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What is lipotoxicity?

Failure of packaging of excess lipid into lipid droplets causes chronic elevation of circulating fatty acids, which can reach to toxic levels within non-adipose tissues. Deleterious effects of lipid accumulation in non-adipose tissues are known as lipotoxicity. In fact, triglycerides may also serve a storage function for long-chain non-esterified fatty acids and their products such as ceramides and diacylglycerols (DAGs). Thus, excess DAG, ceramide and saturated fatty acids in obesity can induce chronic inflammation and have harmful effect on multiple organs and systems.

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“I couldn’t be more grateful for you Gavin Robert McGowen. 2 years ago I was heading down a hedonistic path trying to drown my sorrows with at least a liter of vodka…..after about a year my memory was gone I couldn’t think and I was sure I had some kind of brain damage. Eventually I ended up in the hospital when I was throwing up blood . My chest hurt so bad, and I was sure I was gonna die…Soon afterwards I was homeless for a couple months. I was doing a little better but I still felt very slow and sleeping on the streets. I then decided to try rewire, along with trinity.

At the time I didn’t have much faith in some kind of herbal medicine, but boy was I wrong. About an hour after dosing I felt, the effects. I felt amazing….I started going out and socializing and really remembered who I am. I felt like I has awakened from a bad nightmare and got my life back. I started making friends and networking with positive people, and actually living my life. I now take autonomous trinity and rewire daily. Absolutely no side effects effects. I am now sober started intermittent fasting. I am now in the best shape of my life. physically and cognitively.

Again thank you Gavin, we need more people like you in this world — feeling blessed.”


— Kardo K


“It’s really hard to pick what blend is my favorite when every blend from Interstellar is amazing but ANTI-FATIGUE is one of my all time favorites!

This is one blend you’ll notice on day one of taking it and it works like magic. Previously I had to drink multiple energy drinks and a ton of caffeine to get through the workday, and that was me barely getting by and ending the day completely exhausted.

I took a 1/2 tsp to start my day and took two more 1/4 tsp servings throughout and ZERO caffeine my first day trying it. I was able to do more work in a focused “flow” state than I have pounding multiple energy drinks previously. Towards the end of the day I noticed I didn’t hit that “wall” late in the afternoon which was a huge plus. Not only that, I still had energy and mental clarity until it was time for me to go to sleep. I genuinely couldn’t believe it and immediately ordered more!

I’ve been taking this blend for about two weeks now and have kicked the energy drinks to the curb. Not only that, but I seem to be getting better sleep as well. I wake up with no mental fog like I used to! This blend is a must have for anyone looking to get more done without feeling drained at the end of the day. Thank You Gavin for making, yet again, another amazing blend that has completely changed my life for the better!”


— Jonathan Perrin

“Another awesome and effective blend from Gavin and the interstellar team. ANTI-FATIGUE does exactly what it sounds like but in a powerful yet subtle way. This is no sugar based monster or red bull energy, it will hit you without realizing and you’ll have a natural energy and alertness. I was anxious to try this blend, and when I did I wasn’t sure if I could really feel any difference until I realized I was half through the work day without any muscle pain or tiredness. I really love the subtle energy boost I get from this blend and it’s instantly going into my list of must haves.

Love mixing ANTI-FATIGUE with GAINZ for a gym session, and you’ll notice you can push those few extra reps like it’s nothing. If I’ve got a long day of heavy labour at work, I just take some ANTI-FATIGUE with my lunchtime coffee and other blends, and while the rest of crew is having fast food sweats and lethargy, I’m gaining a clean natural feeling energy boost for the afternoon. It also works well to eliminate brain fog and slow mornings.

Overall it’s another 5 star blend from Interstellar and I highly recommend it for mental or physical energy and alertness.”


— Matt D



“Rewire is a game changer!  Gavin sent me a sampler to try Rewire, which I was beyond grateful. Over the course of the last two months, I have been taking this blend along with Trinity, Autonomous, Seven Sages, and Victorious first thing in the morning in hot water. I could never tolerate black coffee. I work full-time and have been working on a follow-up to my first fiction book since 2020. Rewire not only helped to lower the anxiety with Trinity but gave me this extra focus I have not experienced in years, if ever. Over these last two months, I have been laser-focused in the editing stage. It was not just that, I kept at it and said, No, it needs more work with each edit. I feel like it is the best thing I have ever written, and I would not have raised my game several notches without Rewire and Gavin’s other amazing blends.

I had not purchased any blends in almost two years, and it made me refocus on why Gavin’s blends are so powerful. I cannot wait to dive into all the newer blends to have come out in the previous few years. I cannot recommend Rewire enough. I have suffered from fatigue and just a lot of blah’s over the past year. Rewire is a game changer.”


—John Randall


REWIRE! OMG! Have you ever watched the movie Limitless? Rewire, crafted by Interstellar Blends, brings that limitless feeling to life. It’s not just a product; it’s a transformative catalyst, unleashing boundless clarity. Much like the film, Rewire turns moments of brilliant insight into a daily reality. It effortlessly unravels the puzzles that used to haunt me, making distant ideas and dismissed notions as tangible as my own existence. Those old struggles and questions simply dissolved, replaced by a blazing fire of inspiration and an unwavering sense of purpose. The synergy within Rewire delivers these transformative moments, much like the movie’s fictional pill.

When I embraced Rewire under Gavin’s guidance, the results were immediate. To be honest, I’ve never felt better. The benefits of Rewire are immeasurable. It sharpens my mind, lightens my heart, and instills an unwavering sense of purpose, within. I kid you not! It’s as if my very being has been rewired for success and happiness. If you’re hesitating, take a leap of faith with Rewire. It’s not just a product; it’s an experience that grants you limitless possibilities. And, it’s all natural, to boot! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I extend my sincere thanks to Gavin and Interstellar Blends for bestowing upon me the gifts of clarity, purpose, and an immensely improved life. I am a loyal customer forevermore!”


—Lori Lines



“I’ve been on several blends (Niagra, Spice & Peel, ACB, Ascendance, Trinity, Shilajit, and Nebula) to help my body heal from intramuscular fibroids. My period before taking the meds was so heavy that I was told to go to the emergency room. I would also have mid-cycle cramping and spotting. I was cramping about 3 weeks out of the month for about 3 months. My obgyn recommended a hysterectomy which seems to be the standard response from doctors. I am only 36 and don’t want my uterus removed. I mentioned to her that I would like to see if my body will heal with some natural blends. She respected my decision and we set up a follow up appointment for January 2024 to see how I am doing.

Within 1.5 weeks of being on the blends, I noticed my cramps were gone and I felt better overall. My period then started and I only had 1 morning with manageable cramps and my flow was so much lighter than the previous months. I truly believe God is using these blends to heal me. If my symptoms are completely gone by January, I am going to request another pelvic ultrasound to be performed so I can confirm they are completely gone. I will also update my review or submit a new one with the update.

I thank God, Gavin, and my massage therapist/friend Jeremiah Burns for recommending these blends. I am now able to enjoy mommy time with my toddler and not feel miserable. Thank you!!”


—Anna P

“I’ve been using the blends from Interstellar for a month now, and the results have been truly astounding. Previously, I struggled with allergies, migraines, poor circulation, and some anxiety. Since incorporating this blends into my routine, I am almost 100% better. The transformation is nothing short of incredible. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a profound impact on one’s well-being. This blends has truly been a game-changer for me, alleviating multiple health issues I’ve battled for a long time.”

“What sets Interstellar apart is not just their fantastic blends, but the exceptional individual behind the brand, Gavin. His unique way of being and expressing himself adds an extra layer of value to the entire experience. His dedication and passion are evident in the quality of the product and the level of care and attention given to customers. It’s a testament to the fact that in this fast-paced world, people like Gavin are still making a significant difference by offering solutions that truly enhance people’s lives.”

“I am immensely grateful for stumbling upon this incredible work. Interstellar’s blends has not only brought a significant improvement to my health but has also restored my faith in products that genuinely make a difference. This is a brand that doesn’t just provide a product but offers a transformative experience. It’s rare and refreshing to encounter something that not only works wonders but is supported by a team that genuinely cares. I couldn’t recommend Interstellar’s blends enough!”


—Elsa Silva

“I just want to say that Gavin is the F⭐️CKING GOAT!! These herbs are absolutely unf⭐️cking believable!! Anti Fatigue is unreal! I didn’t have ANY caffeine, just the herbs and was wired all day long! It’s hard to pick a favorite blend because they’re all amazing! I told Gavin he needs to chill on making so many bangers because my wallet can’t take it anymore. My favorite stack so far is combining Trinity, Nebula, Autonomous, Rewire, Matcha, 7 Sages, Thermo, and Luteolin. You will feel BETTER than the guy from the Limitless Movie! Not only are all of the herbs outstanding, but the information and science he has on his website will literally blow you away! If you follow his protocol that he has on his website, and take the herbs that you gravitate the most towards, its impossible for you not to feel like you’ve never felt before.

Before I first purchased his products, I was HIGHLY skeptical because I’ve been let down SO many times with supplements before and couldn’t believe feeling this amazing was possible. Boy was I WRONG! If you take the herbs the way he says to, (first doing at least a 3 day dry fast and then following the 22/2 protocol) you will feel superhuman! I suffered with high anxiety, depression, low confidence and after taking his herbs and following his protical, I feel like a totally different person! Not only does he offer amazing products but he invites you to join his private group where he answers ANY and EVERY question you have about trying to fix whatever problem you’re buying the herbs for. Customer service and his products are the Rolls Royce of this industry.

I will be a life long customer and I’m extremely grateful and blessed to have found his company. I’m now the person I’ve always wanted to be and thats thanks to all the hard work Gavin and his team has put into making all of these amazing herbs. Thank You for changing my life for the better! 


—Jonathan Perrin

“So I need to share my experience using the new GLP 1 product because it absolutely blows my mind that this product works so quickly and so well and in my personal experience, without any negative side effects. I got my samples of the product just last week and used only one dose the following two days, then because my next couple of days got a little crazy, I forgot to take it over the weekend.

Now, here I am two days later. Today my daughter walked into my house and said to me, “Wow! Look at you skinny mini. You look like you lost weight.” I honestly hadn’t realized it. The kicker here is that I haven’t used the product again (yet) and my appetite is still suppressed. Remember, this is only a single dose for two days in a row! Like what!?!

The thing is, I’m an afternoon and evening eater. I function better when I don’t eat until about 1pm. Even doing my best to follow the 22/2 intermittent fasting protocol, I really struggle in the evening around 5pm-6pm even if I’ve eaten at 1pm or so and especially since I’ve also been working on parasite cleansing over the last couple months using my own personal kitchen sink method. FYI Those little buggers are tough to kill and really make you crave the things that aren’t good for us.

I just want others to know about my experience bcz it might inspire you to give it a try, too. Using less product is a bonus, of course, but even with not eating much of anything all day long, I don’t have low blood sugar crashes leaving me feeling tired, cranky, run down or spaced out.”


—Kali Dass

“I wanted to take a moment and tell you about my experience with the blend REWIRE. All I can say is that before I started taking it I was blind but now I can see in and the veil has been lifted. For years I have struggled with finding brain balance and I’ve tried hundreds of natural supplements and nootropics. When I started taking REWIRE I felt like I was in perfect balance and my brain was firing on all cylinders. I can concentrate and focus like a Jedi warrior. I am motivated to complete my tasks but I do not feel simulated like a cup of coffee would do to me.

I feel very balanced. I’ve also always had a hard time with my mind wondering when others speak to me and listening to a thing they would say. When I take REWIRE, I give them my full attention and I can remember what they say, in fact my memory has improved too. I can recall things much easier. Nothing has ever worked like this. I can go all day smoothly not skipping a beat for the first time in my life I feel like I mean I’m productive and it’s like a happy pil!l I have absolutely no depression, no down times throughout my day. I feel like this is the supplement to take the prescription industry off the market. Thank you Gavin for what you do. Your supplements have changed my life!”


—Lis Roebuck

“REWIRE! OMG! Have you ever watched the movie Limitless? Rewire, crafted by Interstellar Blends, brings that limitless feeling to life. It’s not just a product; it’s a transformative catalyst, unleashing boundless clarity. Much like the film, Rewire turns moments of brilliant insight into a daily reality. It effortlessly unravels the puzzles that used to haunt me, making distant ideas and dismissed notions as tangible as my own existence. Those old struggles and questions simply dissolved, replaced by a blazing fire of inspiration and an unwavering sense of purpose. The synergy within Rewire delivers these transformative moments, much like the movie’s fictional pill.

When I embraced Rewire under Gavin’s guidance, the results were immediate. To be honest, I’ve never felt better. The benefits of Rewire are immeasurable. It sharpens my mind, lightens my heart, and instills an unwavering sense of purpose, within. I kid you not! It’s as if my very being has been rewired for success and happiness. If you’re hesitating, take a leap of faith with Rewire. It’s not just a product; it’s an experience that grants you limitless possibilities. And, it’s all natural, to boot! Trust me, you won’t regret it. I extend my sincere thanks to Gavin and Interstellar Blends for bestowing upon me the gifts of clarity, purpose, and an immensely improved life. I am a loyal customer forevermore!”


—Lori Lines

“Alright, this review is a bit overdue, but I wanted to have a chance to thoroughly test this because when you have a chronic heart condition, I don’t think you can just take something for a week or two and then make a judgment call.

So, if you’d like the short version: it’s good stuff, and I recommend it.

Now for my bigger review:

The very first time I took EKG I felt my heart muscle literally relax. It’s a very interesting/weird feeling, but it just sort of went “ahhh” and I felt my heart just relax and ease into the proper beat rhythm.From there, the pain that I typically experience went down, and I was able to function normally again, which let me tell you, is a nice thing to have.

Normally, Spice is my go to–and please, if you’ve got heart issues take Spice–but, sometimes, if you’ve got a body like mine, it gets used to various treatments after a while, and you’ve got to switch up what you’re taking.

I’d emailed Gavin about this, and he recommended EKG, and I’m so grateful that he did.

Over the next few weeks, the pain and exhaustion throughout the day lessened, and the coronary artery spasms lessened.

For some reason at nighttime, I have extra issues. It feels like I’m getting a panic attack, and yet not at the same time. Let me explain: I’ll be meditating, and my body is super relaxed, my mind is relaxed, I feel no stress or anxiety, and then I’ll lie down and my heart starts racing and my legs start twitching. Mind remains calm. Body’s like WTF are you doing to me!

But here’s what’s interesting—taking EKG at nighttime lessens those nasty sensations! I haven’t found it to make me so alert I can’t sleep, but rather, it seems to help things just work like they’re supposed to.Now, because I’m an experimenting guy, I also wanted to try mixing some of the other blends with this one.

For some reason, I don’t do well mixing Spice and EKG. My wife does great on this, and I’ll get to her story in just a minute. For me, I find that I have to switch on and off between the two to have the best of both.

However, I found that my absolute, hands-down favorite mix is EKG and Autonomous. Take those two together, and get ready for your brain to sing. I work creatively, and when your hearts giving you fits, the creativity just shuts down.

Not so with this little mixture. It’s like all of the lights are on, everyone’s home, and what do you know, the sun is now shining all at once. I can basically plan on having clear, interesting, helpful thoughts. (Autonomous is great on its own btw, I just love how these two mix.)

So, my wife has sometimes had a bit of an irregular beat. And when that happens, it wipes her out, physically, mentally, emotionally. I started giving her EKG and Spice together, and just this morning I was asking her about her symptoms and how she’s been feeling. And she’s been feeling great. I’ve also been watching for her signs that she’s not feeling well–and without fail, when she takes the EKG, she feels better. For her, it’s not as dramatic, what happens though, is that she just feels normal and doesn’t even need to think about her heart, which if you think about it, is probably how it’s supposed to be.For the last bit of info–I just took a nuclear stress test.

Despite years and years of chronic pain and stress and multiple heart attacks, my heart is working like it’s supposed to. I still do get spasms, but typically not as many. But what’s wonderful, is that there was no lasting damage. For years and years, researchers and doctors said you cannot regrow nerves. Well then that was proven false. For years and years they’ve said you can’t heal a damaged heart. Well, I think that’s false.

At the end of 2019, I didn’t think I would live to see 35. I was in that bad of shape (and I don’t mean overweight, I had a six pack and and great muscle). I’ve been dealing with heart issues for close to 20 years. But now, I think I’ll actually get to see my kids grow up.

And I attribute that to these blends.

Thanks Gavin, your products mean the world to me and my family.”


—Paul Benson

“My name is Samantha from the UK.

I have a few amazing reviews to write up but for now I’m going to tell my story which will blow everyone away and its for the Titanium Blend.

In my early 20’s I came down with a tumour on the left side of my neck effecting my submandibular gland area (parotid gland ) which was removed by surgery. This gland is a salivary gland but unfortunately for me, when I eat my face sweats on the side which it was removed and the only thing to stop this is to have Botox injected into the facial area as crazy as it sounds is the only thing that prevents the sweating to the face.

Fast forward 25 years later I have the same gland now effecting me on the right side which is inflamed and has been for several years now. I also have a rotator cuff tear in that shoulder which was causing me the worst pain that I can describe.

The doctors couldn’t understand why the gland was inflamed so they decided to send me for a ultrasound scan two years ago. I have since had two MRI’s Two ultra sound scans and earlier this year I was referred to a Orthopaedic surgeon who was the only person that was making any sense in this whole thing.

He assessed the situation by doing his own x ray and saw that I had a small tear in the right shoulder ‘rotator cuff tear’ . Going forward he wanted to give me a local steroid injection which he hoped would seal the pain and if not he would do a local keyhole. I tried not to go for the injection because I want take any pharmaceutical medication but the pain became unbearable for me. Sleepless night’s pins and needles in the fingers and I couldn’t feel my thumb any more.

The hospital even put a camera down my throat and said I was very healthy, obviously that be the interstellar blends lol…

The doctors decided to give me the run around as they do. The Orthopaedic has now discharged me from their care because the steroid injection made the problem ten times worst and I was suffering badly. I was referred to the spinal service because the surgeon thinks this problem may now be a nerve issue. I just think a choice was made to not take the problem on any more and divert it to someone else.

The Oral Maxillo-Facial team who deal with my gland problems no of me very well. After my last ultra sound scan I had to go and revisit this department and they were happy that there were no signs of any cancer cells but when I asked the question why my gland keeps inflaming the consultant could not give me an answer. I clearly spelt it out that this is your field and you should have a answer for me, and just like that she had nothing. She actually does not no why the gland keeps swelling and within five minutes my appointment was over and they wanted to discharge me leaving me to live with this issue. But I drove straight to my doctors to complain. My doctor has now been in touch with the department asking for a second opinion but guess what, they cancelled one appointment already and sent me out a new appointment for July 2024! Can you believe this BS….. I now have to wait one whole year to find out why my gland keeps swelling..

Okay, moving forward. I decided to order the Titanium Blend from Gavin. I would say it took a few weeks to kick in for me and I did not do the loading phase with it neither just 1/8 every morning and 1/8 in the evening sometimes.

I am telling you I can feel my thumb again and the pins and needles have gone. The pain from where the steroid injection was given for the rotator cuff tear, gone. I also believe the titanium blend has also repaired the rotator cuff tear because I can now do shoulder movements in the gym again. Sleepless nights all gone and just in general I’m no longer suffering however, I do still have the gland problem. Some days the swelling of the gland stays down but other days it swells up and can be seen.

Going forward, I hope Gavin can help me on this issue.

10/10* for Titanium …
I generally have so much love for Gavin and interstellar Team.
If you are someone still sitting on the fence I suggest you take that leap. No doctor or hospital will cure you like this team can and my story is enough for you to understand that as a race we are in serious trouble when it comes to our doctors.


Thankyou again X”



GLP-1 Activator Review: “I ordered this because I have a hard time snacking late in the day. I am an all or nothing kind of person. I feel like if I’m going to fast I’m going to fast for several days which I think may have caused me some trouble in the past because I would fast and lose weight and then overeat after couple of months and the weight would come back. The same 30 pounds. A problem I feel many women have. So going to try shorter fasts on daily basis so 22/2 here I am. I have been taking this for 4 days now as instructed. 1/2 tsp in the morning and then 1/8tsp every 3-4 hours. I have maintained working out and eating whatever my family is eating in a two hour window. Which has been home cooked meals mostly carnivore with some fruit and nuts mixed in a couple of days.

Today my went to my parents and they made my favorite meal (homemade mashed potatoes BBQ ribs chicken and green beans) I thought uh oh I’m really going to have to focus and stay strong and I did not have the slightest craving to over indulge in my food. I stuck with the meats. I couldn’t even finish all my food knowing I needed to probably eat more. But probably ended up eating half of what I normally would. I really expected to feel stuffed or uncomfortable but I felt nothing like that. It was like I just stopped eating I assume because I was actually full without having that feeling that I need to clean my plate. I was not even tempted by my mom’s delicious Texas Sheet cake and ice cream. So far in 4 days I am down 7 pounds. Amazing to see!!! I can see changes already and I’m loving it. I will definitely be ordering more when I get low. I have also been able to avoid snacking on goodies that have been brought to work. 12 hour shifts with birthday cakes and crumble cookie and I was not tempted at all. Didn’t even give it a second thought. I also feel as though I have a drive to be productive throughout the day. I’m on a mission. Gavin was also so kind as to include a sample of Obesogen which I will be starting this coming week to see how I feel with it. What a kind a generous man.

Thanks Gavin for all of your dedication to helping people be the best self of them they can be.❤️😊”


—Melissa V

“I’ve used various Interstellar Blends over the last 6 years, and in my experience, they’ve not only delivered on the desired outcomes…they’ve blown them out of the water! Whether it was helping me get through my first extended dry fast or improving my overall health and longevity, I’ve always been happy with the results I’ve gotten. But even with my long history of satisfaction with the blends I’ve tried, my experience with GAINZ has to be the most mind-blowingly impressive of them all!

I’m not a workout warrior, muscle bound type of guy. I’m 6’4”, and with such a big frame, it can be tough to tack on a lot of visible muscle without spending 8 hours a day in the gym. Based on my previous experiences with blends and the early results others were getting from GAINZ, I figured I’d give it a try. Let me tell you this: GAINZ delivered on every promise made…in spades! In less than a month of use, I’ve added around 4 pounds of muscle, and that’s with no weights, only body weight calisthenics and cardio! My significant other pointed out the size difference before I even noticed it, so I know it’s not just a placebo effect and wishful thinking on my part. I’ve also gotten more definition, and after my workouts, I stay “swole” throughout the day. I’ve developed a more vascular look, as veins are popping out everywhere. Not to mention, my blood pressure is down, my body fat ratio has decreased, and my endurance has gone through the roof. I’m a 48-year-old guy, and this blend has taken years off my age and allowed me to perform like I could when I was in my 20s, with less daily pain and greater resilience.

If you’re looking for a way to add muscle, trim body fat, look more athletic, and feel like you did in your 20s, then this is the blend for you! It’s miraculous. You’ll look great, and feel great…and what can be better than that? The other blends will give you longevity, but when you add GAINZ to your repertoire, you’ll get both quantity AND quality! You’ll feel and look like a million bucks!”


—Evan D.

“I purchased a sampler pack of Interstellar Blends, and have been enjoying them all and feeling so much better in general. I wanted to write about Nebula in particular, however, because in just a few short weeks of use, it has totally turned my life around. I have suffered from depression for many years, and while I have tried just about every prescription anti-depressant on the market, I have such severe side effects when taking them that none have been successful or sustainable. From wanting to kill myself to hallucinations to terrible physical symptoms, life with the drugs was worse than without them. On my own, I have days where I can function somewhat normally, but more frequent days when I just lie in bed and cry, stare at the ceiling, and wish I could go to sleep and never wake. NEBULA HAS CHANGED ALL THAT. Within a very short window of taking this amazing blend, I feel a rush of calm, focus, and purpose. I have mental and physical energy to take on my day. I am eager to begin my tasks; and in fact look for additional tasks to complete. I feel a sense of positivity towards my life in general as well as specific challenges that previously would have crippled me with stress and worry. I often think to myself “I got this!”, when in the past the negative voice would have whispered, “OMG this will be a disaster”. Peel and spice are doing wonders for my skin issues and joint pain, Autophagy is helping me control my appetite. But Nebula makes me feel human again, and that makes it my MVP!”


—Allison W

“For those of you who struggle with muscle atrophy and/or desire to increase your strength, muscle hypertrophy and benefit the most from your workouts, Gavin Robert McGowen has recently released a very effective formula designed just for that purpose under the name of “INTERSTELLAR BLEND: GAINZ” . Ive taken it only for a few days and I can tell you it definitely works unlike anything else on the market that I’m aware of. Immediate results. With this formula, you’ll notice how the tight, swoll feeling you experience after a workout remains with hardly any dissipation. Typically after a workout, that tightness will assuage after a couple hours. Not with this stuff. You wake up swoll! Also intense exercises don’t phase you like they would without it. From my observations thus far, the blend prevents muscle atrophy, increases muscle hypertrophy, burns fat quickly, boosts stamina, increases recovery time, and just makes you feel good. The problem with so many products out there that are designed for the same purpose is that they activate mTOR (rapid aging pathway) immensely and usually have many undesirable side effects. I wouldn’t endorse this formula unless I had first hand experience in its effectiveness. Test it out for yourself.”


—Dylan C

“I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years on supplements to improve my health, as well as release weight. The Interstellar Plan’s suite is the ONLY one I now trust. It is backed by science and is effective, not just for the short term – for real, long-term results. It’s changed my health and body in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined, with speed, nutrition that I wasn’t getting even from organic food, and compounding effects. I was looking for vitality and strength (I tested many, many of the formulas out for several months) and I got it, thanks to Interstellar. The owner, Gavin Robert McGowen, and his amazing team, is on a mission to heal the world that failed his mother. And, he does it with deep integrity, generosity, directness, and grit. I will continue to flood my body with Interstellar supplements as they are THE REAL DEAL. My infinite gratitude to finding a real solution for my body & life!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

—Leva Marie

“Gavin…you are Truly one AMAZING MAN!! You have a heart of gold and the fact that you just want to help people without any bullshit selling tactics and stupid lies about your products just to get money from people is even more of a reason to know what you’re selling is the real deal as it sells itself!! You are a man of your word and people like you are hard to find these days!! I love that old fashioned bit in you…a good solid handshake means just as much to you as a 300 page contract!!

Rock on Gavin…you’re a SUPERSTAR!! You mean what you say and you say what you mean! You’re a straight shooter and people (including myself) love that!!”


—Sandra Hale

“Interstellar Blends has brought to the world the closest thing to a limitless pill that there is. My experience with the blends has been life-changing. I already work out, meditate, practice gratitude, and am generally health conscious and aware, but the blends have unlocked a whole new level. They correct the energy/focus dips that inevitably arise as part of our natural human experience. Simply put, i feel amazing every day. This sampler is a great intro to the blends. It’s lasted me 2 months now, and I’m about to order some more trinity, seven sages, and probably try new ones. Most of the blends are still going to last me another few months at least, so although it seems like a huge investment at first, it’s truly a bargain. I’ve told all of my close friends and family about the blends, as they have truly enhanced my life experience. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

—Emilio C

“The GLP-1 activator !!!! The FIRST day I tried this, I fasted 22/2 and in my feeding window I tried to eat a small very low carb meal, and I could only eat half of it !!!! It truly DID keep the hunger waves at bay during fasting, I am losing body fat steadily and so excited to receive my GAINZ blend this week and get started adding some lean mass as well. This blend is a must have if you struggle with hunger/nausea and lethargy during fasting and atop the other blends I have purchased it’s like icing on CAKE !!!! Gavin has yet another masterpiece in this GLP blend, I’m a week in, and stoked about the results I’ve seen so far and looking forward to hitting the goal I’ve set for myself and then using the blends for support in maintenance !!! Thanks again, Gavin <3″


—Jackie Rae

“First of all, before this review begins, I need to thank Gavin for creating this company and this community of like-minded souls who are ever searching to better themselves. My journey with interstellar started in 2018; I was skeptical, as I always am with new products with grand promises, but I took the leap with some samples, and I haven’t stopped purchasing these products since that first month of using the blends. I did not have any weight loss or physical needs from the beginning, but I suffered from mild anxiety, which was sometimes debilitating. I was smoking a lot of marijuana, thinking that this was the answer to my anxiousness, but I was wrong. The first blends I went for were trinity and seven sages, and to say they were life-changing is an understatement. After the first week of use, I immediately noticed a shift. I was calm, collected, and just felt how I should have felt all along. It was around the same time I began to reanalyze my life and focus on what I wanted. I became so laser focused, so confident and so at peace with everything that I could notice peoples auras around me. What I noticed was 95% of the people I interacted with were just in a low vibrating state of being and the contrast between how I felt just blew my mind. I tried pushing the blends on most of them and to no avail; they mostly kept on the same path, so with that said, you need to want to change, and you need to want to better yourself, and then with the power of the blends, you will see the magic happen. Later around 2019, I finally started the 22/2 lifestyle with solid commitment, which was challenging in the first month but worth it, not only for the longevity reasons but for the amount of time-saving I have daily, not worrying about breakfast or lunch. I get to enjoy dinner with my full focus and appreciate it. I’m never tired and I never crash. I can stay for 72 hours straight before I get fatigued.. 3 years later, I am still using the blends and Gavins protocols. I have tried them all, and I currently stack Trinity, Seven Sages, Autonomous, Peel, Spice, Rewire, Leutolin, Super Hair, Shilajit, and Pine Pollen. I have tried all of the others, too, and will probably incorporate them in as well shortly.

Stop sitting and waiting around, this stuff is indeed the next level, and if you want to take back your life and be the best you that you can be, then it’s time to jump on the Interstellar Plan and stop wasting more time! However, if you “think” you are happy where you are, don’t even bother because, like anything in life, change takes commitment. I’m glad I leaped; I’ll never look back.”


—Dylan E

“Trinity, ACB, Thermo, Nebula, Luteolin, Anti-Adipogenic, Seven Sages, Super Hair, Autophagy, Senolytic, Shilajit, Peel, Spice, Matcha, Pine Pollen

I ordered the huge combo batch of blends and have been using them for about 2 weeks. In the short amount of time I have been on the blends, I have noticed some pretty amazing changes that has got me excited and looking forward to continued improvements.

I have been interested in fasting for weight loss and other health benefits for some time and have attempted (and often failed) to complete fasts in the past. Two things I am pretty much guaranteed whenever I embark on a fast is extreme hunger/cravings especially in the initial days, and reduced energy. But to my absolute amazement, I have not experienced any of these effects in the last couple weeks since starting the blends. Fasting with the blends is soooo much easier than without. I have experienced zero hunger/cravings or desire to eat, even when surrounded by people eating all the foods I’m not usually able to resist. It’s incredible! This really excites me because for the first time in a long time, I feel confident that with the help of the blends, I will be able to lose the excess weight and finally achieve my weight loss goals once and for all.

The past several months of adjusting to life in a pandemic has been quite the challenge. For the better part of a year, my energy level has been such that I require a midday nap in order to power through the day. But in the last couple weeks since starting on the blends, this has not been necessary at all. On first day I took the blends, it dawned on me at the end of the day I didn’t take a nap. I thought that maybe it was a fluke, but when the same thing happened next day and the next and pretty much every single day I have taken the blends, I knew without a doubt these blends are legit!I have suffered with bouts of plantar fasciitis over the years. In the last several months, I noticed the pain on the bottom of my right foot begin to worsen, usually when I stood up after being in a seated or lying position for an extended period. Those first steps were so excruciating I would be forced to limp about until it subsided. Well, I’m happy to report that a few days ago it suddenly hit me when I stood up that the pain had vanished! 100% gone in a matter of days! I’m still in shock.

I’m taking a lot of the blends namely Trinity, ACB, Thermo, Nebula, Luteolin, Anti-Adipogenic, Seven Sages, Super Hair, Autophagy, Senolytic, Shilajit, Peel, Spice, Matcha, Pine Pollen. My plan is to load my system for the first few weeks before adjusting as needed. I can’t say with certainty which blend is having which effect, but I am feel confident they are doing my body good overall. I literally haven’t felt this great in ages. I feel grateful and blessed to have access to these life-changing blends – my heartfelt thanks to the Interstellar team.”


—Amarachi Olukoga

“After experiencing depression, brain fog, lack of motivation, and a broken toe, I realized I needed a change. When I learned about Interstellar Blends, I was shocked to read all the amazing reviews. That plus all the research and support from Gavin and the group, I knew that this was something I needed to invest in if I wanted a change. Then when my husband experienced a persistent cough and knee pain, and my old dog’s legs were going out on her, that clarified even more that we needed to do something fast. So I decided to invest in our health and get the monthly special because of the value and the variety of blends it has. That works great for me since I’m mixing up different blends for my whole family. Since doing that, we’ve all seen so much improvement. My dog is walking normally again without expensive vet bills. My husband is no longer coughing and has no more knee pain and didn’t even take ANY of the medication from his doctor. And for me, it’s a 180-degree flip on how I’m feeling!

I have ADHD and never liked taking medication, and I feel much better taking blends to combat the symptoms. Doing the protocol has helped me focus like never before, and the brain fog, procrastination, and lack of motivation are all gone- in just 2 weeks! I even got back to working out after being too depressed to even care for my body. I’ve never fasted before, and for someone who loves food (and dare I say was addicted), I believe it’s the blends that helped me focus on my goals and start 22/2 with so much ease. I’ve tried to stick to goals before, but now, it’s like a switch was flicked on!

As an added bonus, I shed some weight that I picked up in this past year of depression. Now, I love the way my pants fit! Even though we got so much healing already from this, I’m not stopping there. I’ll continue to incorporate blends into my lifestyle because this change is too good to ever go back to how it was!”


—Tiffany C

“I purchased my first Interstellar blends around 2 months ago: Rewire and Nebula. I have struggled with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, lingering symptoms left after dealing with autoimmune issues.

I was intently looking for alternative supplements to help with energy. I didn’t realize that I needed to address the cognitive and physical systems, namely, my nervous system. Plus, my doctor suggested I return to my healthier weight as a way of lessening the stress to my overall health.

My good friend suggested I try Interstellar. I researched the different blends on their site and was so impressed!! As a result of the conditions I have endured, I am extremely sensitive to anything I take in or apply. From the MINUTE I started using Rewire and Nebula, I noticed cravings went away, I was calmer but energized at the same time, I noticed something else — my mind snapped back to attention!! Imagine being in a busy room trying to focus on what one person is saying, to then the room becoming perfectly still, and being able to hear that conversation fully.

I look forward to getting more blends and experiencing the feeling that I have my life back. I am truly enjoying my mental clarity and better yet, I started to lose weight again! Thank you, Interstellar!!!”


—Damaris S

“I’ve been using Interstellar Blends regularly for almost 6 years now (I bought my first bag of Original blend in 2016!), and have been so consistently impressed by the very noticeable results that I have not gone back! As a little background, I have been heavily into health study and herbalism for about 20 years, and have experimented with herb extracts (especially from the Chinese and Ayurvedic systems) from many companies, always with small to moderate favorable results… however, Interstellar blends blow everything else I’ve had out of the water! I don’t want to wonder if something I’m taking is working… I want to feel it immediately, and see long term results happen in no uncertain terms. For the first few years I mainly enjoyed Original, Trinity, Seven Sages, Peel and Spice. This year I added in a lot of blends I had not previously tried (or extensively used), including Rewire, Niagra, Plush, Super Tonic Hair, Hypnotic, Nebula (which I had some previous experience with), and Victorious anti viral blend. All of these have been noticeable, but I feel like for my personal needs, the blends that have changed my life the most dramatically in the past several months have been Rewire and Nebula. I have a two year old who is still breastfeeding, and have had sleep issues for the past few years due to pregnancy and then being woken up by a baby/toddler several times per night. Even when she started sleeping better, it was like my nervous system was still wired to jolt awake in the night, and not be able to get back to sleep. I tried many supplements, herbs and food strategies for this, and nothing really made much difference, until I started taking Rewire, especially when I upped my dose from 1/8 tsp once daily to 1/8 tsp twice daily. I started sleeping so deeply and fully, like my nervous system unwound its previous pattern of waking up and feeling wired during the night. I am now regularly having the best sleeps I’ve had in years. The Hypnotic blend is also excellent, and I take it almost every night, but it was Rewire that really changed this pattern for me.

All the blends I’m taking have really improved my mental clarity, energy levels, and “feel good” neurotransmitters. I am not at all overweight, but I have lost a few pounds just because I feel more satiated and functional on less food than before, and am able to fast for longer periods even though I’m still breastfeeding. My body just feels a lot better overall. To elaborate more on the combination of Rewire and Nebula, and why they’ve had such a profound impact on me: overall, I am a very confident person in almost every way. However, I’ve lacked confidence in one specific area — driving a car, especially on highways — for many many years, due to traumatic experiences of having random panic attacks in those situations, which made me lose trust in myself and my body. It has affected me to the point where I lost the ability and desire to drive myself anywhere for many years, which has restricted my freedom/opportunities, social connections, and personal happiness. Once I started taking Rewire and Nebula consistently, I have been retraining myself, ‘rewiring’ my own mental and emotional capability to drive (my physical ability to do it is already great), and have done more driving in the past couple months that I had in the prior ten years! I’m not all the way there yet, but I am making steady progress!

I love these herbs, and feel like they’re my secret weapon!!”


—Courtney T

“I’m excited to finally be sharing my experience with the blends! Thank you Gavin!!! I’ve always taken a proactive approach to my health, organic eating, gf beef, supplements, etc. I avoid prescription drugs and most over the counter ones when possible, and mostly healthy until this… Summer 2022 started with a bad fall (I face-planted on concrete) in MAY. Thankfully no concussion, broken tones or teeth. In July I got a spasm in my hip that gave me pain more intense than anything I ever experienced. I had no relief sitting, standing or laying I took aspirin and ibuprofen with no relief. I had three acupuncture treatments. I went to a walk in clinic and was given two shots for pain, a few days later an ER visit. They took ex-rays, more tests, another pain shot and prescribed hydrocodone and two other meds. Again no relief so I stopped all the meds by the third day. A GP prescribed gabapentin, which made me dizzy and disoriented. My gut was pretty messed up and I started having a queasy stomach which made me not want to eat. Chiropractor visits in AUG and SEP started giving some relief. In OCT I had an endoscopy and given another pill, this time for gastritis, which I took for a couple days. I lost about 16 lbs. that I didn’t need to lose. I ordered my first blends in SEP but it was NOV before I began using them. I had so much confusion, stress, and chronic fatigue, feeling washed out and used up before I began my day. For example, after I put a blend in their coffee cup (I was doling out blends to my husband, daughter and myself) I couldn’t remember if I put it in. Did I or didn’t I? Did I do that one already? Plus I was trying to inculcate all of the blends ASAP into coffee, tea, juice, and a smoothie! Between the three of us! Who was I kidding!!! I wasn’t giving us time to test and experience each one or two or even three at a time. I needed to learn the ‘less ir more’ approach! Fast forward to present time. Every morning we all get Trinity, Autonomous, Rewire, and Supernova. Let me start with my husband. He had become very forgetful in the last few months and I was getting frustrated answering the same things over and over. Well let me tell you with these blends he has clarity, focus, he’s relaxed and retains info. I also ordered ALZ and with these four blends, his memory seems to be just fine. How do I know? Because just the other day he said he wanted his coffee black with no blends. I thought okay – no big deal – one day won’t make any difference. The rest of that day he kept asking me the same things over and over – especially regarding times and dates of upcoming appt or what day is it. So… now each day he drinks his first cup of coffee w/o blends and his second cup of coffee with the blends. My daughter started a new job this fall that entails lots of training and a huge manual about 4″ thick. She is learning things super fast and her attitude towards everything regarding this new job and all the training is so positive! She credits the blends with making a difference! I realized another huge AHA moment this past week. My husband bought me a piano eight years ago for a wedding gift. That piano has been just sitting unplayed ever since I was diagnosed with PMR in 2018. It was a struggle to play because my fingers and my brain were not coordinating or cooperating with the notes on the page. Yeah for Trinity, Autonomous, Rewire and Supernova!!! They are also helping me to relax, have more energy and give more heed to mindfulness! I am able to play songs today that I hadn’t played in years and my fingers are hitting the right keys on the sheet music – not perfectly – but better!”


—Ardis R M

“Gavin i just wanna send you a message and say Thankyou. I’m in the best place mentally and physically that I’ve ever been in, I had a turbulent year at the start splitting up with my girlfriend of 10 years and my parents losing the family business, and car’s due to covid. I’ve been a customer for a long time but I fell off with the fasting and herbs due to all these events happening around me but right now I honestly couldn’t be in a better place. The herbs are 100% what I needed and are why I’ve changed, they are what have sent me on a spiritual path and allowing me to connect deep to my soul and inner child like you preach. I’m so happy and excited to continue this path of enlightenment and growth. Gavin your a real special kind of human being, a genuine real person who cares about others, and I can only wish you happiness, once again I can’t thank you enough!

By the way I won £827 in casino with the interstellar strategy it does work!”



Honestly, these are life changing products. Been taking them for several weeks now and the results are remarkable. Less brainfog, improved focus, got out of the dopamine rollercoaster, and simply alligned my body with the blends. So far I tried Trinity, definitely a life changer Nebula, one of my favorites Shilajit, love this stuff Seven sages, literally switches on your brain Pine pollen, I like to take in to break my fast, absolutely love it. Looking forward to order more blends soon, want to try them all out. They all have so many good benefits, autonomous, spice and autophagy are next! Might seem pricey but the effects are definitely worth it, lifelong customer here! Thanks alot for creating these awesome blends Gavin, keep rocking 🤟 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

—siebe Vu

If in doubt, try and be ready to be AMAZED… I have been an Interstellar customer for over two years. Within that time, I have shared the “magic” of these blends with anyone I hear complaining about their aches and pains. Many just roll their eyes and change the subject, but a few have made snide remarks without even trying them first.

Well, one of my brother-in-laws was one of those who always had something negative to say. I’m not sure where all that snarkiness was coming from since he hadn’t nor would even try them. That was until 3 days ago. He felt sick and tested positive for covid.

Earlier on, Gavin had shared with us a protocol to combat that bug. Well, my brother-in-law was in so much pain that he finally accepted to try the blends. His fever had reached 103 and within 30 minutes of taking those blends, his temperature was down to 99.8. He is now a believer!

Thank you Gavin for always going above and beyond!! You are treasured more than you realize!!!

So all I can say to those who doubt… try and be amazed of the “magic” of Interstellar Blends!!


—Ms Reyes

“First thing First, Interstellar blends are a game changer. I ordered Super Hair Tonic and have been taking it for about 3 weeks now and I can already see the difference.I have Wavy curls, and my hair were pretty well until I moved to Canada. After moving to Canada, I started experiencing grey hair, Hair-Fall, low hair volume and my hair started to break very easily. I tried so many supplements and hair care products but all in vain. I was so frustrated and stopped caring about my hair at all.

Then my friend introduced me to Interstellar Blends. I reached out to Gavin and he recommended Super Tonic Hair. I was very skeptical at first as everything i’ve tried until now had shown no result but I thought of giving it a try. The order came in just few days of ordering it. I have been taking the Super Tonic Hair for 3 weeks and I can literally see the difference in my hair. They are now getting longer, less hair-fall and I can also see new hairs growing. And its not just about the hair but after I started taking Super Tonic Hair, my whole body feels so different, Very light and always at ease. This blends are really life changing and I can’t thank Gavin enough for creating this blend. He is very knwoledgable and answers any question that I have right away. The Customer service is very SPOT-ON.Over-all I am very happy with the result and I am really glad that I gave interstellar blends a try. I can’t wait to explore other blends and reset my body.I have just become the lifetime customer of Interstellar Blends.”



“This has got to be the best blend combo I’ve ever had. this has shown significant improvement in my daily life.

This has boosted confidence, helped me focus. Along with all that , since I drink it twice a day (once morning and once afternoon with black coffee) it keeps me going through out my day and also helped with my mentality and weight loss.

I tried the nebula and trinity sample to start with and I will be purchasing more. My mind set has become more positive and clear.Definitely must try these two becuase this stuff REALLY WORKSSS!!!

Gavin has done an amazing job with these natural blends, I’ve been on Adderall but the after feeling sucks. With these natural blends you feel great throughout the whole time, the day I missed one morning I actually felt less confident and doubting myself and feeling very low. This has helped with anxiety.

This is highly recommended !!! will be purchasing for life.”


—Jay G

“Probably the best blend ever. I tried a few, I was in no hurry to give my opinion and I must say that with the TRINITY it is the blend with which I found myself best. I love many interstellar blends and they have been very helpful in my life, but with this TRINITY, often mixed with matcha, used during the day it helps me a lot to spend my days with the right energy and confidence, without strange thoughts for my head but with a great focus on my daily goal. I trade professionally and mental connection and concentration are everything and with this natural blend I am able to be present and connected with the world. Thanks for the work you are doing, I believe that this blend will become an integral part of my life because it is improving me in all respects.

This and the other blends are game changers, I recommend them to everyone!

And thanks to Gavin for the support and availability always present and always ready to help you in finding the best blends to match your life … your work is fantastic!I am grateful to life that I have found your products.”



“Holy Moly! I dove in to the interstellar blends with the help of some people i followed on instagram, I had seen them post about it numerous times and it peaked my interest. What really made me purchase the blends was the chest pains I was getting from using preworkout I wanted something not so caffeine based but still gave me the energy and drive to push on so i went with Trinity and Nebula. To my surprise was gifted with a free sample curtesy of Gavin so i got to try the Matcha green tea which was amazing. Although I haven’t used nebula and trinity separately I do know that the effects of both have significantly improved my day to day experience when I wake up I’m excited for the day and have enough drive to get everything i want done and even have enough energy to workout in the evening without having to take and pre workout I’m still going strong from the trinity and nebula from the morning. I have started to experiment with taking another dose with tea in the evening and that’s going well.I have already told my daily about the benefits of these blends and how they improve your day to day routine and stop any type of anxiety or second guessing you have.

Just want to thank Gavin for creating such a great product for the people if you’re worried about this being fake or the price being to much just know it is very much worth the price and these blends last a while pull the trigger and start to improve your life now with interstellar blends you will only wish you started sooner. I’m going to tryout the shilajit next very excited!”


—Austin Collins

“Where do I even begin??

First I would like to say Thank You to Gavin and all of his team for the Amazing Products, Shipping and customer service they provide!

These Products have improved my whole life…in such a short time! He is the real deal, you can tell him your ailments or what you want to get better at (such as confidence or no anxiety, etc) and he can match you with the best Blends to help you!!

I have Psoriatic Arthritis and its been getting worse and worse, but luckily Gavin has a Blend for that. 😉 I signed up to do 30 days with the Pain Blend Prototype along with several other blends; happy to say the pain has went away! This alone will make me a customer for LIFE. I am off all of my pain medications for arthritis (which only masked the pain and made me so sick), and replaced it with this particular blend! Its amazing!

My parents say they see such a difference in me! My moods are better and my mom said she can just “hear in my voice” how much better I am feeling.

These Blends are truly a LIFE SAVER. I can’t wait to see all the new and exciting things that will be coming out in the next few years.

YOU owe it to your mind and body to start these Blends and live an Interstellar Life!!”


—Jenny C

“I seem to have found the key to all my irritating health issues and I couldn’t be happier and have never felt better. I have even ordered a blend for my Mum to try. I want my family to thrive and feel as good as they can the same way I now do so I have recommended Interstellar blends to them all. I started taking Trinity about 2 weeks ago, Seven Sages one week ago and have had Autonomous a few times. The effects from these blends have been beyond my expectations. I didn’t think I could feel this level of mental clarity. I couple them with 22/2 fast as recommended by Gavin. I honestly feel flipping amazing! My mental clarity is incredible. I have been told by family I seem like I’m in less of a daydream. I feel more chatty and outgoing, need way less sleep and have a clear head every day! Also no back ache since I started. I had had a number of visits to a chiropractor and they did not touch on my back issues the same way blends and intermittent fasting seem to have. There’s no other reason the back ache could have gone so this is an unexpected bonus! I have also been told my skin looks fresher. I really haven’t felt this good in years. No brain fog and I can multitask well again. One other huge bonus for me is that I actually feel like I am relating better to my kids who have autism and ADHD. It’s like I understand how their brains work a bit better and I feel like a better version of myself for this. I also have Chrons disease so I have just started Interstellar Helicobacter and Paraslayer blends . After taking for a month I will be able to review these products too. After such incredibly positive results from the other blends in so short a time I enthusiastically await my next delivery.

Absolutely life changing!

Thank you Gavin McGowan for your incredible amount of knowledge and advice which you have been on hand to offer every step of the way! I wouldn’t be without Interstellar blends now.”



“Oceans of gratitude to you! I was preparing to write this brilliant testimonial and walked into our kitchen to make tea before I did (in our magical, epicurean co-living space) and saw a couple who were just returning from their vacation in Cabo. The first statement out of my beloved friends mouth was “What did you do to your hair!? It looks so good!” I had an amazing laugh and shared with her about Interstellar Herbs Super Hair Tonic which she is now purchasing so she can experience fuller, more lustrous locks.

I’ve been taking Super Hair faithfully for 3 weeks and in this short frame of time have experienced profound, hyper-accelerated hair growth.

One of the questions I asked my friend was what differences she noticed and she said my hair looked significantly fuller, thicker and shinier than it did before they left for Cabo 20 days ago.

Prior to utilizing Super Hair I was experiencing a substantial amount of hair shed due to numerous stressors. Not only can I see 2 full inches (<<< read that again, 2 inches in 3 weeks!) of new hair growth blossoming in places where I was previously shedding hair, I can see a new richness in color tone and my hair returning to its natural vibrancy from youth.

One of the most valuable gifts of these sacred herbs is that I can FEEL and SEE my true self for the first time in years. The restoration of health to my hair and sheer fact that this is only the beginning of the results I’m going to experience is a phenomenal blessing and inspiration.

One thing I know for certain about Interstellar Herbs is that If you utilize the blends that resonate with you uniquely and stick with the protocols, IT WORKS WONDERS.

Gavin has also been a massive support and generously shared his wealth of knowledge with me when I had questions about the blends, supportive science and how they work in the body.

I full-heartedly recommend Interstellar Herbs for next level health maximization!”


—Solara Rose

“I don’t know how to begin this review. When I first came upon interstellar blends I didn’t know what to expect or how to take it. It seemed to be blown out of proportion from what I was reading. Boy was I wrong. This stuff helped me in so many ways. Trinity was helping me with anxiety, sleeping better, and helped my breathing a lot too. It was also really good for weight control. I’ve lost motivation to look good for vanity reasons but I noticed when I started taking trinity my cravings and hunger was less and also I would crave healthier foods Shilajit was another one that would help bring a lot of focus and clarity to myself and the two in conjunction are very helpful for being calm, focused, and ready for anything really.

I got sick last year and was taking the blends and fasting along with the win hof method and never had any serious symptoms although I still had to quarantine I felt amazing. So there goes that to the media and to the people that are being fear mongered to the sickness which you probably all know what I’m talking about by now.

In conclusion, this stuff is really great. I got a sample pack and it really is worth the high price tag. What’s the value of living a healthy and happy life? It’s priceless.”


— Abraham Hermosillo

“It is hard to know where to begin except to say that I will be forever grateful to my dear friend who gave me Trinity in my time of terrible loss and grief. Depression, stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness were causing me to doubt my future. I had tried many options to help me out of the darkness that I was feeling and absolutely nothing helped until a couple of weeks into taking Trinity. At first, I didn’t notice any change and that is probably because I didn’t think that anything could help me or even save me. Until people around me began to notice and realised that I had started to sleep better and actually started to smile. I now have more focus & clarity, I feel more in control of my thoughts & emotions. I am enjoying the feeling of happiness again and want to get out of bed looking forward to my day. I cannot put a price on being able to live a happy life (most of the time) but I am almost there and will not stop taking my Trinity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my friend, Gavin & Interstellar.”


—Sandra M

“I have used many of the blends for some years now, with wonderful results on my health, especially my mental health. I suffer from severe PTSD and Trinity has helped me a lot with that. But it wasn’t until I tried Purge that everything changed for me. It has changed my life so much, that it’s hard to write this review because I start to cry my eyes out from gratitude when I think about it. I have suffered from PTSD all my life and it has slowly been killing me, and I have developed all kinds of stupid problems along with it, for example, an eating disorder, in an attempt to manage my feelings. And Purge just removed it. Eating disorder – gone! Suddenly I don’t have to overeat to calm myself down anymore. I have tried everything to get rid of it, so I couldn’t believe it when my brain suddenly didn’t crave food anymore. My life doesn’t revolve around food anymore. I can’t even begin to tell you how this has completely changed who I am and how I function. If you’re thinking about trying Purge, you should know that it doesn’t just Purge you out physically and get rid of your fat, it clears the shit out of your mind, too. And the best effect of all is, that the other blends suddenly hits harder after Purge. I can´t explain it, but it’s like there was a bunch of crap in the way inside my body before, preventing the blends to fully absorb. But I can tell you, after Purge, the other blends hit harder now. I am so grateful that I finally found something that can help me. I would also like to say something about Gavin since I have noticed that some are nervous to approach him. I haven´t had that much direct contact with him, but I have seen him interact with others online. And he is for sure the sweetest man, and he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. This man is trying to change the world. He has for sure changed mine.”



“So my sister told me about the blends over a year ago and I finally gave in and bought the sample pack. I was on work training the week my blends arrived. I struggled to stay alert throughout the day training so I started experimenting with the blends. I started by taking the 7 sages and the nebula. Within the hour I felt energised but the big thing is the whole day I never felt sleepy or tired My energy levels were amazing. Then a few days ago I woke up fluey and with a fever my throat was itchy and I thought I had COVID. I am a nurse and we often work long hours . I took a combination of victorious, luteolin, senolytic peel and spice. It didn’t take for me to begin to feel better and the 2nd dose later I was back to normal. I didn’t even have to take the day off I am currently using Super hair tonic as my hair had thinned out and I can’t wait to order the bigger pack as I only have the sample size. Wish I had started using the blends last year when I first heard of them. I can’t wait to experiment with the rest of the blends. Thanks Gavin for your research and obviously amount of work you put into this. Still have a lot to read on the various blends but what I have used so far is simply amazing.”


—Sekayi Gonera

“Trinity is simply the gold standard. If there is only 1 blend you could get, I would always say get Trinity. Gave it to some friends and even though they don’t do 22/2 (or even fasting in general) they could notice a difference rather quickly (like straight away for 1 of them and after few days for another). For myself, I just keep coming back to it and when testing 22/2 without it, it just becomes so obvious the impact Trinity has on your mood, energy levels, ect. I went through a difficult period (stress related) and now looking back at it with a clear mind, I can honestly say that 22/2 with the blends has helped me stay more focussed and have the clarity the get myself out of this period. Which would be one of the biggest compliments you can give the blends (and thus also Trinity): They take you to a higher level (in all aspects of life) and keep you there without any compromises. It is just a smooth journey all the way and I love that I have started it and I’ll be a customer for life! Thank you Gavin and the Interstellar team!!!”


—Jeroen B

“Gavin, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible gift. After six months of using your blends, my life has transformed in remarkable ways. I was blessed enough to meet an amazing man who introduced me to these blends. I’ve undergone two liver transplants, which made managing my health challenging due to medication changes and complications.

Taking Liver Regen alone yielded incredible results – boosted energy and improved function. Incorporating other blends led to weight loss, enhanced mood, and focus. Niagra regulated my cycle and eliminated any typical mood swings.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that I received a clean bill of health at my annual transplant clinic appointment. My specialist was amazed by my bloodwork. Thanks to your blends, I’ve improved my health and my quality of life.”

With immense gratitude,


—Santana B.

“Started taking Trinity and Seven Sages about 4 weeks ago and the results have been amazing! I have more energy and think more clearly. Waking up in the morning feels like a reward now, I know I will have a wonderful and productive day. When first ordering I was a bit skeptical, but I took the chance and made the purchase. The order was delivered fast and it came in a nice wrapping. When first taking the combo I immediately noticed a difference in a good way.

Feeling like I am in control of my thoughts and emotions has turned my life to the better. Can not say how thankful I am for Gavin and the rest of the interstellar team. I will be purchasing more of Trinity and Seven Sages for sure, and thinking of adding Nebula and Autonomous for the next order!

These blends are life changing and I personally will be a customer for life!”


—Sage A

“I am Walter Gastelum, a tax attorney in Mexico and RetailForexTrader. I started using the Interstellar Blend products last year, on the recommendation of a friend.

My interest was practically to concentrate during my reading and study days, so I acquired SHILAJIT Blend. The results are the best and I am very grateful for these products.

I researched the benefits of shilajit for memory and concentration and there are very good references to its properties. Among those that help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders.

I currently have in my possession Nebula and Trinity Blends, which I use to do my daily kundalini meditation routine.”


—Walter Gastelum

“So to start with I never knew what to expect, after seeing results through the reviews and progress people was making I had to look into it further. the past year I have been struggling with depressions, stress and anxiety therefore been on a journey digging deep into reprogramming my subconscious mind and spiritual being.

Trinity has worked wonders in helping me do just that; with doing a 16 hour fast I would wake up in the morning and mix the herbs in with coffee and I’m just in a world of my own full of focus and mental clarity! I am a full time Trader and these help me so much even with not eating i still feel full of so much energy and mentally switched on.

A few months down the line and I am in a much better place mentally and physically; I feel fully in control with my thoughts and emotions. I don’t even know where to begin in recommending this product to anyone with a little brain fog or just struggling with past trauma that’s causing depression and being anxious about the future, live in the moment and connect with your higher self with reprogramming your subconscious mind you can tap into a whole new world full of abundance, joy and fulfilment; these herbs help you a lot along the journey. I cannot thank Gavin and his team enough I’m so happy about coming across this product and I am soo excited about my next order!! Yous have a customer for life! THANK YOU!”


— Ciaran Harris

“There are very few people that I respect in the industry of health and wellness. Gavin, is one of those people. The determination he has to create life-changing blends has not only inspired me in my business endeavors, but the ACTUAL RESULTS of the blends are what has made the most impact for me and thousands of others. You want proof? Read reviews on his website, join the chats, see the REAL RESULTS from those who put in the work and are committed. Gavin is the embodiment of a true leader, he is always willing to help and continuously strives to improves his products and the lives of others. The success he has is well deserved. There is a reason why a company with no advertisements does well, it’s due to the product ACTUALLY WORKING! Interstellar blends is the ONLY company whose products that I recommend on a nearly day to day basis. The best thing for someone who is on the fence on whether or not to take the leap is to order a pack of sample blends and commit to the process. Message Gavin, or ask questions in the community for help. We are all here to help! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Troqan V

“When I was researching fasting, came across the Interstellar Blends. Bought them, and started taking them to combat my insulin resistance, anemia, hypothyroidism, bone loss, and needed weight loss. I have tried many products over the years, I teach health and nutrition now since I got off the steroids and pharmaceuticals years ago and started to rebuild my health from all the prior damage it caused. These blends are exceptional, nothing like them on the market. The website is full of actual studies, helping you to see the root causes of the problems so you can correct them. At first one might say they are expensive, but what you are getting is well worth the price. If you want to heal your body and regain your health, take the blends!!”



“There is a key factor for the blends to work and is YOU. Is YOU are NOT willing to change your mind set and life style then the blends are not for you. Don’t blame the blends for not working if you are not willing to give up sugar, junk food because the problem has been all along YOU and the one that does not want to change is YOU!! Gavin gives you the tools and instructions for you to succeed. You can do the 22/2 or dry fast is YOUR choice, for every plan there is a protocol that you must follow if you don’t then you are setting yourself for failure. Regarding the price if you look at how much you are getting and how ling is going to last you then it makes sense plus this is an investment in your health And if you are not willing to invest in yourself then you have no business buying the blends. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


“To start this review properly I just want to mention that I’m a healthy and fit man. Had no particular issue regarding energy or whatever. A friend of mine talked to me about Interstellar blends and got me interested. He told me it was really good stuff and all NATURAL. He got my curiosity. I came here and scrolled the website, only to find a GOLDMINE. He also offered me his Supernova Blend since he switch to the 200:1 version Nebula. I’ve been taking Supernova every morning for over 2 weeks now and MAN do I feel good. remember I was doing all right before, but hits thing is just FABULOUS ! I feel like nothing can stop me ! no more dip in confidence or any sign of anxiety whatsoever. More confident then EVER. I get shit done ! I just ordered NEBULA since its more potent but same blend and I will continue on with this. REALLY RECOMMEND TRYING FOR YOURSELF!

I also want to mention the EXTRAORDINARY customer service that Gavin is giving. The guy took the time to answer ALL my questions on a freaking Sunday night. Best customer service out there by FAR !!! and If my testimony does not convince you, read the others haha. It’s no bullshit this thing works. Can’t wait to try a whole stack of blends!!!”


—Frédéric Martineau

“My Dad has osteoarthritis and my Mom has rheumatoid. So preventatives for bone and joint health are very important in my life. I started getting arthritis symptoms in my early thirties. Being overweight and a not so great diet definitely didn’t help. I started eating organic and losing weight in my late thirties, but still the early onset of arthritis continued.

Since finding Interstellar Blends, I’ve been taking large doses of Spice and Peel blend to help combat arthritis, and support skin, hair and overall health.

Titanium is one of the newest blends from Interstellar. And upon trying it, I found that it has taken things to the next level!I tried Titanium and immediately felt this sense of calm and peace. Within a week I noticed that my joints felt stronger and more elastic, and were easier to move. Now that I’ve finished my 1st bag a couple weeks ago, I can already feel tension in my head and neck returning, and my fingers as well.

Titanium brings together super concentrated Flavonoids and Polyphenols, along with the best herbs in the world for bone and joint health. Flavonoids and Polyphenols are very important compounds for health, found in fruits, vegetables and spices. They pretty much support every organ and system in the entire body.

Looking through the ingredient list almost made me swoon. Titanium has an unbelievably powerful mixture of the finest ingredients that money can buy.

Looks like this one’s a keeper! Time to get some more!”


—Rich Ryan

“As someone who is very used to nootropics and already used some of the things in the mix, I was very pleasantly surprised with how much of a difference a small amount of it makes. I would add only a small amount to coffee and it would increase and enhance the effect of the coffee (which would only normally be a relatively short lived high for me) for perhaps 2-3 hours. To start with I was stacking it with the Senescent Cell Blend and felt this was a really powerful combo prolonging the effects further and going into other kind of territory of manifesting very particular things very quickly in my life. Very excited to combine with other interstellar blends to see the effects.

I’ve managed to do some really creative work whilst using it on a very small amount compared to the nootropic stack I was using myself which I was having up to 6g of! As I get to the last of what’s left Im going to try bigger amounts of it as I’m very interested to see what say a tsp or 2 would do! Im guessing it could probably replace what I was using and be more profound just simply because of the sheer amount of different things in there. It was also interesting the subtle changes each day so your body never quite gets used to the blend.

Overall really innovative blend and concept very impressed. I had even thought of making the blend I was making for myself commercially available as I didn’t see many other people doing anything similar, that was before trying Gavin’s blends and realising there is at least one company really taking it to the next level and is always on the cutting edge! Big fan!”


—Sebastian Gaeta

“Im 23 and a two-time cancer survivor. I’ve been through the worst of the worst in regards to modern medicine. Having cancer at 11 and 14 has shown me the worst side of western medicine so I’ve always been searching for alternative ways to be in great health. I stumbled upon Gavin and Interstellar Blends in early 2020 through YouTube & Shaun Lee. Just listening to how passionate Gavin is about interstellar on his old YouTube videos is enough to try the blends. Before even making a purchase, Gavin is an open resource. He gives you the necessary information to you straight no crap. He’s going to keep it real every single time. He’s not trying to be a conman or sales man. He gives you SCIENCE and recommendations and you make decision for yourself. As a business owner myself, Gavin goes above and beyond for customers. I don’t even know how he gets information to every customer like does but he makes sure everyone is taken care of. Now the blends, they are life changing. Follow the instructions, read the science, ask questions and TEST what’s best for you. And make sure you’re dry fasting with blends, if you’re not just don’t take them. Follow the protocol and you will see enormous changes in your life, no matter what your goals are.

All I can say, Gavin and Interstellar has changed my life for the better and I’ll be a customer for life.”


—Kimani Francis

“I have been a mad scientist for the past 8-9 years when it comes to figuring out how to heal my body from the absolute destruction I did through a decade long sugar addiction. Family friends would come up to me and say, “Dude, you look so skinny. Are you okay?” Sugar (ironically) was depleting my body and turning me into a stick. Back in April of 2020, I started taking the blends and following the 22 hour fasting lifestyle that Gavin preaches. I thought with COVID happening, I might as well get my act together once and for all. Within 1-2 weeks, my sugar addiction was finished. Done. No cravings, no nothing. It wasn’t even hard. I just had to discipline myself to wait until the end of the day to eat, but with the blends it was not even much effort… More psychological than anything. I have had experience with the absolute top of the game when it comes to the natural health world. You name it I have done it or people I know have done it. I stand by my statement that Interstellar Blends is THE #1 herbal supplement company in the world. Search as far as you want, you will not prove me wrong.”


—Richard Smith

“Purge is not for the faint hearted.

But if you need to be cleaned out and eliminate the years and years of build up from garbage eating then purge is your go to. By the end of my first dose I felt like I have never before.Squeaky clean on the inside!!

It has been a day since I took my dose of purge and my energy, focus and overall levels of gratitude are through the roof.

What makes Purge even better is when you get back to your 2 hour feeding window the amount of appreciation and gratitude for eating clean paleo keto foods is on a whole other dimension!Definitely not for the weak. But highly recommend and something that I will be implementing into my protocol.

Shout out Gavin and team for the sample!! Above and beyond as always!!!!”



“I was skeptical at first as this was the first time I had tried any blends at all from Interstellar. One week on and I have to say this stuff really works, like seriously 100% noticeable. My cognitive functioning is noticeably better and is my overall effectiveness at work and home. As recommended I use it on an empty stomach and take with black coffee in the morning. This sets me up for the day.

I have read comments like total game changer well i agree that’s a pretty good summary. Combine with good diet and exercise and BOOM new person. Thanks for opening my mind to this hidden gem…”


—Glenn Swift

“Intestinal Draino is what you may call it! The Purge is not for the weak minded! This blend will clean years of junk and you’ll be able to find that mysterious object you ate when you were 5 years old!

My experience with the Purge was fantastic. I felt cleaned out, more energetic and my moods were elevated. Not only does this blend make you feel good physically, but mentally as well. I felt lighter, my senses were heightened, my headspace felt clear.. I just felt good overall!

Purge is a MUST have if you’re beginning a fast or want to efficiently empty your bowels. The Purge is rough the first time but the more gentle you are to treating your body, the more the Purge is gentle to you. This is one blend that you want to have in your Arsenal at all times.”


—Rish Dee

“If you end up coming across Gavins blends you will know if they are for you or not. If you think they are a scam then they are not for you. The path isn’t for everyone, and these blends are a true way of embodying mind/body/spirit development when combined with fasting. This isn’t a quick fix, magic pill that makes all of your problems go away. The blends act as gateways to achieving limitless potential and healing the body of all of the toxic conditioning, mental dysfunction and parasites that have been accumulated by the bodymind through daily living. Each blend serves a different function and when combined can provide invaluable results. So far I have tried Trinity, Supernova, and Victorious.

My next purchase will be Gavin’s nootropic Autonomous, a cognitive enhancement which I plan on utilizing in order to become a funded trader. That way I can buy all the blends in the world both for myself and my family. Be the change and live by example. They will start to notice. Join the telegram and get your feet wet – Gavin provides all of the relevant scientific journals for investigation. If you don’t want to read a scientific journal, the blends are not for you.”



“Nebula is the second herbal blend that I’ve tried and it gave me so much energy. I started with trinity to treat my anxiety and depression, & it worked for me in four days.

I read that nebula was like motivational rocket fuel so I had to try it. I like to try the blends individually first to see how they work. I started taking nebula and had amazing sleep, only needing around 5 hours.

The first time I tried it, I put it in my black coffee and literally worked all day, I normally need to take a nap during the day, but I no longer need them. These blended herbs helped me realize I don’t need 7-8+ hours of sleep per night. My sleep is of better quality & I need few hours.

Nebula also gave me a different level of confidence, mainly with my work. It’s like I’m more sure of myself & not as hesitant to make decisions. It gives me the ability to just flow with things without over thinking. So far Ive tried Trinity, Shilajit, Nebula, and I just bought hypnotic so that I can start dry fasting. My next purchase is definitely going to be autophagy activator. These herbs are simply amazing. Its like the key that’s been missing to keep me sharp and on point.”


—D B

“If your skeptical because you see the prices idk what to tell you. But if you willing to spend some money for some top quality herbs trust you won’t regret it. But it won’t just magically work, you have to put in the work. Gavin gives so much advice backed up with science and he shows you step by step so you can have the best experience with the herbs. Ive been on trinity, supernova, and autonomous that mix has been my favorite lately. Take it in the morning and your ready to go for the day.

I would recommend this to anyone, just give it a try and see how you feel.”



“Hey Gavin, what can I say??? These blends changed my and my clients life. I’ve always been obsessed with optimizing my brain and performance and I run a business teaching other entrepreneurs this. Best believe EVERY CUSTOMER of mine has to order Trinity, Nebula, Shilajit and seven sages as a bear minimum. Best health products on planet earth. nothing even close. Keep being great brother! The nootropic is amazing as well! F*ck it haha every blend I’ve tried is amazing. But those 5 are my go to’s.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

—Jorn Van Hooydonk

“Interstellar blends and Gavin are something very rare indeed in this line of business , they provide products that deliver on what they say they do “they do what they say on the tin” as the saying goes and Gavin lives and breathes his business and is always on hand to help out with an insane amount of information. I’ve been using the blends for nearly three weeks now and I really couldn’t be more optimistic about what lies ahead . In life if you want to get anywhere you have to leverage yourself , get the absolute most out of you and that means putting in the hard work , day in – day out and use anything at your disposal to get you where you want to be and in Interstellar Blends I really do believe I’ve found an extra tool that enables me to leverage myself even further and get to where I want to be. This might sound a bit over the top but honestly just give these blends a try and you’ll see what I’m saying. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Craig Wilson

“These blends are like rocket fuel for my brain!!! I run a trading business and I am also a professional Trader. With these blends my focus, energy and mood is 10x better. I was already very fit and healthy before the blends but now I am on another level. I bought the December special and I still have so much left. My wife and I have been taking these daily so the quantity is enough for a couple. Gavin and his team are a huge resource of knowledge and the service is amazing. Gavin responds to every question on his Telegram channel. I live in the UK and the blends arrived on time despite all the covid delays. The only negative is the taste. But you get used to it. Who ever is reading this know that this is not a fake review this is for real!! Invest in your health now or end up paying 20x more in your old age on medical bills and disease. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


“Well well well, what can i say the price is worth it!!!

I first came across, THE INTERSTELLAR PLAN products through a super health conscious friend of mine. He was bragging about how he never had so much energy and focus in his life. This herbal blends website is the real deal. So he recommended MATCHA Green Tea to try 1st. A little back background story about me, Im 26, athletic and work with a shipping company also do trading forex/cryptos on the side. So both jobs require alot of energy and focus.

My MATCHA Green arrived on time through the mail. It also came with two free herbal blend samplers. Which i appreciated. Im not going to lie, i was abit skeptic at first and assumed that it wouldn’t be so effective. so I followed the instructions which were to drink it with black coffee or hot water and i skipped eating for the day. Surprisingly, I didnt feel the need to eat throughout the day, I wasnt tired , i was super alert and overall i just felt great. After week of drinking the green tea & intermediate fasting, i losted a few pounds and i looked abit more leaner.

I highly recommend the interstellar plan products. They are very effective. You will definitely enjoy your results.Im about go get me some more right now!!”



“First thing is first, I am amazed at how quick my blends arrived (5 days to Ireland!) I’ve ordered from the US and paid for speedy delivery but still took 2 weeks…crazy!

The blends came well packaged and the box was not damaged one bit, I love the design and the bags the blends come in, well done to whoever is behind the designs!

The blends! Seriously potent stuff and I’m amazed at how quickly you feel the effects, as a day trader I’m finding myself a lot more focused without the brain fog and my concentration has expanded! I highly recommend trinity (and nebula together) I have suggested the blends to friends and family and Gavin has definitely gained a life long customer. Thank you bud!

The blends may seem a little expensive but great things don’t come cheap! The benefits of these blends are endless…thanks again Gavin.”



“What can I say? I came into Interstellar Blends because of a recommendation and all I have to say is that I will be a client for life. First and foremost, Gavin gives a customer service that I have never seen before. It is not easy to find an owner that answer your questions so quick and give you sincere advice and tips depending on your needs. He always takes his time to keep everyone up to date and in the Telegram group, a lot of question are answered. Really recommended. I started with Trinity and saw the results almost the day after. That day in particular I had to deal with several work problems and I really felt more relaxed when addressing them. In other times, my hearth and humor would not be that good because I use to get irritated easily. I have tried several techniques before to keep calm in those situations like deep belly breathing, meditate, etc. but never worked even close as using the blend. In addition, all that happened using 1/8 tsp, one dose. Cannot imaging if you increase the dose. Effects lasted almost all day and I will try to take another dose before bed for better sleep. Now using also Nebula which gives me the energy I need to keep pushing. I barely sleep 3 hours a day and the truth is that the moment I am more awake and focused is right after taking the blends at 3AM. New formula “Autonomous” make you see things differently. I can feel it 15-20 minutes after taking the blend. Difficult to explain the results of this blend, it just make me forget anything that distract me apart from what I want to do on that particular moment.

I am a trader and after taking all blends at 3AM I can say I am even more focused than if I have been sleeping for 8 hours. I wouldn’t be able to sleep that little and have mental clarity without the blends. Truth is that I was little bit skeptical about the power of taking some “herbs” but you really need to believe and trust.

Can’t go wrong with all the testimonials of people that really changed their lives in many aspects because of Gavin blends. After all, we need to invest in ourselves. Dont think and go for them. You wont regret. Thanks Gavin.”



“I was already familiar with some blends, like Trinity, Autophagy, Matcha, Seven Sages, Spice and Peel, Pine Pollen, etc… for myself and mother fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I saw some benefits when my mon had her sciatica pain and was relieved using spice and peel. So when my sister sent me a message a couple of months ago from Cameroon, telling me that her husband has just been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer (met to the lungs and bones) and was in serious pain. he couldn’t even move without screaming for pain. I immediately sent a text message to Gavin and he answered me right away. He advised to get the Vital Force Combo, which I did. All these conversations back and forth between my sister, myself and Gavin happened in lest than hour. So, i purchase the blends and they were delivered whithin10 days. My brother-in-law started taking the blends right away and the hardest part was fasting. It’s usually hard for people to believe that they can go a few hours without foods and not die. My sister also started to learn about keto diet and how to control his insulin level ( he is also diabetic and was taking insulin daily or twice a day).

As far as some benefit we’ve seen so far, he when back to work about a week after starting the blends. The pain was almost gone and he was more energetic. He has stopped taking insulin because his blood sugar is now within normal limit. His skin looks awesome, and the surprising part was that at this next doctor visit, his PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) went from 900 to 0.67. I’m a nurse practitioner and I’ve never seen a psa that high or going back to normal that fast. His medical providers were choked as well.

So now my whole family is learning about the blend are starting to get some as well. Mostly ACB, because cancer is like the flu in my family. Many thanks to Gavin for doing all this, been there for us, and his promptitude in answering questions and giving advices. Thanks.”


—Berenice Kobu

“I can honestly say these blends have changed my life for the better. I was looking for a way to lose weight by fasting, gain mental clarity and be in overall good health. The first blend I ever tried made me not eat for 4 days and I had no hunger/cravings for food at all. These blends are a life changer and I’m forever grateful for Gavin and his team for these amazing blends and their excellent customer service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Rish Dee

“The feeling of enlighten is crazy after taking Trinity is calm and confident. And also other blends such as Apigenin lowers my blood pressure too Love so much and i will continue buying them for life! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Adrian Greg

“I’ve only been taking Interstellar blends for 2-3 months and Im amazed I can even feel this way. Human again. I’ve tried so many prescription pills, supplements in the past, yoyo’d all over the place on this one other fasting protocol for a year, and I was about to give up.. Discovered Interstellar blends after researching dry fasting and was hesitant at first, joined the FB group, did alot of research but I’m so glad I bought the blends. Ive been in a fog for the past 10 years battling mystery issues like chronic fatigue, concentration issues, non existent memory, apathy and derealization and I can honestly say for the first time in a long time, I feel alive, memories are coming back and have started drawing again everyday (Long time artist. Derealization and apathy is a b!tch ). I’m slowly getting my zest for life back everyday. Everything is science based, Gavin doesn’t BS people. Do your own research on these things (past the first page of g@@gle. Lol) and try the samples, the site and FB group have a treasure trove of science backed information and studies. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Liam Boyle

“Been through tons of negative energy in the year 2019, anxiety, depression, relationship. Energy level reached till the bottom. As a trader going through all these is not an easy path, feeling super high stress, loose focus, money almost everything. Throughout time, I have been following Shaun Lee as one of the reputable people in this universal. He gave some real-life testimonials after taking the Interstellar Herbs. That’s what caught my eye, I take the leap of faith and make my first purchase at the year 2020 of the ultimate sampler pack. Life starts changing tremendously in all aspects. Health, mindset, energy level levelling up like a regain of the true you. Thank you, Gavin the founder created this amazing herb on this planet that changing people lives. Every day I living my life fullness. I been sharing this herbs to my best friends too! Sharing is caring! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Chin Jian Hsiung

“Interstellar Blends are life changing! I first started following the creator, Gavin, when he started uploading YouTube videos about dry fasting years ago. I first tried the Original and Supernova blends several years ago. They helped me heal my stomach after picking up some parasites traveling, increased my focus and helped my mood and motivation within a very short time. Around that time, I got back into extended pure water fasts (no salt) and dry fasting and stopped the blends. Then I fell into fasting with salt water, which was a huge mistake for me. I have been back on the blends consistently for about 6 months and I feel incredible. I have more energy, my skin glows, my hair grows fast, I am laser focused, my mood has improved, I sleep better, I have more motivation and just feel more joy and passion for life now. I suffered from vertigo for months that came on suddenly last summer and within a week, it was completely gone. There are a ton of scientific studies to back up the blends on the website and a nifty search function to help you navigate through them all if you want to know the hows and whys. Gavin encourages you to do your own research (his part of helping you become an independent free thinker) but always answers questions. His advice is consistent and has not changed over the many years I have followed him. The price may seem steep but once you try them, you will realize how much you have been missing out on.”



“Helico It’s the best , I had been having digestive problems for 2 years, everything I ate hurt my stomach and I constantly had gas and abdominal swelling, it hurt a lot and I was uncomfortable every day.

I stopped eating dairy because I thought I was lactose intolerant, I stopped eating all kinds of things that could irritate my colon and stomach and still the discomfort, bloating and stomach damage would not stop.

I began medical treatments that previously aggravated my stomach and intestinal problem.

I came here one day on someone’s recommendation and wanted to buy Helico to try out if a natural alternative could work for me since nothing had worked for me and I was tired of living day by day with my stomach like this.

In just the first week I had my stomach back in shape, the gas had almost completely disappeared, the abdominal swelling had not returned, I improved so quickly and so satisfactorily that I find it incredible.I am very grateful because Helico cured my stomach in a week and did what traditional medicine could not do in 2 years, now I feel very good, and my stomach is perfect in 90%, I do not feel uncomfortable, I feel good every day and even I can eat everything that I did not eat before and nothing hurts my stomach, every food feels good and really improve my life, thanks.”


—David Velez Quiroz

“For starters, this has got to be the best customer service I have ever experienced. I had a couple of errors on my side during the order and shipping and Gavin helped me out through everything and made the experience so much better.


This this this this is my favorite blend hands down. I’m an anxious person, and this just f*cking decimates my anxiety. On the first week of using Trinity, out of the blue I decided to fast for 48 hours (which I hadn’t done before) and I just BREEZED through that fast. I felt like I was high all the time with Trinity. Insane focus, insane CHILL.

I don’t ever want to wake up without my Trinity, believe me.

Thanks Gavin for such an amazing experience. ABSOLUTE FIVE STARS ON EVERYTHING.”


—Erika Slim Valle

“I ordered the nebula and trinity blend about a week ago and I’m already seeing results. At first I may have thought that the results seemed a little far fetched or it could be a little unclear but the testimonies and reviews are the truth.

I recently started my journey to a healthier life about 2-3 months ago. I’ve been trying to find every mental edge I can by doing whatever I can and these two blends have definitely given me an advantage by Providing more mental clarity and my mind just feels sharper all the way around. I’m not exactly sure what the blends do to do this but trust me they work.

If you’re doubting or have questions of if you should get them then I highly recommend trinity and nebula to start out. Over all I’ve had more mental clarity less anxiety and less depression. They’ve definitely played apart in my increased mental performance. Don’t question if you should get them and go for it.”


—Jordan Harris

“I have always had good hair, thick and wavy. but it doesn’t seem to grow much past shoulders. And despite having a good diet and pampering my hair with ‘good ” hair products, it would still get a bit dry and frizzy… after a month of using the Super Hair Tonic, my hair grew, I’m seeing new hair growth and its not dry. It looks thick and nourished. the best its ever looked and other people are noticing too… but its not just about my hair…. I feel better in general. This is the first blend bought. I’ve since bought Trinity, Nebula and have received samples of seven sages and super nova.. all amazing. I never want to be without these products. I love how I feel on them… sometimes I fast with them… but even when I don’t. I still feel the positive effects of the blends.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

—Jennifer P

“Bought the Original Full Spectrum Formula and I love it! I put it in my coffee in the morning for my fast and I feel amazing throughout the day! I plan on buying more to try out. I feel fueled to get through my workout with a breeze. I feel like I can run forever on the treadmill. Has me feeling like superman! If you workout, you should certainly buy it. This also helps me with my game development. I feel like my brain is on super drugs. I feel so focused and locked in. Before I would have to take breaks or go for a walk just to clear my mind. Now I run straight through! I read books with better understanding now. I feel like I retain the info better, its insane!

To anyone thinking that it’s too high priced, its a great investment in your health! If you dont take care of yourself now, you will certainly pay later with doctor visits! Health is wealth. If I had made a lot of money, I would have an entire room filled with this stuff! My main goal is to regain my vigor, and sexual wellness. I am a customer forever, I dont see anyone else with this type of quality and good reputation.”


—Brandon Johnson

“These blends can change and will most likely change your life if you apply yourself. You cant just take them and expect an instant result but you will feel a difference in your mood. It make you not want to eat as much and from my experience it makes me choose healthier options but that probably comes from all the science Gavin gives you on the daily. Apply yourself and the blends will help you get through anything. Honestly. Best costumer service as well, message Gavin and his team and they will reply almost instantly. Im going to be buying from him as long as he can be producing them. As for the price? What do you expect from such high quality. Try the blends for yourself and see how you feel. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

—Jason Euceda

“I started looking into fasting to help me regain my energy and metal clarity. I started my fasting journey with water, salt, and potassium. Besides being gross, I still felt low energy and irritable. That’s when someone recommended Interstellar blends- GAME-CHANGER! Fasting is way easier with the blends! Also, I’m back to being a happy person! Fasting made me edgy, and during Covid times, I’m not looking to become more irritable. Also, the customer service is STELLAR!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


“During the Summer of 2020 I did a 134 day fast with no food, only the blends. This was a journey to my own health maximization and couldn’t have been done without the blends. How do I know this? In 2018 I did a 110 day fast before finding Interstellar Products and I am able to make an educated, objective comparison. I am a trained healthcare Clinicians and completed this fast while in a pandemic, working full time in s hospital and had no illness or sick days. My mind was focused and clear and I experienced no exhaustion or hunger throughout the 4.5 months. This I attribute to the blends.

I prepared for this fast and had been purchasing blend specials for months, so I had them on hand. I started with the Ultimate Sampler. That is a huge bargain and a great way to try what amazing products are here. Yes, they cost more, but hospital bills, doctor visits, medications and daily pain and suffering in a diseased body cost exponentially more. My quality of life matters and fasting saves you money on all of those things AND no grocery bills.

Initially I took every blend, every day. That got me into the habit of fasting and helped my body break the habit of food. I had plenty of fuel in my fat cells, but the body needs to adapt to not being overfed. I listened to my body and reduced the quantity of daily blends to Senolytic, Super Hair, Peel and Nebula as my base each day. I would then add in Autophagy, Trinity, Spice, Shilajit and others. THEY ALL have their place in my life. I still take blends daily and will for my lifetime.

The customer service is bar none, the quality of the products is outstanding and the intangible benefits to a healthy life are beyond my vocabulary.

Fasting is a choice. It is a proven strategy for longevity and maximizing health. Interstellar Blends, supercharge fasting results by supporting your biology with scientifically supported ingredients that boost your systematic ability to reset, reverse and heal all the damage accumulated during your lifetime. Our lifestyles in the “modern” era have wreaked havoc on the anatomy and physiology of the human structure. Interstellar Blends are the antidote to a life filled with dis-ease and damage.

Choose you. Choose a healthy future living your best life with health and vitality. There is not a blend here that will not have a noticeable impact on you for the better.

I am a customer for life. Fasting will forever be a part of my days and blends will always be included so that I am ensuring my body has what it needs to repair for the onslaught of environmental and other toxins that we encounter each and every day. Interstellar Blends are like internal cellular armor protecting your system from attack. You owe it to your mind, body and Spirit to support your vessel with the best. Interstellar Blends are the top of the line and your vessel will thank you.”


—Dr Lynn Peters

“I was in a car accident 7 years ago that was life changing. After going to the trauma center and having scans and MRI’s done for my injuries. They found a 3 inch cyst on my pancreas. The doctors told me “You have a massive cyst on your pancreas you have a 99.9% chance of having pancreatic cancer. You must have surgery to remove it. Surgery will take 6 hours. You will be in the hospital for 10 days. You will not work for 3 months and you will be a diabetic for the rest of your life

My response: “My holy spirit doesn’t accept that. You’re full of sh*t. This is how it’s going to go. I will have the cyst removed. I will be in the hospital for 3 days. I’ll be back to work in 3 weeks. and I’ll never be a diabetic.”

My only regret now, is wishing I had these herbs then. I would have taken pancreas regenerator for 6 mos and then reevaluated the situation before having surgery.

I did have surgery. 6 biopsies and no cancer. It’s called a whipple surgery. They removed the cyst and 1/3 of my pancreas and attached my pancreas to my stomach. As you can imagine, my liver now as to work twice as hard as most people and I need to nurture my pancreas.

I was in the hospital for three days back to work in 10 days and I’ve never been diagnosed as a diabetic💃

After my surgery after eating certain foods I would get a terrible pain where my pancreas is. The doctors told me it was from inflammation on my pancreas. I kept a journal of what foods bothered me. I also realized I was becoming malnutrition very quickly due to not breaking down food properly and releasing food too quickly. Obviously, a huge problem in regards to supporting my body and my immune system.

As you can imagine I was overjoyed when I saw Gavin come out with a pancreas regenerator.

I took 1/8 tsp 2 times a day for one week and then started introducing those foods again. No pain, no discomfort. I can tell with my digestion that my pancreas is feeling supported to do its job for me and heal my pancreas. i was processing food, much slower and able to hang onto food, and was noticing my bowel movements being much better.

Now that is a gift of a lifetime. Priceless!!!!!!! You’re not what you eat. You are what you absorb and being able to absorb nutrients from food is saving my life.

How do I express in words what Gavin and the team and these herbs have done for my health and the gift it gives my family?

Thank you Gavin and interstellar.

I proved the doctors I was right.”


—Bernadette Andersen

“The Blends are changing my life!! I recommend you read this… I’ve just got to say, I’m truly grateful for the owner of this company and his products. These blends have been a GODSEND. No exaggeration.

I’m 33 years old, and the past 15 years of my life were plagued with clinical depression, negative mindset, physical pain, drug and alcohol addiction, laziness, sadness, and more.

I’ve been using the Interstellar Blends for almost 2 months now, and the dramatic change in my life can not only be recognized by me, but by anyone who has ever known me. I am CONSISTENTLY happy, driven, full of natural/useful energy, and my overall mindset has seemingly shifted.

I’ve been vigilant in the past in trying to find a solution to my problems; including but not limited to anti-depressants, therapy, meditation, prayer, exercise, diet change, vitamins, self help programs, and support groups. Some of these have been effective TO AN EXTENT, but something has always felt as though it was lacking…some aspect of what I needed and wanted wasn’t quite there. I either was “happy” but didn’t have energy, “content” but didn’t have the drive to follow my dreams, “stable” but didn’t feel like my life was going anywhere…and quite frankly the general consensus was that I wasn’t pleasant to be around. Within a matter of time those “good feelings” evaporated and I was left back at what felt like rock bottom, feeling hopeless and like a failure. I had to accept the idea that this was how life was going to be, and that seemed pointless.

It truly feels as though the Blends have unlocked a part of my brain that was dormant. They are helping allow me to reach my GREATEST potential. I feel capable of accepting things I can’t change (I DO NOT WORRY), AND I have the strength, mindset, energy and willingness to change things that ARE in my control. I FEEL HAPPY AND FREE!!

Today I feel like a walking miracle and a WARRIOR. I constantly feel jubilant and elated, healthy, focused, driven, energized, my physical pain is managed, and my overall well-being is extraordinary. My performance at work is better than it has ever been (even better than when I took Adderall), coworkers actually enjoy being around me, people are constantly attracted to me (including beautiful women J), my house is immaculate, and my mindset is allowing me to constantly attract good things into my life. I still meditate, and don’t put mind or mood altering “drugs” in my body, but it now feels like nothing is lacking. I am not worried about the next “crash”. My life is CONSISTENTLY GOOD. “Bad things” still occasionally happen, of course, but I feel intuitively capable of dealing with them and conquering them. Everything seems to just fall into place by itself, and I always seem to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve heard this described as a real life “Limitless” pill. Pretty accurate description…

I currently take Trinity, Nebula, at least twice daily with coffee (sometimes decaf) on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning) and they give me my focus and mental clarity, extreme drive, and overall elation (and more).

I take Spice at least once daily to help manage my back pain and inflammation, and small amounts of Peel 2-3 times a day seems to keep me looking healthy and GLOWING (healthy looking skin with no bags under my eyes).

I just started taking Victorious to boost my immune system against viral threats, so we will see how that plays out.

I currently have an order coming for 7 Sages and Hypnotic and I’m eager to see what those have to offer…But I honestly can’t fathom how things can get any better.

The science is there if you need to do your research first, but you can save yourself some time and just try the stuff out. Within a month I’m fairly certain you’ll be incapable of not seeing the change. Do yourself a favor and let these Blends unlock what is already hiding within you.”

Eternally grateful,


—Guy Redding

“It’s funny how you get used to feeling a certain way so that’s just what you accept of yourself. Or you aren’t aware that something is wrong with you until you feel better. I didn’t realize how exhausted I get during the day. I didn’t realize how low energy I am. I just go through my day and anxiously await a proper time to go to bed. Or…. what’s it feel like not to have a headache? I don’t get migraine headaches, it’s just from not sleeping. I can expect a headache at least four times a week. Stomach aches from poor digestion are awful too. Just overall feeling good… really? Yes!!! Yes!!! Yesssss!!!! Interstellar Blends to the rescue. So I have several of the blends in sample size. I’ve actually had them quite a while and I would take some here, take some there. I really got serious about it this past week and I have taken them at least twice daily and sometimes three times daily. WOW is all I can say. The blends certainly have a way of pointing out just how poorly I felt by making me feel amazing!!

I have been taking a concoction of plush, nebula, super hair, spice, niagra, super nova, and several more. The first thing I noticed was that I can actually breathe through my nose. I have absolutely no congestion. I suffer with seasonal allergies and allergens from indoors. I work in an over 100 year old building and there’s stuff everywhere in there. I have zero congestion and zero allergy symptoms.

Energy? Ha!!! I’m freaking annoying because I have so much energy. Sleep and blends!! No more headaches. Not a single one this week. An overall mellow mood and I’m nice. I’m so, so nice now!!! LOL Digestion issues gone!! When I take steps to feel better I don’t want to put the crap in my body so I’m eating a better diet too. I’m fasting and taking the blends with coffee or tea.

The blends go above and beyond what they’re intended to help you with. All this and I haven’t even tried the blends for sleep. Since I’m headed into the weekend I will give that a shot…just so I can adjust the amount so I will get up in the morning for work when Monday rolls around.

The Interstellar Blend website is so amazing. I love the updated “choose your own symptom” scrolling technology provided. It makes choosing blends so convenient.

Thank you Gavin and Interstellar Blends. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time…. Possibly ever!!”


—Jennifer W

“You always provide facts to support your reasoning and I wish everyone would read the entirety of your posts. I believe some do but many don’t and that is literally the problem with society today. People just push on believing whatever. The good news is if they’re here reading you posts, it is more than likely they have been referred to you and on the right track regardless. The bad news is, most still don’t take the time to research all the supporting evidence and scientific studies you post regularly and boost their knowledge in herbal medicine.

Over 8 yers ago I was introduced to you by a friend. She sent me the website and spent a long time reading through hundreds of studies and evidence on herbal health to see if these blends could help me. I also SENT everything I read to my 89 year old retired doctor who also believes in holistic herbal medicine…

He read everything I sent over from the Interstellar website and then called me and said, “April, you are in good hands! Gavin is light-years beyond me and half my age!”

These are the facts. I never trusted anyone more than this doctor until he said I was in good hands!!

I personally know that the blends work and I have researched them thoroughly. I have also had many conversations with you about my health and I trust you unequivocally!!

So in summary.. I wish people would do the following.

1. They should refer you and the blends much more
2. Care enough about their health to do in-depth research
3. Use your advice to ask more questions of their doctors
4. Know that they were referred to the right business and person

This is the most important!! When you do all of the above and your doctors either say holy shit this guy is half my age and knows much more than I do… THAT IS WINNING!!!


To some people, Gavin may be a little rough or quirky or whatever.. but if you have a major health problem and you WANT to live!!! Call Gavin!!

Love ya my friend!!”


— April Dohert

Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.