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October 30, 2017
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The Albizia also known as the Mimosa is a term that refers to a genus of tropical climate flowering trees which has over 150 species within it..

These trees are local to Madagascar, America, Australia, Africa and Asia. These flowers are quite beautiful and vibrant in color with busy and lacy flowers which makes them very sought after decorative plants. This being said, the albizia species contains high concentrations of triterpenoids, saponins, and polyphenols, which all have a big impact on our human health and well being.

If you ever decide to visit India you will notice that their Ayurvedic treatments include this very species. There has been a new rise of renewed interested for this sought after plant to other parts of the world due to the benefits it provides to our bodies.

Albizia can be utilized by applying topically or consumed. There are specific uses for various parts of this tree from the bark, the fruit, leaves and flowers. You can even make Decoctions which would have to be used very cautiously because they tend to be very potent.

The Albizia is known to enhance all aspects of the neurotransmitter secretion and regulations.

The Health Benefits of Albizia:

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety - There are unique active compounds in the Albizia that include isoquercetin, quercetin, saponins, and polyphenols that can have a big impact on our horomonal and nervous system for the human body. There is an old usage for the Albizia which is used as a mild sedative that can quickly assist in reduction of stress and anxiety. Especially those who suffer from a hormonal imbalance that causes chronic stress within the body. The albizia would assist in finding peace and harmony within their minds. (Article)

Assistance with Depression - In conjunction with the above mentioned the albizia can assist with elevating the mood of the consumer by re balancing of the hormonal system within the body. On the same token this amazing plant has been used on patients with suicidal thoughts and experiencing irrational thoughts or anger. It has been used in many cultures and known as an ancient spiritual herb to assist with grounding your soul and to find harmony within your mind. (Article)

Insomnia Assistance - If you are one of the few who experience insomnia, creating an extract or decotion of the albizia can be a good route to take for an amazing rest. This can assist with the calming of the body and stimulating an excellent night's rest. (Article)

Ashtma and Allergies - Are you suffering from ashtma or allergies? Well Albizia can also sigificantly assist with this by reduction of inflammation in the sinus cavities. Which because of this can reduce the wanting to cough or sneeze. This also assists with the recovery time and can improve the health of the respiratory system, while experiencing an asthma attack. (Article)

Healthy Skin -Utilizing the bark and leaves of the Albizia works on the outside of the body because of the antioxidant qualities. Those who have rashes, acne, psoriasis, wounds or blemishes can benefit from this because of the anti inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that work with haste on those areas and reduce the signs of irritation. (Article)

Digestion Aid - When Albizia is pounded into a powdered form it more than likely is prescribed for those that experience intestinal issues. Very close to the dietary fiber supplements, this same powder binds to water and the foods which then speeds up the process of digestion and keeps the bowel movements to a normal experience. (Article)

Arthritis - Having joint pain? Well the same anti inflammatory agent for the previous benefits can also assist with joint and muscle pain along with many other inflammatory conditions. This can be done by creating a simple paste and apply them on the joints or affected areas to reduce the swelling and acts as a mild sedative in that area to relieve the pain. (Article)    

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