are all real” but having finally bit the bullet and ordered my own blends, I can see why he only gets good feedback.

There is nothing bad to say, the blends are amazing. You won’t hear about interstellar on TV or radio because this is not a brand that needs advertising, the results speak for themselves. I purchased autonomous because at times I have extreme difficulty staying focused and my mind just runs away with itself. I have tried things like modafinil which had an ok effect, but the side effects were simply not worth it. After taking autonomous, I see why there is a rave about these products. My mind is clear, but not wired, I can focus on whatever I want for as long as is needed without feeling unnatural or getting headaches or anything negative. I use autonomous with trinity, seven sages and a free sample of supernova that Gavin sent with my order.

I didn’t get a massive order because it was my first order but needless to say, my next order I will be ordering the whole damn shop. You are not going to find these products in your local health shop or supermarket. I can only imagine the difficulty it took to craft such perfect blends to deliver such amazing benefits, and Gavin is continuously improving and striving to create better and more helpful blends. Fuck your pills and medicines, this is the future.”


—Marc Tomkins

“All of the blends that I’ve tried from Gavin have been life changing in one way or another, but Niagra is on a whole new level! You feel it almost instantly in your physical and energetic body after taking it. 

I used to suffer from PCOS symptoms even while I was on a clean diet with fasting and a strict exercise regimen. It wasn’t until I started incorporating these blends and specifically, Niagra into my daily routine. My cycle has been irregular my whole life but just two weeks of taking Niagra daily, my cycle is normal for the first time, my hormones are balanced, it annihilated pretty much all of my PCOS symptoms and it has given me a sex drive that I couldn’t have ever imagined before. Not to mention my orgasms are so much more powerful than ever. 

Ladies, this blend is a game changer and I recommend any woman with issues regarding their cycle, sex drive, and energy get on this one ASAP! Gavin is also amazing answering questions and the shipping is fast!!! I live in Canada and ALWAYS receive my package within just a few days! I have only good things to say about Interstellar Blends and I will always have a good stock of all my favorite ones!”



“Gavin, I made a testimony before talking about how the blends have helped my life long derealization I’ve dealt with. It’s helped a little but my god, that was nothing compared to introducing Rewire into the mix!!! Today was probably the best day I’ve ever felt in my life! This is what it feels like to feel… alive??? My brain felt so switched on, I felt so attached to reality and my surroundings, no existential thoughts, I felt smarter, I felt so confident (no nebula taken), no intrusive thoughts, I could control my thoughts, I felt in control of my actions, I could brush everything off without stuff bugging me, I didn’t think of food, DUDE REWIRE FTW. Oh and I have zero clue what my blood sugar is, I screwed my glucose monitor up setting it up, but I took 1/2 tsp GB with spaghetti, meatballs, and ice cream and I haven’t been tired after eating! I don’t know If I’m diabetic, never diagnosed, but I usually get really tired after eating, haven’t gotten tired! I feel awesome!”


—Liam B

“This blend right here is pretty much the cure for diabetes. I really tried to get this blend to fail. I really love my crap food, so I tried eating every possible high-carb thing to get my blood sugar to skyrocket. Pizza, ice cream, tons of rice and bread, cake, pie, fried chicken, quarts of grape, apple and orange juice, pounds and pounds of pasta, all the worst stuff. The highest my blood sugar EVER GOT WAS 95. That’s it! You couldn’t get your blood sugar to sky-rocket with this blend if you wanted to! Unreal!
Here are some examples:

3 pieces of Pizza and 1 quart of Java Chip Ice Cream : 1 tsp Glucose blend after eating. 1 hour later – Blood Sugar 95.

All the Pancakes I Could Cram Down : 1/2 tsp Glucose blend after eating. 1 hour later – Blood Sugar 88.

Brown Rice and Beans with fully loaded Baked Potato – 1/2 tsp Glucose blend after eating. 1 hour later – Blood Sugar 85.

Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes with 1 Quart Grape Juice – 1/2 tsp Glucose blend after eating. 1 hour later – Blood Sugar 92.

Giant Plate of Tuna Pasta (homemade) with 1/2 Gallon of Apple Cider. Ate so much I almost threw up! – 1/2 tsp Glucose blend after eating. 1 hour later – Blood Sugar 91.

Whatever your lowest blood sugar is during the day, that’s what this blend will return it to, no matter what you eat. Eating mostly keto, doing intermittent fasting and taking this blend will repair your pancreas function, lower your blood sugar slowly over time, and restore your body’s insulin sensitivity, until your blood sugar levels are back to normal. I would be really surprised if anyone with diabetes is not able to get off of insulin after taking this blend and following protocols for a year or so.
I played around with various doses and my favorite dose is 1/2 tsp. You don’t really need more than that with this blend as it’s super strong. So 1 bag should last for quite a while.
Amazing product!”


—Rich Ryan


“I have / actually now HAD Covid19 Delta variant LONG version. It has been the most traumatic experience I honestly think I’ve ever had. I was taken by ambulance to the ER after taking Ivermectin. It lowered my sodium levels so much I could have seized. I was also put on oxygen. Recovery was a complete nightmare until I started taking Victorious along with Luteolin and Supernova. Upon doing so, I started feeling a change and BETTER within hours! Four days later and I have no brain fog and feel NORMAL again after 4 weeks down-  MIRACULOUS!! So much gratitude Gavin!! Absolutely cannot thank you enough for what doctors could not do <3”


—Lara (La) Sohn

“I have been using interstellar blends for almost 2 months now. I plan on leaving positive reviews on the ones that work best for me as I use them for the ones that I can feel an immediate and positive change. Little did I know that my first review would be for Hypnotic! It came as part of the challenge combo and it has been an amazing blessing in my life, let me tell ya.
I have suffered from insomnia for as long as I can remember. It usually takes me hours to fall asleep. I tend to ruminate and I suffer from night time anxiety, stress, you name it. So when I saw that this was a sleep blend I was excited to try it to say the least.
First night that I took it, I followed the instructions on the package. Just about 4-6oz of chamomile tea and 1/4 tsp of hypnotic. YOU GUYS, it was the best sleep I’ve had in a loooong time. Best part I didn’t wake up tired or groggy, I was just UP! Ready to take on the day.
Coming from someone who had a nightstand full of muscle relaxers, oxys, melatonin, zzzquil, you name it to help me sleep – I haven’t touched any of those since drinking hypnotic!”


—Cynthia Flores


“I have only been on Interstellar Blends since June, and they have been the best thing that’s happened to me. I have worked in the beauty and holistic industry for years, and I have never come across a product like ‘plush’ that works so quickly and is inexpensive but top quality. I noticed how soft my skin was by day three, and my age spots were getting lighter. In addition, my whole complexion was lighter and brighter. Magical Monday was day 5, and I honestly could not believe how it looked as though I had had an eyebrow lift. Even machines using High-Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments take 12 weeks to show this result and are a lot more expensive.

My jowl lines were something I was getting concerned about, and to my delight, by day seven could see the lines much fainter, and it was as though I had had a facelift. The skin was tightening. You would have to go onto the Facebook plush challenge page to see just how dramatic the change was in such a short space of time. The lines on my neck were also deep, and these too were much less noticeable. After a few weeks, I noticed my hair was not falling out as much in the shower. It was getting thick. I was getting compliments from so many people saying I was glowing and asking if I had some treatment done on my face. I have always done things holistically was so good finding Gavin and the blends, doing things naturally by making better choices and giving myself self-love (looking after myself).

I am thrilled with my results and being open and honest. I took the transition of fasting slowly and built up to 18-20 hours. My goal is to do 22/2 every day, as I know that the blends for this protocol will ensure I can achieve this. I have lost 10 lbs without trying whilst taking ‘plush’ and fasting, and I am sure I look like I have lost a lot more. As the blends work miraculously at toning, working from the inside.

From day 22-30, I felt like a new woman, and I had so much more confidence. Plush is a blend I will not be without, and I cannot wait to see more results over the coming months. Thank you, Gavin, for all the support and your unique blends.”


—Tracy McCulloch

“After my 30 day experience taking Plush, I would honestly say that this blend is a breakthrough product in regards to complexion. I was a little skeptical before I started to do the 30 days of picture posting because I figured being a healthy 25 year old that there wouldn’t be any noticeable difference. Boy was I wrong! It not only smooths out the skin, it literally changes the appearance of your countenance!

I am a carpenter that works out in the sun all day and the times I should have been burnt bad and peeled, my skin was just resilient to it. Come to find out that many of the ingredients protect against UV radiation. Just to prove the effectiveness of the blend, I posted about how the blend seemed to help sunburns recover faster without even putting into thought how the ingredients protect against UV radiation. On top of that, I noticed my skin never seemed to dry out even when I skipped a moisturizer. My skin would stay hydrated, but not in an oily or greasy way. Hair also seemed to grow quicker and thicker.

Aside from the outward appearance, a few benefits I noticed from the blend ranged from apparent heightened senses, relaxing yet invigorating reactions, increased concentration and interest in things you like to do, endurance, recovery, taste great, smells great, feels great! Definitely went beyond my expectations and I would recommend that you jump both feet in to see if what I am saying is true or not. Only way to find out for yourself. I can only give you my experience. God bless!”


—Dylan C

“PLUSH Beauty Blend is no joke.  In only 5 days I noticed a difference in:

SKIN TONE- I noticed the pores are shrinking, the color of my skin went from yellowish to pink. It almost glows! Smaller pores also means, no blackheads. 

SKIN ELASTICITY-small lines and wrinkles are getting less noticeable, especially on eyelids and around the mouth which have noticeably tightened up. Neck lines have disappeared.

SKIN TEXTURE-blemishes are disappearing, milia have literally ejected themselves from the skin, spots disappear quickly, including keratosis, (which I haven’t gotten since starting BLENDS in January 2021). Old sun damage is coming to surface and sloughing off. My skin is practically flawless. 

After 3 weeks -Nails are strong, my nails previously split and were soft, had to be kept short. Now they are hard and growing longer, not splitting. First time I ever had long nails. 

I am extremely happy with my results and will continue with Fasting and Blends forever.  An additional word on fasting in general, I have been fasting for over 10 years, only once every 3 months as that was the protocol I was following.  When I found Interstellar Blends and Gavin’s fasting protocols, I quickly changed adapted eating habits to following the 22/2 protocol.  Now I can fast everyday and feel great every day!  I am so grateful for this protocol because I had many issues for he last 15 years regarding diet, gut, and sugar addiction.  Since starting blends I have lost over 30 pounds, now same size as high school. I love the Fasting Lifestyle.”


—PJ Bailey 

“First, let me preface by saying that I’ve been using these blends for a couple of years and they are simply amazing overall. They have healed so many things for me. I’m 58 years old, cancer survivor(wish I knew about these blends then..would have taken an entirely different direction with treatment for sure!!), was overweight–the blends have changed my life! So now on to Victorious… I, like many of us that take the blends, didn’t take the covid vaccination (we can save that whole thing for another day, but suffice to say–and to quote the Rolling Stones–“what if the cure is worse than the disease?”). On Wednesday 9/27 I tested positive for covid(I was supposed to fly internationally so had to take the test). Yes, I had symptoms (bit of a sore throat, cough, aches), nothing earth shattering. I didn’t blink an eye. I upped my peel and spice doses and opened up the SAMPLE pack of Victorious that Gavin and team had put into one of my orders many months ago. I began taking that (along with other blends) 3 times a day, 1/4 teaspoon each dose. The outcome? Im writing this review 6 days later, but felt 100% better THREE DAYS after starting Victorious. There is no more virus in my body. I feel great and was at the gym 4 days after that positive test. All I know is that, while others are losing their minds over this thing, we (those of us taking the blends) just flow along knowing we are protected from all of it(flus, colds, covid, etc). Blends, eating sensibly once a day ( or, in my case, once every other day). And if you find yourself in a health situation, be strong and confident that Interstellar Blends has you covered!”


—Allie T


“I first come upon Gavin on YouTube while searching for advice on dry fasting. After watching his videos on that I tried my first 3 day dry fast and I’ve been doing them a couple of times a year since then. Every time the experience was a little different and Gavin’s advice and guidance always helped make it better.

Then I read about the Interstellar blends and was excited to try some. My first purchase, about 6 years ago, was the SEVEN SAGES / TRINITY COMBO. I noticed right way an improvement in my mood and an increase in energy, concentration and memory. Convinced that these blends work, I started trying them little by little and so far I’ve tried most of them. My favorites are: Trinity, Autophagy Activator, Apigenin, Super Tonic Hair, Luteolin and Pine Pollen. In fact the last 3 have done wonders for my hair and skin. I live in Japan and when I first moved here people always thought I looked older by about 7 years. Now, after taking the blends, they think I look about 7 years younger! Not only people in Japan but also back home are telling me I don’t really look my age.

Last month I finally did my first 4 day dry fast with a Monthly Special Combo and felt fantastic! It was my easiest fast to date and I’ll be doing them with blends from now on and trying to go past 4 days. Since the dry fast I’ve been continuing with an intermittent fast taking the mix of blends twice a day and feeling alert and full of energy. Thank you, Gavin and the Interstellar Team, for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us over the years.”



“I am new to the Interstellar community.  I was referred to the blends by a phenomenal trader that I trust.  The blend that I want to talk about is Supernova.  I juggle being a mom of a college senior who plays a bunch of sports, a full time job, part time job, and trading Forex.  I thought that running out of energy was just to be expected with so much on my plate.

I was so surprised that I experienced a burst of energy during my first week on Supernova.  I started taking the blends at the beginning of the week.  Driving several hours to and from my son’s football game didn’t bother me at all.  I was actually energized.

And not only that, I am adopting the 22/2 lifestyle.  I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but it’s very possible on the blends.  So I have seen pounds fall off, and I’m just stoked by all of the valuable and life-changing information that I’m learning by being a part of this community.  Gavin is the best, and I’m so glad that my friend referred me here.”


—Taisha Hodes


“This blend is like getting a “Face-Lift in a Bag” (or in your teacup).

The skin is our largest organ and very slow to heal, as anyone with serious skin problems knows. The time it takes to heal a skin problem or really see a difference with a beauty product can be months or years.

After just one week of using Plush, I looked in the mirror and thought, wow, I can see a difference already!

My skin color had improved, my face looked shinier and wrinkle lines looked softer. My cheeks had higher color in them, so blood flow was definitely improved. Skin blemishes looked lighter, and oil production over my whole face looked more balanced. Greasy spots looked less so, and dry spots looked moist.

I turned 50 recently, so those grey hairs and wrinkle lines are coming in pretty good now.

I took 1/2 tsp per day for about a month, and at the end of 1 month, I could definitely see a difference.

With a combo of Plush, SuperHair, Trinity and Matcha/Shilajit/Pine Pollen, along with the 22/2 daily intermittent fasting keto diet protocol, I could definitely see people halting the aging process to a crawl.

Getting old, decrepit and grey is a choice! With blends like these, we can make a better choice for ourselves.

Another impressive blend from Interstellar!



—R. R.


“I want to give you the result of my husband’s treatment. 6 months ago when we were told that my husband had prostate cancer metastasized to bones and lungs, we were confused. I already saw my husband in a coffin. But luckily God put Gavin and his mixes in our path. We used the ACB vital force combo. Today after 6 months of treatment accompanied by the 22/2 fast my husband has no more cancer . He has regained his physical health, resumed his sport and his skin is as fresh as a baby. He keeps on taking the mixes and fasting . Thanks Gavin for all your support and advice. Lots of courage for what you do to help people. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts.

Really I recommend these blends.”


—Judith Wandji


“The interstellar blends are absolutely life-changing.  In my 30s and after having kids, my body changed; weight loss was harder, finding time for exercise became difficult to find too.  So, I let the weight pile up and found excuses on why it was not the right time to focus on changing my life.  Well, as I approached 40, the weight kept increasing, and health issues were added to my already worrisome focus on the climbing scale.  However, the health issues really changed my perspective.

I tried so many different products, putting time & money into each; and, nothing worked. Then I found these amazing blends. I started with thermo & then added into autophagy & senolytic.  I was amazed, because not only was I losing weight, I felt good inside too.  I then started the weight loss combo package to ensure I was getting all the proper blends to support this healthy-living journey – and wow, did those blends work wonders.  I have lost 50 lbs on these blends over the course of a few months, and what is most important is I feel good too.  I have been losing my hair due to other health issues, so I recently added in the super tonic hair blend too. 

Finally, I am so happy to report the best news so far that after returning to the Dr.’s recently, all of my health issues are gone – the numbers reverted back to what they were a few years ago.  Thus, I plan to keep up this weight loss journey & healthy living.  I have also added stationary bicycling, walking, and light strength workouts to my routine.  Again, this was not just about weight loss for me, but more about living longer for my family, being happier for me, and being in a more healthy state for all of us.  These blends are life-changing and worth the price you pay.”


—Nicole Rodriguez


“Trinity is the absolute best supplement I have ever taken. I feel the effects instantly after taking it. Trinity removes all anxiety, stress, overthinking, brain fog, and depression. Trinity makes me feel completely happy and at peace all day long. I am now able to perform at my best mental state.

I now have unlimited energy. I take Trinity and then drive for 24 hours straight without getting tired. I now feel extremely motivated to complete my goals. With Trinity you will become fearless and you will reach new heights of human potential. You will completely transform into your best self.

I am lucky to have found Interstellar Blends because I used to have anxiety, depression, and low energy. But now all of my problems have been taken away and all I feel is positivity. The blends are the best investment you can ever make because they will lift you up to a higher level than you had ever thought possible. You will perform better in every area of life. You will become smarter, faster, and stronger in all dimensions of life including mental, physical, and spiritual. I completely recommend Trinity and all other blends to everyone. This is the best decision you will make in your life.”


—Mike W

“I am a 57 year old woman, a mother, a professional singer, living in New York City. With the exception of packing on the pounds after a severe ankle injury and a divorce, I have few health problems. I don’t really trust Western medicine anyway, and I’m grateful not to need traditional doctor visits. Still, my age, menopause, weight gain and all the issues that come with carrying too much fat had me very low energy, low mood, low everything. I needed to help myself before fading into a life of sedentary sadness.

I had fasted before, but found Gavin’s dry fasting site while on social media in February 2021- then found myself reading and wanting/learning more. I ordered a bunch of blends to start, and immediately popped into the 88/8 protocol. I lost 34 lbs in 12 days, easily. I did the protocol again and took off another 20 lbs- walking only as much as my ankle permitted, about 4-9 miles a day. I felt energized, my mood improved and I felt hope for the first time in several years. I could clearly see a path to optimum health, and all I had to do was ingest the blends, keep my insulin very low, sleep well and exercise regularly. I need to take off another 50 lbs to be at the fighting weight of my active youth and the way is crystal clear and available to me.

I started to feel flu- like symptoms in early April and was diagnosed with COVID- the UK Variant B117. This variant has been dubbed more transmissable and more lethal than the standard variety COVID. In any case, I continued taking my blends, rested, stayed hydrated and left COVID in the dust. I am ready to get on with my Interstellar protocol. Do I think the blends helped? Without a doubt, yes. Do I still see a clear path to total wellness? Absolutely.

I am ordering a whole new variety of blends (and all the ones that worked so well before- included in the 88/8 protocol) and ready to take my 57-year-old self and transform her back to her active, kickass youth. I can’t wait to send before and after pictures from where I started to where I arrive. I won’t say where I finish, because Gavin’s programs are a lifestyle. The more you apply, the more you benefit- and the longer you stick to the plan, the longer you’ll live- period.

Anything worth having is worth working for. If it came easily, everyone would do it. When I look around at women my age, how they are giving up on life and giving in to the standard model of aging, it makes me sad. When they ask me, “why do you look so healthy and vibrant?” and I tell them, they say, ‘Oh, I could never do that! Fasting is too hard and the blends are expensive.” Really? Is fasting harder than suffering a heart attack or stroke and living the rest of your days immobile? Is round-the-clock nursing care expensive? Make the choice. Live with the consequences.

I am so glad I found these blends and look forward to the years ahead. That is testimony enough.”


—Carolyn Montgomery

“Before trying these blends, I was very sceptical as to whether or not they would work. However after trying them, I am absolutely mind blown by the effects!

Initially I was introduced to the blends by Shaun Lee. Being a trader myself, I was seeking anything which could give me an edge or help me even be that 1% better with trading. Initially I was only looking to order Trinity however after joining the telegram group and having a conversation with Gavin, I realised that there were also blends which could help with my eczema. Having suffered with eczema all my life and always being prescribed with steroid creams (which only work temporarily) I was keen to try Peel and Spice on Gavins recommendation and see whether or not that made a difference.

The results were remarkable! After a couple of weeks, I was able to consume foods which would normally cause a reaction to my eczema, however by taking the blends everyday, there seemed to be no eczema flare up. Not only that, my skin was visibly getting clearer every week. These blends have made a massive difference In my life and I am forever grateful! Then we have Trinity which is in its own league! The mindset clarity and focus was incredible and unlike anything I have experienced before. This has helped tackle one of the most important aspects of trading, psychology and emotions. I am about to do a big re-stock on these blends and recommend anyone who is on the fence with them to take the leap of faith and order them! Thank you Gavin for what you do, you are changing lives!”




“Intestinal Draino is what you may call it!

The Purge is not for the weak minded! This blend will clean years of junk and you’ll be able to find that mysterious object you ate when you were 5 years old!

My experience with the Purge was fantastic. I felt cleaned out, more energetic and my moods were elevated. Not only does this blend make you feel good physically, but mentally as well. I felt lighter, my senses were heightened, my headspace felt clear.. I just felt good overall!

Purge is a MUST have if you’re beginning a fast or want to efficiently empty your bowels. The Purge is rough the first time but the more gentle you are to treating your body, the more the Purge is gentle to you. This is one blend that you want to have in your Arsenal at all times.”


—Rish Dee

Autonomous, what else to say besides WOW. A life changing blend. First of all I had been blown away by Seven Sages and Trinity, and after taking those two I had decided to get on many other blends like Luteolin, Spice and Peel (some of my other favorites) Interstellar is my life style this past year, so when Autonomous came out i knew i had to grab some so i placed a large order so that I could get one of the samples and im glad I did. Autonomous makes you feel like you are in the flow state all day. Before this blend I thought i could only focus on one business and maintain a high quality focus and function. Boy was I wrong, since starting Autonomous along with my other blends I am now starting 3 other companies and flying through life. These arent just simple companies either. Im taking my life from one simple business paying me well to a potential 500 million dollars in holdings companies in the matter of a few months. If that doesnt sell you on this blend, I dont know what will! Just try it!!! Flow baby, flowww.”


—Dylan E


“Interstellar Blends has brought to the world the closest thing to a limitless pill that there is. My experience with the blends has been life-changing. I already work out, meditate, practice gratitude, and am generally health conscious and aware, but the blends have unlocked a whole new level. They correct the energy/focus dips that inevitably arise as part of our natural human experience. Simply put, i feel amazing every day.

This sampler is a great intro to the blends. It’s lasted me 2 months now, and I’m about to order some more Trinity, Seven Sages, and probably try new ones. Most of the blends are still going to last me another few months at least, so although it seems like a huge investment at first, it’s truly a bargain.

I’ve told all of my close friends and family about the blends, as they have truly enhanced my life experience. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone.”



“A friend of mine recommended Nebula to me because I was feeling low on energy all the time and my motivation was low at work. I was having trouble sleeping and being productive during the day. In my job, it is difficult to keep up with the volume of work and the demands of the staff when I am low on energy and motivation.

On her recommendation, I ordered Nebula to try and I noticed a difference within the first week. I put it in my coffee in the mornings and it allows me to have enough energy to get through my days. Additionally, I have noticed an improvement in my sleep at night as well. Historically, I have struggled with anxiety that impacted my sleep but Nebula has changed all of that and I feel such a huge change in my mood, motivation and energy.

I would highly recommend Nebula to anyone who is looking for a great way to increase your energy without drinking unhealthy energy drinks as an alternative. This is the best way I have found to increase my energy and productivity without adding a ton of extra caffeine and sugar into my daily diet. I am looking forward to trying more blends!”


—Mikeeta V


“I tested positive for COVID right after Christmas. My symptoms were fairly minimal, but I lost my taste and smell, fatigue, and I ran a low fever for a day. My sister recommended Victorious to me based on the reviews she had read. I ordered a sample to try and my symptoms were gone within a week. I was able to return to work without any difficulties the next week.

I don’t know if this is an additional side effect, but I have also struggled with systemic acne since adolescence. After taking Victorious, I noticed that my acne has started to clear as well. Like I said, I don’t know if this is an official effect, but taking Victorious is the only thing in my diet that has changed. I have tried countless cleansers and medications throughout my life and I am so happy that this is a healthier alternative to medications and chemicals used to clear acne.

After having so much success, I got some for my grandparents to take to help protect them during COVID. They have taken it and have not been sick with even a cold this season and they have reported higher energy levels and an overall improvement in how they are feeling. Needless to say, I am a believer and I will continue to tell everyone about Victorious because it works!”


—Kyra V


“Gavin sent me a free Victorious blend to try in November. While waiting for delivery, my cousin Elly called to tell me she got COVID. She is a nurse in a nursing home. She was having fevers and chills. I sent her the Victorious blend, By the time she received it, she had already started vomiting.
I told her to take the blends immediately.
My goodness, she did so well she went back to work about 2 weeks later. I’m just sooooo happy we didn’t lose Elly. Thank you so much Gavin!! You saved her life!!

I’m been doing very well taking Victorious blend also. I work in the grocery store 40 hours a week while in low dose chemotherapy treatments for stage 4 breast cancer. My white blood count goes down to below normal levels.
I know the blend helps me from getting COVID.
Thank you again for creating this awesome blend!


—Shirley Oey

Trinity, ACB, Thermo, Nebula, Luteolin, Anti-Adipogenic, Seven Sages, Super Hair, Autophagy, Senolytic, Shilajt, Peel, Spice, Matcha, Pine Pollen

I ordered the huge combo batch of blends and have been using them for about 2 weeks. In the short amount of time I have been on the blends, I have noticed some pretty amazing changes that has got me excited and looking forward to continued improvements.

I have been interested in fasting for weight loss and other health benefits for some time and have attempted (and often failed) to complete fasts in the past. Two things I am pretty much guaranteed whenever I embark on a fast is extreme hunger/cravings especially in the initial days, and reduced energy. But to my absolute amazement, I have not experienced any of these effects in the last couple weeks since starting the blends. Fasting with the blends is soooo much easier than without. I have experienced zero hunger/cravings or desire to eat, even when surrounded by people eating all the foods I’m not usually able to resist. It’s incredible! This really excites me because for the first time in a long time, I feel confident that with the help of the blends, I will be able to lose the excess weight and finally achieve my weight loss goals once and for all.

The past several months of adjusting to life in a pandemic has been quite the challenge. For the better part of a year, my energy level has been such that I require a midday nap in order to power through the day. But in the last couple weeks since starting on the blends, this has not been necessary at all. On first day I took the blends, it dawned on me at the end of the day I didn’t take a nap. I thought that maybe it was a fluke, but when the same thing happened next day and the next and pretty much every single day I have taken the blends, I knew without a doubt these blends are legit!

I have suffered with bouts of plantar fasciitis over the years. In the last several months, I noticed the pain on the bottom of my right foot begin to worsen, usually when I stood up after being in a seated or lying position for an extended period. Those first steps were so excruciating I would be forced to limp about until it subsided. Well, I’m happy to report that a few days ago it suddenly hit me when I stood up that the pain had vanished! 100% gone in a matter of days! I’m still in shock.

I’m taking a lot of the blends namely Trinity, ACB, Thermo, Nebula, Luteolin, Anti-Adipogenic, Seven Sages, Super Hair, Autophagy, Senolytic, Shilajit, Peel, Spice, Matcha, Pine Pollen. My plan is to load my system for the first few weeks before adjusting as needed. I can’t say with certainty which blend is having which effect, but I am feel confident they are doing my body good overall. I literally haven’t felt this great in ages. I feel grateful and blessed to have access to these life-changing blends – my heartfelt thanks to the Interstellar team.”


—Amarachi Olukoga


“Thank you. Best way I could begin this review. My younger brother was in town and he gave me the ultimate sampler pack blend, so a serving of each. This was about 30 minutes before hosting a seminar. The level of awareness, clarity and euphoria compared to very few moments in my life. I’m a pretty grateful and joyful person so clearly feeling a difference, that spoke volumes to me.

That was just the first time haha.

I’ve now bought an ultimate sampler packer, followed by a variety of other blends as well. I’ve been plant based for almost 4 years and even with that I’ve never broken beneath 12% body fat but let me tell you, its astonishing the impact this has had on me. The fat burning is very transparent in just your first few days honestly but what made the most impact to me in regard to the weight loss aspect was the relationship I began to develop with food. Fasting seemed like such a chore before but now a day goes by and the desire for food isn’t really there. I started to develop a vibrational perspective to food and naturally would look at it as nutrition rather than almost a leisure.

There’s many dimensions to the experience with not just the blends but the community as well. Identify what you want to progress in or what your health concerns are and research or ask questions. Just the learning alone on the website has been worth it. Different blends for different times of the day as well.

As a serial entrepreneur like my friend Jon who also left a review, “tapping in” is almost default now. Levels of awareness much higher, I’m honestly having so much fun with these on a mental, spiritual and physical level. Excited to experiment with the rest of them and share them with people who have specific health conditions. My mom is having dramatic back issues, I’ll more than likely leave another review based on what we experiment to help her as well. I have extreme gratitude for you Gavin, especially creating something that is solution and prevention based rather than some temporary band aid.

The value goes above and beyond. Tap into the interstellar plan, easily one of the best investments of my life.”


—Mike Navarrete


Shilajit is one of Interstellar’s products that I’m not sure gets enough attention. I think having it on its own in a higher dose is a great idea. It helps with energy, mood, and neuropathy.

Let me give you a little backstory.

Several years ago back when I was in college, I pulled an all-nighter, and by 5:00 am, the upper right side of my face went to sleep. I figured I was just tired (Captain Obvious here), and that after a bit of rest, I’d be fine. But, it didn’t wake back up. I was just pins and needles with around 25-50% less feeling than the left side of my face. And then it would feel like a whip of fire around my eye where the main nerve comes in. This went on for long enough that I saw my doctor and was prescribed an SSRI. And you know what, it helped. It helped the nerves calm down. It helped me feel dead everywhere. And it helped me get fat. Eventually, I got off the SSRI, which was a bitch getting off, but I started to feel like a person again. However, once again the neuropathy came back.

Fast forward a couple of years and by accident, I discovered that by taking fulvic acid it would completely stop the neuropathy within a day or two. Then the company I was using stopped making it. Return neuropathy. And finding a reputable supplement company is also a challenge.

So, I figured I’d try Gavin’s Shilajit.

Same day—neuropathy vanished.

I’ve been taking it for several months now. It adds energy, helps me feel happier, and my face feels great.”


—Paul Benson


“Just get the blends dude. If you don’t know where to start, get the Super Ultimate Sampler Pack & you’ll find your favorites. I really love that it brings a wide variety of blends for you to incorporate into your daily morning routine! I was skeptical at first & now I’m like “I need to get more”. The feeling of being in control of my morning is priceless to me.

As someone who’s always wanted to build more muscle, these herbs are the truth. Never built this much muscle this fast, never seen such definition in the shape of my muscle either. Fat literally shreds off even in the most difficult places to burn it. Gotten many comments and compliments from people asking about my health regimen.

As a full time entrepreneur, my business has flourished, my confidence has skyrocketed, my stock trading has improved drastically due to my heightened emotional intelligence. Meditations go DEEP on these blends & help me visualize more vividly the lifestyle I’m creating for myself!

Thanks so much Gavin, your time and effort into discovering and developing these blends has truly made a difference in many people’s lives, and I can honestly say the same, so cheers to you bro! Let’s keep riding high!”


—Jonnathan Cuevas


“So I’ve seen all the fuss online and thought I’d try some of the blends myself… I ordered a Trinity blend accompanied with a Supernova to start with although there are many on the website I’d like to try, I figured start small and see how it goes.

All that needs to be said about the Trinity & Supernova is that you have to try it. Period. The potency of the blends is unrivalled in herbal drinks and I’m pleased to be able to say that this works as told on the website.

Aside from helping with fasting as intended for use,(which the tea does make a clearly noticeable difference) I’ve found myself having a new phase of mental clarity that I’ve not had for a long time. Energy levels are up and consistent through the day, my meditation has become more focused and I find my thoughts wander off less as its easier to stay relaxed and not have worrying/anxious thoughts invite themselves in at a regular basis.

I am nearing the end of my Trinity pack and I will definitely be re-purchasing the Tea, along with a few others.

I appreciate the service from Gavin and am very pleased to have found this truly unique company and its products.

This stuff will change your life.”




“My father in law was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Our family was devastated and scared of what the future held for dad. We opted not to know his life expectancy because he was ready to fight and we didn’t want to put a time frame on his life. We had heard that some extended family members who were diagnosed with different types of cancers had tried these herbal blends and they said they highly recommended it. We were honestly skeptical since all we knew about cancer was that it was incurable, and chemo and radiation were the only ways to prolong life. How could a natural herb blend help in any way? but dad really wanted to try it. After speaking with Gavin he recommended dad take a higher dose than the package gave.

Dad was diagnosed in September, at which time he was having abdominal discomfort/pain, decreased appetite, weight loss, decreased activity level and occasional nausea. Dad started his treatment which included the ACB blend along with other blends about 1.5 weeks before his first chemo treatment and is about to have his 3rd round this week. Doctors did read over the blends ingredients and okayed dad to continue taking them while on chemo/radiation. Since starting we have been very consistent not missing any days. Dad now has not needed any pain meds and has not needed to take any anti vomiting or anti diarrhea medications. His appetite has increased and he has also been gaining weight. Due to Covid we minimize our adventures out of the house because his immune system is still compromised but he has been able to do at home workouts that consist of air squats, push ups, bi-cep curls and shoulder presses both with 8lbs weights. Also he hasn’t lost any of his hair. His Dr and nurses continue to be surprised at how good he’s doing every time they see him. Some of his nurses say it must be his natural treatments.

Over all I would say on behalf of me and my family we highly recommend if you have a loved one that is feeling helpless and is looking for something that may help to try these blends. I feel like a mixture of prayer, the interstellar blends and our drs have given dad and our family hope and strength through this difficult time. To see him go from where he was to where he is now is just inexplainable. We will continue to order his mixtures and consulting with Gavin between drs visit to ensure dad can be as strong as he can be for as long as possible. We will be updating everyone as he continues his journey.

Thank you so much Gavin for all the recommendations and advice. We truly feel like his journey would’ve been a completely different story if he didn’t have the blends you recommended.”





“The Blends are changing my life!! I recommend you read this…

I’ve just got to say, I’m truly grateful for the owner of this company and his products. These blends have been a GODSEND. No exaggeration.

I’m 33 years old, and the past 15 years of my life were plagued with clinical depression, negative mindset, physical pain, drug and alcohol addiction, laziness, sadness, and more.

I’ve been using the Interstellar Blends for almost 2 months now, and the dramatic change in my life can not only be recognized by me, but by anyone who has ever known me. I am CONSISTENTLY happy, driven, full of natural/useful energy, and my overall mindset has seemingly shifted.

I’ve been vigilant in the past in trying to find a solution to my problems; including but not limited to anti-depressants, therapy, meditation, prayer, exercise, diet change, vitamins, self help programs, and support groups. Some of these have been effective TO AN EXTENT, but something has always felt as though it was lacking…some aspect of what I needed and wanted wasn’t quite there. I either was “happy” but didn’t have energy, “content” but didn’t have the drive to follow my dreams, “stable” but didn’t feel like my life was going anywhere…and quite frankly the general consensus was that I wasn’t pleasant to be around. Within a matter of time those “good feelings” evaporated and I was left back at what felt like rock bottom, feeling hopeless and like a failure. I had to accept the idea that this was how life was going to be, and that seemed pointless.

It truly feels as though the Blends have unlocked a part of my brain that was dormant. They are helping allow me to reach my GREATEST potential. I feel capable of accepting things I can’t change (I DO NOT WORRY), AND I have the strength, mindset, energy and willingness to change things that ARE in my control. I FEEL HAPPY AND FREE!!

Today I feel like a walking miracle and a WARRIOR. I constantly feel jubilant and elated, healthy, focused, driven, energized, my physical pain is managed, and my overall well-being is extraordinary. My performance at work is better than it has ever been (even better than when I took Adderall), coworkers actually enjoy being around me, people are constantly attracted to me (including beautiful women J), my house is immaculate, and my mindset is allowing me to constantly attract good things into my life. I still meditate, and don’t put mind or mood altering “drugs” in my body, but it now feels like nothing is lacking. I am not worried about the next “crash”. My life is CONSISTENTLY GOOD. “Bad things” still occasionally happen, of course, but I feel intuitively capable of dealing with them and conquering them. Everything seems to just fall into place by itself, and I always seem to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve heard this described as a real life “Limitless” pill. Pretty accurate description…

I currently take Trinity, Nebula, at least twice daily with coffee (sometimes decaf) on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning) and they give me my focus and mental clarity, extreme drive, and overall elation (and more).
I take Spice at least once daily to help manage my back pain and inflammation, and small amounts of Peel 2-3 times a day seems to keep me looking healthy and GLOWING (healthy looking skin with no bags under my eyes).
I just started taking Victorious to boost my immune system against viral threats, so we will see how that plays out.
I currently have an order coming for 7 Sages and Hypnotic and I’m eager to see what those have to offer…But I honestly can’t fathom how things can get any better.

The science is there if you need to do your research first, but you can save yourself some time and just try the stuff out. Within a month I’m fairly certain you’ll be incapable of not seeing the change. Do yourself a favor and let these Blends unlock what is already hiding within you.”

Eternally grateful,


—Guy Redding


“You guys these herbs are magical!! If you’re still thinking of trying please Don’t!!! Just stop thinking and just order and take them. Earlier this year, my Father-in-law was hospitalized and was given less than a month to live. I did the 30 in 5 challenge and won blends that I sent to him in Chicago. I sent the ACB, Peel AND Spice. Well he’s well and kicking. The herbs gave him his life back. Thank God he’s still here with us thank you to Gavin and his magical herbs.

End of last month, I reached out to Gavin because my cousin had to go to New Zealand for cancer treatment. Gavin told me what to order for her and let me use my birthday discount (50% off) then he sent the herbs to New Zealand. She got the herbs and started taking them while in quarantine until now. Her first appointment 2 1/2 weeks ago they confirmed that she has 3rd stage ovarian cancer . Today was suppose to be her first radiation treatment. When they checked, they were surprised to find out that the mass has gone and she went from stage 3 to now stage 1. I tried to get her to not go through radiation therapy but she’s scared. I know that these herbs alone can heal her. I thank Gavin and his team for these herbs that we all have a privilege to know about and to enjoy. I can’t thank you enough Gavin. You are heaven sent.”


—Joanie Lili’o-Morgan


“First off, I have to say that Gavin and his blends are life changing. I honestly do not think I will ever stop taking them.
In the almost two months I have been taking blends, I have asked Gavin all kinds of questions and he is always so helpful. He asks you about your goals, and helps you get the right mix of blends for you. At first, I started taking a little bit of everything, but after speaking with Gavin, I have found the right blends, dosages and times of the day to take them. In less than two months, I have taken myself off prescription medications(my own decision) and stopped taking allergy meds and other things of that nature. I feel like a whole new person!

Personally, my go to blends are Trinity, Nebula and thanks to Gavin for allowing me to sample, this nootropic blend Autonomous. This blend has helped me so much while I’m at work. I am so much more productive and have LASER-SHARP FOCUS! As someone who used to have to take medication to feel this way, it is AMAZING to have even more focus NATURALLY! My field of work is quite demanding, and when I am in a fog, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed with all I need to do. Not anymore! The fog has lifted and I am able to get through my days without being tired, or stuck in stress-mode. This is huge for me. I cannot thank you enough, Gavin!

If you are thinking about it, stop. JUST DO ITTT! You will NOT regret it, and your body and brain will thank you!”



“Wow, this blend really makes a difference. I could feel it in 15 min. My brain fog lifted and I had increased focus and massive clarity and brain activity the rest of the day.
Incredible for productivity!
Perfect companion blend for Trinity, Sages, Original or Thermo. Super strong blend so you don’t need that much. 1/4 tsp is a strong dose.
You can’t achieve this with herbs at Amazon or Wal-Mart. Only super concentrated herb blends can do this. And there’s only one company that does it this way that I’m aware of.
Worth Every Penny!”


—Rich Ryan

“WOOOWW that is all I can say! I have been taking the blends for a couple of weeks now and my life has completely changed. Still lately I started going to hot yoga again and to be honest it has not been easy and I started to hate it because I was not being able to focus or last long in each pose. I asked Gavin if I could be part of his early trial of people to try the new blend Nootropic. Around 4 years ago I started to hear the word Nootropic around the tech community and I caved in and bought a lot of supposed nootropics throughout the years but nothing really surprised me UNTIL TODAY. Within 15 minutes of me taking the blend I could feel my whole vision expanding just like the movie limitless. I was aware of everything and everyone around me and I felt so powerful. My brain felt like it was rewired as I knew exactly what I have to do and in what order without feeling any pressure or anxiety. NOW wait to hear this, I went to yoga that day 2 hours after taking 1/4 tsp of Nootropic and I was laser focus, I was able to mentally challenge myself and push myself and every pose was 1100% better than last week. ALL I can saw is how lucky I am to be alive and have access to these blends. Although I have a long journey to go to lose all the weight I gained during quarantine, I feel 100% better than I did a month ago and my mind is getting sharper and sharper and I am getting strong and stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


—Priscila Saldivar


Interstellar Blend ™ Autonomous : Nootropic Tour De Force 200:1

Originalcomputedfontsize=”16″>Prefer white background website? CLICK HERE.

“The game changer we’ve been waiting for…Hypnotic provides an unparalleled premium restorative sleep experience!

I grew up being an excellent sleeper but the older I got I experienced less and less quality sleep. Now in my 40’s, my sleep quality is highly erratic and has been an incredible source of frustration to attempt to get it handled and improved.

I’ve tried MANY natural sleep aid supplements, some have even been very good and formulated by excellent medical professionals. I’ve even tried the recently hyped CBD products currently all the rage.

NOTHING can begin to compare to the deep, restorative and healing sleep I have been receiving in the past week taking a 1/4 teaspoon dosage of Hypnotic.

This product is truly a cut above. I had VERY high expectations going into first trying the new product as I have been a fan of Interstellar for years. The founder is a no-comprise high integrity individual and Interstellar’s products and customer service are a direct reflection of his standards.

Having said that, my experience after only a week on Hypnotic has blown away my already very high expectations.

Simply put, this is the best I’ve ever slept!!! It’s one thing to have one great night of sleep. But a week?!!! I’ve never ever had a sleep aid product that delivered this consistently. Absolutely phenomenal! Not only has this product changed my life, but I’ve shared it with my mother who has significant challenges with getting quality sleep and she is now an even BIGGER fan of Hypnotic than I am! Hypnotic IS the game changer we have been waiting for!

Thank you Gavin!!!!”


—Shiva B

“During the Summer of 2020 I did a 134 day fast with no food, only the blends. This was a journey to my own health maximization and couldn’t have been done without the blends. How do I know this? In 2018 I did a 110 day fast before finding Interstellar Products and I am able to make an educated, objective comparison.

I am a trained healthcare Clinicians and completed this fast while in a pandemic, working full time in s hospital and had no illness or sick days. My mind was focused and clear and I experienced no exhaustion or hunger throughout the 4.5 months. This I attribute to the blends.

I prepared for this fast and had been purchasing blend specials for months, so I had them on hand. I started with the Ultimate Sampler. That is a huge bargain and a great way to try what amazing products are here. Yes, they cost more, but hospital bills, doctor visits, medications and daily pain and suffering in a diseased body cost exponentially more. My quality of life matters and fasting saves you money on all of those things AND no grocery bills.

Initially I took every blend, every day. That got me into the habit of fasting and helped my body break the habit of food. I had plenty of fuel in my fat cells, but the body needs to adapt to not being overfed. I listened to my body and reduced the quantity of daily blends to Senolytic, Super Hair, Peel and Nebula as my base each day. I would then add in Autophagy, Trinity, Spice, Shilajit and others. THEY ALL have their place in my life. I still take blends daily and will for my lifetime.

The customer service is bar none, the quality of the products is outstanding and the intangible benefits to a healthy life are beyond my vocabulary.

Fasting is a choice. It is a proven strategy for longevity and maximizing health. Interstellar Blends, supercharge fasting results by supporting your biology with scientifically supported ingredients that boost your systematic ability to reset, reverse and heal all the damage accumulated during your lifetime. Our lifestyles in the “modern” era have wreaked havoc on the anatomy and physiology of the human structure. Interstellar Blends are the antidote to a life filled with dis-ease and damage.

Choose you. Choose a healthy future living your best life with health and vitality. There is not a blend here that will not have a noticeable impact on you for the better.

I am a customer for life. Fasting will forever be a part of my days and blends will always be included so that I am ensuring my body has what it needs to repair for the onslaught of environmental and other toxins that we encounter each and every day. Interstellar Blends are like internal cellular armor protecting your system from attack. You owe it to your mind, body and Spirit to support your vessel with the best. Interstellar Blends are the top of the line and your vessel will thank you.”


—Dr Lynn Peters



“This stuff is AWESOME!

A scoop of this in the morning and away you go. I love the feeling of clarity, confidence and power you get from this blend.

Nebula has some powerful ingredients at super high concentrations in the right mix to give you that extra clean energy needed to DOMINATE your day!

IMO, this mixes awesome with Trinity and Seven Sages.

I ramped up my exercise volume and intensity whilst taking it and feel totally indestructible. Awesome performance increaser.

This is a powerful blend so if you need a boost this is the one to get!”


—Andy Williams

“I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. My boyfriend and I both suffer from mild anxiety and brain fog, these herbs completely obliterated it. We even gave the herbs to his mother who has been having severe joint pain for years and she cried because she didn’t feel it anymore. For anyone on the fence or unsure of it please take the leap, you will not regret it. I cant explain enough how much these have changed my life for the better. It is so simple putting the herbs in your coffee every morning and within an hour you feel invincible. Clear cut energy all day long with no brain fog or distress. Have been taking these for around 4-5 months now and I’ve noticed my overall health has never felt better either.

Being a day trader as well my emotions get wild sometimes, and these herbs have completely helped control them and keep my mind in a neutral state on and off the charts. 10/10 recommend to anyone and everyone. Excited to try a new blend, Trinity was amazing.”


—Julia Wilson

“I am a 45 years old Cert. Global Breath-Work / Meditation facilitator and well as an owner of a Holistic Surf Retreat company and Conscious Breath Workshop. I also work as an integrated treatments provider for a well known psychiatrist. My life for the most part consists of traveling to remote locations around the globe, being extremely active while holding space through guiding/facilitating others in deep guided immersive experiences as well as teaching them techniques for optimal mind/body health via a blend of the eastern arts and scientific knowledge related to functioning of our beings. I’ve been using interstellar herbs for about 3 years now and they have no doubt been an additional step along the way to my own personal optimal life experience and further find them to quite literally assist others with creating lasting positive life shifts. I also appreciate that Gavin’s life story and personal challenges brought him to create this company through embracing his journey and living authentically.
Always very health consciousness, both physically and mentally, with lots of traveling I found myself totting around an array of supplements with me which was costly, time consuming for ordering the various supplements/shipping. They also took up a lot of precious space in my bags as well as at my locations and the process daily consumption had me feeling a slightly neurotic to be honest with so many containers etc.
When I came across Interstellar Herbs I was as many here have stated somewhat skeptical. I was also however very fairly familiar with quite a few of the herbs having lived a few years prior adhering to an ayuervedic diet. The power of these blends are profound and undeniable yet never leave me feeling overly stimulated. I immensely enjoy the Seven Sages as they have a variety of herb and slight flavor discrepancies for each morning when I create my blend. I quickly noticed the extended duration I was able to hold periods of deep focus while feeling a sense of calm, clarity as well as heightened vitality.
I take the herbs in the morning and then again in the afternoon on the days I choose to do so. If I consume the them in the afternoon say before yoga or guiding one of my sessions I immediately feel immense focus paired with an elevated mood boost unlike any other supplement previous. Another huge benefit is that I have not become sick for the last 2 1/2 years sense taking these highly potent blends. In addition there is an immense benefit related to fasting & intermittent fasting when taking the blends. Very grateful that someone took the time to source the highest quality herbs from their native environment at their ideal harvest time. The attention to detail is just undeniable and rare to find in products these days. I am planing to use these herbs in my upcoming retreats.
Since finding Interstellar Herbs I have found that I’ve been able to remove many many other supplements from my diet that my pocket book went on its own. I can travel easily with these and they last for a very long time. Sometimes I am in extremely remote places for up to 7 months at time and it’s simple to bring provisions for these long periods as they are not bulky and I never have issues with the airports as the packaging is so legit! I carry them on as well as put them in my check in however usually always carry them on to make sure nothing happens to them.
I use Seven Sages as well as Trinity and Supernova alternating between these two additional blends each morning along with the daily Seven Sages. I also am particular to the Autophagy for periods of fasting and an extended durations of sustained focus.These herbs are staples for my mind and body health and I am by profession a mind/body health facilitator so hopefully that should tell you something. Thanks again Gavin for your attention to detail rarely found in products and especially supplements these days.”


—Derek Thomas

Autophagy Activator is the key to make fasting a breeze! I used to have a rough time going more than 10 hours without eating, now 18-24 hour fasts are EASY! No hunger at all I sometimes forget im even fasting!

Not only does Autophagy Activator make you not hungry, it keeps you from over eating as well! I used to fast for long periods of time then eat anything and everything afterwards basically

making the fast useless. Now thats never a problem, a normal healthy keto meal fills me up super quick and i NEVER overeat!

When i began taking this blend I was 180 pounds, in 2 months i was able to get all the way down to 150 pounds and stay there! Anyone that has trouble feeling hungry while fasting or has a problem with overeating, THIS is it!!”


—Scott S.

“Wow where do I start! I must say, I was reluctant to make this purchase at first due to the price and the fact that I’ve tried other substances before with little avail however… this was worth EVERY PENNY. These blends are in a league of their own – you won’t find anything on the market with the same ingredients and if you do, they won’t be anywhere near as pure or concentrated. From the packaging to the impact it’s had on me, everything’s been amazing.

I usually take 3 doses a day – one in my morning hot drink (usually coffee), one in the afternoon after the gym in a shake and the last dose before bed in chamomile tea. I wake up every morning feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. I break my intermittent fast at 2pm so I go to the gym without eating any food and I feel so strong and energised due to my morning dose. The shake keeps me going until the evening until I have my final dose about an hour before bed for a relaxing sleep.

If you’re thinking about purchasing but may be a bit hesitant, just go for it. You won’t regret it. I know these blends will be a part of my life for the foreseeable future. Remember, investing in yourself is the best investment you can make!

I can’t thank you enough Gavin for all the research you have done to create these amazing products. We need more people like you. Thank you!”


— Ciaran Cato-Goddard

“I purchased a sampler pack of Trinity in September 2019. I let it sit in my cabinet for nearly a year. Ive struggled with anxiety and depression for over 10 years. I’m 24, so this is something that I guess you can say I nearly became accustomed to, though you never get used it. Those who’ve battle depression know that sometimes you feel as if it’ll never end. For the past 5 years I’ve had autoimmune issues which intensified my depression. Feeling unmotivated and having a extremely hard time getting to work. Im normally a goal oriented person, but had been really struggling to just get up out of bed.

I started fasting and it changed my life. I did a salt flush and fasted for 11 days on water, most of my autoimmune issues gone! I was 22 years old when a doctor prescribed me 10 different medications to take on a daily bases. I knew that that wasn’t right. Why would someone so young need to take some many meds. I felt like my doctor didn’t have my best interest at heart, so I started doing my own research. I found interstellar blends on youtube, I believe it was a video about a 44/4 fast or a 5 day dry fast. (I can’t remember which one I watched first), I then did my first 40hr dry fast. I felt AMAZING. This prompted me to purchase Trinity, but then I fell back into bad habits with depression. Which I now see it was just an excuse, I continually made excuses for my life because this is what I was used to since pre teen years.

I finally opened my cabinet and decided it was time for me to take the herbs. I was subconsciously afraid that they wouldn’t work, I honestly believe thats why procrastinated. 3 days of taking 1/4 of Trinity!! 3 Days! I would wake up after only needing 4-5 hours of sleep & be ready to WORK! I’ve never felt this amazing in my life. There were days when I would sleep 16 hours straight. My head has never been so clear in my life. I literally feel like I have a completely different mind. The only thing I regret is allowing these herbs to sit in my cabinet for nearly a year. Im now about to start dry fasting with Trinity. Its like its not motivation, its just a natural high that keeps me ready to just go everyday. I jump right out of bed now, I used to lay there for some time listening to music to calm me down and prepare for the day. Not anymore. Im going to take Trinity for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to try Nebula next.”



“It’s been over a year now that I found the most relief from both my anxiety and depression, as well as my physical lower back pain. In turn, this has led to the adoption of a newfound lifestyle that includes socialization, physical fitness, mental well-being, and just an overall sense of health. While Gavin with Interstellar Blends offers many different formulas, I have benefited the most from the Shilajit, Matcha, Peel, Spice, Nebula, Pine Pollen, and my absolute favorite: Trinity. Oh, I forgot to mention Seven Sages, which is probably my second favorite to Trinity. It includes seven different blends, each assigned to a different day of the week. These blends basically, from what I understand, stimulate a different part of our brains each day, so that we prevent things like anxiety and depression. I look at it as expanding our minds and therefore potential. Back to Trinity, I factually know this blend in particular has benefited me the most in every aforementioned way. I take Trinity in the morning to start my day in a way that I know will set me up for success, because Trinity in a smaller dose can treat my anxiety and depression in ways that benzodiazepines and SSRI’s never could and never will be able to. In the evenings I take a much larger dose of Trinity that allows me to sleep a full eight, uninterrupted hours. When we first started taking these blends and ran out of Trinity, it took less than one week, actually half of one, for me to feel like a completely different person again. I felt the agony I had for so many years in the past. I immediately knew that this blend, again, in particular had changed my life for the better, unlike any other attempted alternative. We reached out to Gavin and he sent us another package of Trinity right away, and I am not exaggerating whatsoever when I say I felt relief within hours of taking my first dose again. By the next day and especially the following I felt completely mentally and emotionally stable once more.

I cannot promote these blends with more passion, as I truly believe in them and know they have offered me a quality of life that I honestly thought I would never have. At this point I can say to anyone in good faith who is suffering with any ailment, as Gavin offers many different blends that even combat things like diabetes and cancer, that Interstellar Blends can change your life for the better, too.”


—Sky B

“Amazing stuff! Already about 1 hour after taking Nebula for the first time, I was overflowing with energy and desire to use it somehow. It was Saturday, which I usually spend on my couch in front of the tv. But not that day. I simply could not sit still to save my life. I went on cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. Bathroom and kitchen drawers, then fridge and windows. I felt like somebody should come and stop me before I carried on to my neighbours house. I went for an 11 mile walk instead.
I work full time, I take online classes, which add about 20hrs to my work week and I could sleep for 10-12 hrs straight on weekends to recover. Not anymore. Now I have been taking Nebula regularly for about 2 weeks. I am doing 20:4 atm. I wake up after 5-6hrs of sleep without an alarm, ready to take on the new day. I no longer need 1,5 hrs to “wake up” like I used to. Doing my online classes became like a walk in the park. I am able to focus and concentrate and understand the material without having to reread it 5 times. I am ahead of schedule on my deadlines.
My medical history contains among others low metabolism, mild social anxiety, a couple depressions and arthritis. I have a long history of procrastinating and putting stuff off until the very last moment. Not freaking anymore. This is a game changer.
I got a Trinity sample in my order. Thank you Gavin! I am sure the Trinity and Nebula combo was the reason, I did not crawl up in a corner somewhere at the christening, I had to attend last weekend. 50 guests. My social anxiety would normally have me wishing, I was borderline invisible, I would have left early and the next day I would be replaying the entire party in my head, considering whether or not I have done/said something wrong to someone. Not this time. I was cool like a cucumber. I’ve talked to almost every guest, I danced and even held a little speech. And I had absolutely no regrets or second guessed myself the next day. I felt so much more confident and at peace both with myself and everyone else.
This time around I only ordered Nebula, because I felt lack of energy was my biggest issue. But I will definitely have to try the other blends in the future.”


—Victoria Karlsen


“I’ve been taking these herbs for about a year and have experienced many great improvements in health. However I want to brag on Spice and Peel. In addition to helping chronic joint pain personally, my son had a great experience last week. He had an allergic reaction to something in the salad he ate and his throat was getting pretty itchy. He didn’t want to take benedryl because he had to work the rest of the day. I texted Gavin about what blends would help and he IMMEDIATELY texted back to try both Spice and Peel and what amounts. Within a few minutes my son’s discomfort level went from a 6 To a 3 on a scale of 1-10. One more dose with some Luteolin took it to a 1 and he was good for the rest of the day. Thank you Gavin for your blends and for caring enough to text back immediately with help. I’m so impressed with these herbs and with the attention Gavin gives to me as a customer with amazing products and incredible customer service.”




“I am a huge fan of the Interstellar Blends. I wanted to go into supersonic mode, so I decided to make the monthly special 13 blends purchase. All I can say is that these blends deliver. If you are planning on doing fasting of any kind, these can help ease off some fasting reactions. I am an athlete, so I personally am just following a keto program currently. I sometimes use black coffee. For those of you who want to mask the taste of the herbs, it may be your best option with a side boost of caffeine. I myself prefer water. I enjoy a few cups of Matcha a day to keep energy levels up and hunger pangs away.
I know there is the Hypnotic sleep blend. I do not have that but the Trinity helps me with sleep. I believe sleep is where the healing happens.
I am 43 yrs old and one thing I noticed was an increase in my libido. What can I say but longer, harder and stronger with way more increased sensitivity. I’m just gonna go on a limb and say the blends help with hormonal balance. Take 3 spoons of Pine Pollen powder before bed. Whoa!
I love love love the Peel and Spice. If you have inflammation, load your body up with polyphenols. You will find that in green teas as well as a good high polyphenol olive oil, which I consume. I take a teaspoon each of Peel and Spice if I want to heal faster.
I love the Seven Sages blend as you are getting different herbs each day. To me, it’s like micro-dosing just the right amount for the herbs to do its action.
I’m looking into purchasing a bunch of herbs to help continue the self healing journey.
Thanks Gavin!”


—Bruce Geary

“Alright, I’ve got to talk about Apigenin for a moment here. I told Gavin some of my issues, and he got back to me (within minutes, the guy’s a beast) with his recommendations. I’ve tried and use a fair amount of the blends, but I hadn’t used Apigenin yet. So I gave it try.
I’m not one to write a review just after a few days of taking a supplement or medicine. I’ve been around long enough and tried enough supplements and medicines that I know I need to use it for at least a month, but preferably, several months before I can give an honest review. And the long and short of it is, after around four months of taking Apigenin, I recommend it.
Now, it took me a bit to figure out the right timing to take Apigenin, so I’d encourage you to give it a few days and if you notice anything negative, try what I did first and then see where you are from there. What I learned is that if I took it first thing in the morning and on its own, it gave me a powerful boost for the day, lowered the heart problems I’ve dealt with for years, and gave me a bigger drive (both libido and life, though I think both are highly related).
I’ll go into a bit more detail here. Because it’s powerful and can increase testosterone, I’ll share a bit of detail that may be too much for some, but something I think every guy should know, and which I’ll get to in a minute. But first, the effects on my heart. I’ve had a condition known as Prinzmetal Angina for the past 18 years (this Oct is the 18th anniversary). Spice was a game-changer, and I truly believe saved my life, but I also wanted to add a bit more because there was a ton of damage done over the years. Spice took the constant pain and the ick feeling away–what Apigenin has done has helped lower the amount of spasms I’ve been experiencing (Prinzmetal, or variant, angina, is where the coronary arteries spasm). What this translates to is more energy and stamina, and less pain and exhaustion overall. When a spasm comes, it can leave me wiped out, so not having as many has been huge.
Next, I literally started getting more tiny hairs growing on my head. (Makes me think adding in the Hair Tonic would be a good idea!) I’ve said for years that my one vanity is having hair, so when it started thinning that sucked. This has literally been helping restore the hair.
Now for the “guy” part. If it’s too much info, sorry, but I think it’s important, especially in our time when there are so many estrogen boosters in so many products from medicine to food to even detergents. After about a month of consistent use, I noticed that the boys started feeling heavier. Not much mind you, but a little bit. I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining things, and so I’ve paid close attention. And over the months, they grew. In fact, just from the feel alone, now I’d say they weigh 1.5-2 times more than what they did before. This is no exaggeration. I’m a lot fuller than I’ve ever been down there and now in the bedroom, there’s been a lot less frustration on both mine and my wife’s part. And even though I’ve been getting older, I can perform better now and more often than I could for probably the last six to seven years.
All in all, I love this product, and I HIGHLY recommend it!”


—Paul Benson

“I have been struggling for 4 years with CFS/ME and tried lots of supplements to help with my daily life. Some were helping a little bit but never consistently. I tried also antidepressants to help with my mental wellbeing but they were bringing quite opposite reaction – felt like my memory was wiped out and couldn’t concentrate or remember what I did 5 minutes before.

I discovered this group and after searching ‘ME/CFS’ there were a few interesing testimonials. I asked some questions on forum and some members answered with advise. So I thought why not give it a try?

I ordered Trinity and Seven Sages, it came very quickly and it was also great communication with Gavin. The blends lasted almost 1 year and my depression, anxiety almost disappeared. My life changed, I was able to change my job, you can imagine how stressful can be interviews…Now, I feel like I need some more. Will also try Victorious and Helico to reduce my viral load. Thanks Gavin for putting all this work.”


—Leszek Kot

“I ordered the Seven Sages and the Trinity . First thing I noticed that I love was the amazing packaging and the display of all of the ingredients which is very impressing. I love both the Seven Sages and Trinity together. I take the herbs every morning and after taking them, I feel alert, energized, focused throughout the days activities and even feel more focused now when I do my daily meditation.
I work in computers all day which can get mentally lethargic, however when I take the sage and Trinity, I never feel tired. This herb really has a calming effect on my moods in the morning when I usually feel tired and cranky in the morning. The herbs also keep me awake when throughout the day and at night when I need to stay awake, it helps me stay awake. When I use the herbs to keep me awake, I don’t feel super lethargic or sick in the morning like I do when I take coffee for example.
This blend also helps me sleep when I need to sleep. Unlike coffee which is so unpredictable, sometimes I take coffee and I stay awake, sometimes it makes me sleep. What I like with these herbs is that you know what to expect. Additionally, these herbs are healthier than your average energy drinks or pills that I use to use to accomplish the same effect. When I sleep now, I dream regularly where before I felt like I couldn’t really dream and I would sometimes be too tired to remember my dreams. This has really calmed by mind and my spirit.
I also experience satiation when I take the blends. When I drink it when a cup of coffee in the morning at 6-7AM, I don’t get hungry until about 2 PM without feeling lethargic or weak. I am able to work, meditate and enjoy a couple of hours of fasting with this blend.
I have conducted countless researches, experimented with different teas, herbs, supplements and products for years and nothing I have ever tried has come close to these herbs. This blend is so much better than drugs in the store created out of chemicals, this beats taking supplements and vitamins any day. I truly feel like I have control over my health , my body and my mind when I take this blend. Everyday I take this blend I feel healthier, happier and more productive. The Trinity and Seven Sages has exceeded by expectations and I am excited to try the other products. ”


—Robinson Francois

“I was hesitant at first to try. Upon further research I decided to give it a shot, the product had helped me in so many ways. I throughly enjoyed every component of it.
Trinity is an investment in yourself.

I had tried other samples from other places, but they are not of the same quality. Interstellar really stands out in the sense that it provides thorough research and specialized ingredients. I have nothing but respect for Gavin and his team.

Going forward it is hard to imagine life without Trinity as I have grown accustomed to the sense of purpose it provides me along with the natural feeling of energy. I am forever grateful to have stumbled across this page and will be recommending it to all my friends and loved ones. This has been a beautiful journey and I am just getting started. Thank you!”




Trinity is the real deal. I am not someone who takes someone’s word for anything, so I did my due diligence and investigated this product and it’s ingredients. I was impressed that all the ingredients were connected with research links, however they can’t tell you that they work, so I tried some for anxiety attacks which were crippling, and I’m not gonna lie, it tastes horrible but it started to work within an hour. I wouldn’t believe me either but in this case, you have to. This exceeded my wildest expectations, it’s a little less than a year that I’ve been taking this stuff and am anxiety free, and completely stunned that it has become something I do every morning, with my coffee and don’t even notice the taste. You really must try it and see for yourself, with Gavin’s guarantee you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”


—Lawrence Labarbera


“Ordered about a year back, over 1K worth of blends. Seven Sages, Trinity, Peel & Spice, Pine Pollen, Matcha, Thunder Penis, Nebula, Thermo, Shilajit. My favorite out of those were Shilajit, Nebula & Seven Sages. The Peel & Spice I noticed healed my eczema on my face. My skin was glowing more. Within taking all of these with my coffee at first I was going through a big awakening within. I lost 50 pounds within 8 months of taking these blends while going to the gym & fasting 16-18 hours daily. I was flying. The clarity within these blends & pure energy was nuts. Taking that Shilajit felt like I was on the sniffles. I had no fear & was ready to attack anything with pure precision. Was literally feeling like I was on a whole other planet & the life I was living before was epically boring & missing out majorly. I was also smoking cannabis on these blends. The highs were completely different. I didn’t have much trauma or anxiety within as I had done a lot of shadow work to release this but damn that Trinity puts in work. A level of clarity that is just so pure. Combining this with Shilajit & all the others, Nebula & Thermo gave me energy again, in relation to me of the sniffles. Shit hits perfect. I would use Nebula as my pre workout with Taurine & the Shilajit. Those weights literally turned into my bitch. I felt weird going into the gym with such energy & no one was matching this. I was like fuck it, boss up. I’m not here for attention. I’m here to drop weight & get clear, lean & strong. The Matcha was perfect for afterwards to come down a tad lol, it leveled me out perfectly. I used all of these blends either in my hot ass coffee in the morning or tea. I would literally buy Dunkin Espresso before gym & throw Nebula in there along with Matcha because I was getting too fucking zooted. Just finished all of them finally, After a whole year I finally finished. I stopped taking them for a month or two when I had vertigo when I first got them. I bought them & two weeks later got vertigo, so I let that heal up & have my ears recalibrate. Once that happened, it was game over. I went all in on my life because I was also changing dramatically into a new field, broke up with my ex & desired to reconstruct my entire reality. These blends were the foundation to my clarity, my energy, my everything man. They fucking reconstruct your DNA entirely, along with the combination of Cannabis & meditating twice a day, once in the morning & once at night. High intake water, fasting, superfood diet. It was a beautiful year with these blends & this time around I got two bags of Trinity & Shilajit. Looking into getting a Mega Blend combo for next purchase in a month or two. Can’t fucking wait to get a combo! Much Love Gavin.”



Niagra is amazing! I highly recommend it and not for the obvious reasons of enhancing female pleasure and regulating female fertility hormones.

People probably don’t realize but Niagra is an incredible mood booster. The hit of dopamine is galactic (insert starry eyed emoji here) – which is why I take it! I get a smooth mental high on Niagra. It’s like someone gave me a happy pill but there’s no horrible crash from coming down.

I didn’t expect Niagra to be such a mood booster. But I’m over the moon that I tried it so soon.

This is why I always tell people to make a plan to sample as many of Gavin’s blends as possible. Not every blend is offered for purchase at the sample size. But many of them are. And trust me, it’s worth it to purchase a sample.

The quality is unbelievably high and you can never go wrong with seeing how your body responds. I’ve recommended so many of Gavin’s blends to friends and family to treat symptoms or to support health goals they have.

I have favorites, of course. But one by one, I intend to try all of Gavin’s blends. That means that my list of favorites keeps growing (LMAO), but I’m just happy to be taking herbs that my body responds so well to.

Try Niagra – you’ll be so happy you did!!”




“After taking these blends for a month or so I can honestly say they have changed my life! I wanted to wait a little while before I wrote this review to get a full understanding on how they effect me. All I can say is night and day difference!!!

I’ve been taking Trinity and Nebula twice a day. The most noticeable difference for me is mental clarity. I trade in the forex market and Trinity makes trading stress free honestly. Almost as if interstellar blends brings out your inner super powers 🧠💫

On top of feeling amazing every morning I wake up now, my skin is clearer, my whole thought process switched to the positive side. Anxiety is out the window, stress doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. Feels like a giant weight is just lifted off your shoulders!

Craziest part is I had eye surgery last year (corneal transplant) kind of a big surgery… my eye has been healing very slowly, vision has only increased so much in the past 6 months. But with interstellar blends my vision has improved more this last month then the whole past 6 months. That’s mind blowing. My eye doctor was impressed and wanted to know how the stitches were coming out so fast and healing so quickly all of a sudden!!

Not to mention better sleep! Hunger has decreased tremendously, and my memory is fully back. Meditating became so much easier with my mind finally at ease. I could keep writing on and on about the benefits of taking these blends but I think everyone should try it for themselves. You never know what they might fix! Bravo to Gavin and his team! Phenomenal company and product. I’ll be a customer for life! Thank you for creating something that will actually change peoples lives within the first week!!”



—Turner Sheffield

“I have been going through years of depression and anxiety, not wanting to leave my house, afraid of being around people that I didn’t have a recent familiarity with, extreme dizziness, its been really bad. Once I was made aware of the blends and how it could potentially help me get out of my funk I jumped. I really loved the Super Ultimate Sampler w/ Seven Sages. I’ve had the product for a month now and almost immediately felt a difference in overall wellbeing. My first notice of it was with my anxiety. I happened to be experiencing anxiety the day the product arrived. I was also feeling a pressure in my frontal lobe. Once I mixed and drank the herbs I literally felt the pressure dwindling immediately. Next was with my energy. I start my day at midnight and sometimes drink with decaf and caffeinated coffee. I feel great with both. My energy and focus has greatly improved and I know it has to do with the herbs. Coming out of a depression my confidence has really needed to gain momentum and return to normal. Shilajit “the destroyer of weakness” has been helping me mentally regain control and restore the belief in myself. I know each herb serves its purpose but I can say this is one I really hold dear. Implementing the fasting protocol I believe amplifies everything. I fasted before but never tried dry fasting. I’d do at most a 16/8 water fast. Since I began dry fasting w/ the herbs, as well as doing some physical fitness body fat has decreased like never before.I attribute that to Thermo. I’m planning to go on the 5 day fast in the upcoming weeks. Blame the Shilajit for giving me my mental power back. I know the Seven Sages also helps with mental clarity and bringing you back to a balanced and positive mind state. I’m really happy knowing that all the blends work in unison with each other but also can be taken separately due to the many benefits each one has to offer. I come from a family of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, parent has had a stroke so once I was educated on interstellar it was a no brainer for me. I will definitely be spreading the word about these blends.”


—Lando G

“Dear Gavin,


My brother has been using your products for a while now. He has preached and preached about how fantastic your blends are. He provided me with some samples of Trinity, Seven Sages and Supernova. I immediately fell head over heals. The energy boost, the mood enhancement… oh my goodness. I used to come home from work feeling dead tired, exhausted and actually miserable. I’d rarely have enough energy to get dinner together, clean or run errands. After using small doses of the samples (as I didn’t want to run out) I would come home in the best mood with the energy to cross everything off of my to do list every single day! That was enough for me to become a die hard fan and save up for my first purchase!

I recently received my order of Nebula, Trinity, Thermo, Super Hair Tonic and Pine Pollen. All I have to say is HOLY SH!T!!!! I am a whole new person and I feel freaking fantastic. I am now taking the proper dosage and just can’t believe how much energy I have! My mood has enhanced substantially and I have the endurance to keep on grinding allllll dayyyy. I have never felt more like the bubbly and energetic girl I used to be in high school!

Gavin… you are a HERO. Your career choice is truly a noble one. You are going to get such good karma for making people feel as good as your supplements have made me feel. You have made a LIFELONG customer out of me. I only wish that the entire world could try your supplements and best believe that I am preaching to everyyyy single person I know (my husband is already hooked)!

I also want to mention that your customer service is UNMATCHED. Before I purchased my supplements, you respond to my question so promptly. But what reallyyyy stood out to me is your service after I purchased my supplements. There was an issue with USPS in delivering my package and you were so on top of helping me resolve the issue. And Kristine was soooo kind to me as well in our interaction. You guys are absolutely awesome people!!!

I’m not great with words, but thank you for changing my life in a way I never thought possible 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤”


—Donna Meirovitz

“My boyfriend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about 4 months ago. The doctor said that it had spread to his liver a little also about two months ago. He started on chemotherapy and radiation about a month and a half ago and it was draining all his energy and he couldn’t keep anything down. I told him about the blends that I was already taking and he agreed he would try them. I asked Gavin the best blends for him and he told me about 9 different ones. I already had 6 of them. I still have to get the other 3 blends but I started giving him the ones I already had about a week ago. ( ACB, Peel, Spice, Luteolin, Senolytic, Matcha) He got a ct scan today and this is the first time that the cancer cells are shrinking. I’m so Grateful. Thank you Gavin for all you do and continuing to do. Most importantly that you are doing everything you do from the heart. That is priceless. Gavin you are a blessing.”


—Andrea J


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Caffeic Acid – Cimicifuga Simplex (Dc.) Wormsk. Ex Turcz.Root Calanolide A – Calophyllum Lanigerum Campesterol – Rapeseed Oil Carvacrol – Oregano Chavicine – Black Pepper Chelidimerine – Chelidonium Majus Chlorogenic Acid – Green Coffee Bean Chrysin – Pinus Mon-Ticola Dougl Cinanserin – Cinnamic Acid Cinnamomum Cassia Presl Dried Bark Cirsilineol – Cirsium Lineare (Thunb.) Sch. Cirsimaritin – Rabdosia Eriocalyx Cis-Capsaicin (Civamide) – Colchicine – Colchicum Autumnale L. Cordifolioside A – Viola Verecunda • Crategolic Acid – Hawthorn Curcumin – Turmeric Root Cycloastragenol – Astragalus Membranaceus Cyclocurcumin – Turmeric Root Demethoxycurcumin – Turmeric Root Dianthus Caryophyllus Seed – Carnation Dioscin, Diosgenin – Wild Yam (Dioscorea Oppositae Thunb) Douchi (Semen Sojae Praepatum) – Semen Sojae Praepatum Egcg – Green Tea Emodin – Rhubarb Eriodictyol – Lemon Eugenitin – Clove Ferruginol – Podocarpus Ferruginea Fisetin – Rhus Succedanea L Flavonol Glucoside – Trichilia Connaroides Leaves Forskolin – Coleus Forskohlii Fructus Perillae – Perillafrutescens Fumarophycine – Laptopyrum Reichb Galangin – Alpinia Officinarum Hance Root Gallic Acid – Rheumpalmatum L.Root • Genistein – Genista Tinctoria Linn Root Glycyrrhizic Acid – Licorice Root Gossypol – Cotton Seed Guineensine – Piper Longum L. Gypsum Fibrosum – Gypsum Hawthorn Flavone – Crataegus Pinnatifida Bunge Herba Dendrobii – Dendrobium Nobile Lindl Herbacetin – Flaxseed Hesperetin – Citrus Aurantium Hesperidin Nobiletin B-Phellandrene – Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Himachalol – Cupressus Funebris Endl. Honokiol – Magnolia Officinalis Houttuynia Cordata – Houttuynia Cordata Thunb Hypericin Pseudohypericin Protohypericin – Forsythia Suspensa Isochavicine – Pepper Isoliquiritigenin – Glycyrrhiza Uralensisfisch Root Isopiperine – Pepper Isothymonin – Kaempferia Galanga L Jatrorrhizine – Phellodendron Amurense Rupr. Jujuboside A+B – Jujube Kaempferol – Kaempferol Galanga L Kaempferol 3-O-Robinobioside – Robinia Pseudoacacia L. Leachianone – Morus Alba Root Bark Lepidium Meyenii (Maca ) Lily – Lilium Auratum Luteoforol (A Flavan-4-Ol) – Peanut Shell Luteolin – Peanut Shell Lycoris Radiata – Lycoris Radiata (L’her.) Herb. Macaranga Barteri Leaves Maclura Cochinchinensis (Loureiro) Corner Root Magnoflorine – Thalictrum Aquilegifolium Root Marrubium Peregrinum L (Lamiaceae) Meliacine – Melia Azedarach L Mint – Mentha Haplocalyx Briq. Morroniside,7-0-Methylmorroniside, Sweroside, Loganin, Cornus-Tannin 1,2,3 – Cornus Officinalis (Fructus Corni) Morroniside,Cornus-Tannin 1,2,3 – Fructus Corni Myricetin – Black Bayberry Fruit Naringenin – Amacardi-Um Occidentale L.) Ndoxyl-Β-Glucoside Uridine, Salicylic Acid,Daucosterol, Β-Sitostero – Radix Isatidis P.E (Satis Tinctoria L. Isatis Indigotica Fort.) Nothofagin – Aspalathus Linearis Oleanolic Acid – Olea Europaea L.Leaves Olomoucine Ii – Ophiocarpine – Corydalis Ophiocarpa Hook. F. Et Thoms Ophiopogonin A B C D – Ophiopogon Root Orientin – Globeflower Oxypeucedanin Stiamasterol Β-Sitosterol Β-Daucosterin – Angelica Dahurica Paeoniflorin – Radix Paeoniae Rubra Patrinia Villosa Juss. – Patrinia Villosa (Thunb. ) Juss. Peach Kernel – Emen Persicae Pectolinarin – Linaria Vulgaris Hill Subsp. Pelargonium Sidoides – Pelargonium Peltatum (L.) Ait. Pentadienoylpiperidine – Pepper Phragmitescommunis Trin – Phragmites Australis (Cav.) Trin. Ex Steud Phyllanthus Orbicularis – Phyllanthus Orbicularis Kunth Pinusolidic Acid – Vanillin & Malonic Acid Piperettine – Pepper Pipericide – Pepper Piperine – Pepper Piperolein B – Pepper Poria Cocos Polysaccharide – Poria Cocos(Schw.)Wolf. Protocatechuic Acid – Stenoloma Chusanum(L.) Ching Leaves Protopine – Corydalis Yanhusuo W.T.Wang Quercetin – Sophora Japonica Quercetin-3-B-Galactoside – St. John’s Wort Quercetin-3,7-O-Α-L-Dirhamnoside (Quercitrin) – Sabina Pingii Var. Wilsonii Quinic Acid – Cinchona Bark Radix Codonopsis Root Radix Glehniae – Coasiai Giehnia Root Radix Platycodonis Platycodigenin, Polygalacic Acid – Platycodon Grandiflorum Root Radix Scrophulariae Root Reserpine – Rauvolfia Verticillata (Lour.) Baill. Resveratrol – Polygonum Cuspidatum Retrofractamide A – Black Pepper Rhamnetin – Syzygium Aromaticum Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae Root Rhizoma Pinelliae – Pinellia Ternata (Thunb.) Breit Rhoifolin – Turpinia Arguya Seem Leaves Rosmarinic Acid – Rosemary Rupestonic Acid – Artemisia Rupestris L. Rutin – Ruta Graveolens L. Saikosapoins A B C D – Bupleurum (Radix Stellariae) Salicin – Salix Babylonical Bark Salidroside, Rosavine, Rosin,Rosarin,Rhodiolin – Rhodiola Rosea Samarangenin B – Limonium Bicolor (Bag.) Kuntze Saposhnikovia Divaricata (Trucz.) Schischk Root Savinin Schisandrin, Deoxyschisandrin, Neoschisandrin – Schisandra Chinensis Schizonepeta Tenusfolia Briq Dried Flower Selaginella Moellendorfii Hieron Semen Lepidii Semen Descurainiae – Eruca Sativa Mill Silibinin – Milk Thistle Silymarin – Milk Thistle Solanum Rantonnetii Aerial Parts Extact – Lycianthes Rantonnetii Bitter Somniferine – Ashwagandha/Ajagandha/Kanaje Stigmasterol – Soybean Synephrine – Citrus Aurantium Powde Taxillus Sutchuenensis – Taxillus Sutchuenensis (Lecomte ) Danser Tinocordifolin – Tinospora Cordifolia Tinocordifolioside – Tinospora Cordifolia Tinosporide – Tinospora Cordifolia Trichostachine – Piper Hancei Maxim Triterpenoid Saponins – Trichosanthes Kirilowii (Mongolian Snakegourd Fruit) Umbelliferone – Ruta Graveolens L. Ursolic Acid – Loquat Leaf Valinomycin – Bacterium Streptomyces Verbascum Thapsus L – Mullein Vicenin – Desmodium Styracifolium Vincamine – Catharanthus Roseus (L.)G. Don Vitex Polygama – Vitex Negundo L. Var. Cannabifolia (Sieb. Et Zucc.) Hand.-Mazz • Withaferin A – Ashwagandha Withanolide – Ashwagandha Withanolide B – Ashwagandha Withanone – Ashwaganda Wogonin – Scutellaria Baicalensis (Radix Scutellariae) Wrinkled Gianthyssop Herb – Agastache Rugosa (Fisch. Et Mey.) O. Ktze. Yohimbine – Yohimbe Bark

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