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November 29, 2017
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Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa otherwise known as "Wild Oats" was being used as a medicine prior to it becoming a food product. This particular plant even stirred up a catch phrase of "sowing your wild oats" because of the a p h r o d i s i a c effects on the body.

Oats have now been commonly used for a proper balanced diet because of their nutritional value. However oat straw has been used for support of the nervous system in an anti cancer treatments. Wild oats were originally given to horses and cattle but as of now we in our culture have been consuming it as a regular occurrence. By eating just 100grams of wild oats it would give you roughly 36% of your RDA of protein and around 43% of your dietary fiber intake. Wild oats also have a high source of Vitamin A,B, and C ,calcium and phosphorus, silica, magnesium, chromium, iron, alkaloids, proteins.

Benefits of Avena Sativa?

- A p h r o d i s i a c - It has been shown to increase s e x u a l desire and performance in both men and woman. The Institute of Advanced Study of Human S e x u a l i t y researched the plant on many occasions. On one study it was tested on a group of i m p o t e n t men ages 22 to 64 and they each took 300mg capsules for three days a week over a period of 6 weeks. It was then documented that their s e x drive increased, e r e c t i o n s were enhanced and more pleasure was received during this time. (Article)

- Mood Enhancer - Avena Sativa has an amazing source of B vitamins and essential nutrients for the bodies energy production and mood stabilizing. (Article)

- Blood Sugar Levels - The natural saponins that are inside the plant can help the blood sugar by decreasing blood sugar spikes with a high carbohydrated meal. (Article)

- Bone Health - Because oats are naturally rich in calcium, this nutrient plays a role in the bone density. A study showed that oat straw increased the luteninzing hormones in rats and stimulated cell growth and renengeration. (Article)

- Lowers blood pressure - The fiber contained in avena sativa assists in the reduction of bad cholesterol and assist with the lowering of blood pressure because of the antioxidant qualities. (Article)

- Glowing Skin - For many centuries wild oats have been used by the Romans and Greeks because of its ability to treat skin conditions and make the skin look healthier. Avena sativa is a common ingredient that is found in commercial skin products for moisturizing and creams that treat rashes and sunburn. Because of the antioxidants in this plant it can help repair damage on a cellular level that create wrinkles and other age related skin conditions. (Article)

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