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October 23, 2017
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Ajuga Turkestanica

Ajuga Turkestanica is a beautiful flowering plant that is local to Uzbekistan in Central Asia.
This same flower has shoots and leaves that are used in an organic remedy that can assist heart complications, body aches, and stress.
What is Ajuga Turkestanica?

This plant as been known in the science community since the 1960's and its effects on how the protein synthesis has been very well researched but not recently. This is in part due to the high costs that are involved in researching this plant.

The growing and harvesting of this amazing and beneficial plant for muscle regrowth is heavily controlled by the Surhandarya local authorities and the export of this plant is very strict by a custom's office.

Note: Ajuga can help to build muscle fibers very quickly but only if it is utilized in unison as part of a workout routine. It must utilize proteins so that it convert it into a muscle, currently 1g of protein per pound of body weight.

The health benefits come from a compound called E c d y s t e r o i d s. This is a plant chemical that have a n a b o l i c effects that are very similar to t e s t o s t e r o n e and other a n d r o g e n's.

The a n a b o l i c properties of E c d y s t e r o i d s have suggested that when using Ajuga Turkestanica is a safe alternative to a n a b o l i c s t e r o i d s when working with muscle mass, physical performance and recovery times.

Note: There was a rumor that the Soviet Athletes were consuming Ajuga with the idea that it would increase the muscle endurance and strength to get an edge over their competitors.

If we are to believe the studies done on the Russian animals it would show that Ajuga has a greater a n a b o l i c effect than m e t h a n d i e n o n e. This was a very prominent reason as to why the American Sports Association of Scientists were finding ways to treat age related muscle atrophy and weakness.

The most applicable use of Ajuga based on the benefits is for use as an a n a b o l i c supplement which is ideal for sports, athletes, body building and wresting. With this being said it is important to note that there is no supporting evidence on how Ajuga effects the human body.

Now the moment you have been waiting for!

The Medicinal Benefits of Ajuga Turkestanica:

  • Cell Regeneration - There have been numerous studies done on mice that showed Ajuga Turkestanica can assist with muscle cell regeneration and growth. (Article) They gave Ajuga to a controlled group of mice and provided it to them daily for 28 days. The triceps muscles were than analyzed after the 28 days and it was compared to the control group. The Ajuga Turkestanica was shown to have significantly more active Notch Signaling molecules which are used to stimulate satellite cells.
  • Protein Stimulation - In a study done on mice Ajuga was given to the mice and was found that it would activate the protein biosynthesis in the liver. (Article)
  • Muscle Growth - On a study done on mice with an extract of Ajuga it showed that after a 6 hour incubation time, the Ajuga had a potential to supple the muscle mass growth without the side effects of typical androgenic drugs. (Article)

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